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7 steps to successful advertising

7 steps to successful advertising
• Step 1: Think about what it is like to be a consumer of your brand and behave like one at all times.
– Unless you can truly think like your consumer, you will always be a poor judge of advertising. – Listening to consumers via qualitative research can definitely help here.

7 steps to successful advertising
• Step 2: Focus on the proposed execution. Check it against the strategy later
– The consumer does not get to read the strategy, so nor should you. – Ask for the precise strategic aim of the advertising only after the execution has been presented. That way his evaluation is not biased by prior expectations.

loveable dog. using what is called „low-involvement processing‟ – LIP is done mainly by the right hemisphere of the brain – The right brain is emotional but not analytical. It records the elements in the advertising and stores them along with the feelings they create. – If we see a dog in a Hutch advertisement we record it as a cute.7 steps to successful advertising • Step 3: Imagine you are watching/ hearing/reading the advertisement half-asleep – Consumers do not sit up and pay attention when your advertising comes onto the television – Consumers process almost all television advertising passively. we do not analyse rationally what relevance it has to mobile phones. .

7 steps to successful advertising • Step 4: Mentally record all the elements that seem likely to stand out. It carries with it the idea of softness and caring family values. Within in it was a sequence showing a girl in a red dress in danger of being run over by a skidding tanker: three years later that is what most people recall from this ad. – The puppy is what people associate with Andrex. and ask yourself what they say about the brand – Think of these elements as the concrete associations that will ultimately define your brand. This is an undeniably negative association . This is what the consumer will recall about your ad. and use to define your brand in their minds. – But sometimes it can go wrong. featured the track „Search for the hero inside yourself‟. The 1996 Peugeot 406 advertisement.

7 steps to successful advertising • Step 5: Recognise that creativity does not cease once the script or layout is presented – It is often at the execution stage where the most important associations in advertising are added. . The Hamlet music was never part of the original script submission. – All these have grown to be associations that fundamentally influence and effectively define these brands to consumers.

7 steps to successful advertising • Step 6: Consistency is key. and wasted untold sums of money. but still the main thing associated with Fosters in people‟s minds is Paul Hogan. . and often they are the only competitive advantage a brand has. You sacrifice them at your peril. Recognise what is a valuable association and hang on to it – Concrete associations are what define brands in people‟s minds. Since then they have run countless different campaigns. – Fosters in the late 1980s decided the comedian Paul Hogan was getting too old to be used to advertise a lager aimed at young men.

. Forget advertising awareness. copy-point recall and the other conventional measures of advertising claims – most of these are no more than hygiene measures.7 steps to successful advertising • Step 7: Tie brand associations to brand equity measurements – This is the final piece of the jigsaw research that elicits brand associations and links them to various different quantitative measures of brand equity.

Managing the Creative Process .

What is Good Advertising .

What is good advertising “An ad whose public is not only strongly sold by it. but that both the public and the advertising world remember it for a long time as an admirable piece of work” Leo Burnett .

Be Liked
“Ads are like people … You can see most people a hundred times and not remember them, but meet someone you like once, and you will never forget them”
Sir Frank Lowe

How do you get good advertising?
• • • • • Client/Agency Relationship Creative Briefing Receiving & Evaluating Understanding how it works Idea vs. Execution

Advertising Idea vs. Execution

Brand Positioning “The niche in the target consumers‟ minds and/or hearts that the brand wants to own” .

Brand Positioning Statement To ABC x is the Brand of y which delivers z [target audience] [Brand name] [Category Need] [Benefit] .

Price Product Performance Rational BRAND POSITIONING Emotional User Usage Need .

Successful ownership • Single-minded • Consistent .

Positioning Limitations • Despite positioning. brands still lose their way • The transition from positioning through brief to execution causes this • Positioning is a poor discipline for advertising consistency • Advertising Idea is a good one • It is the discipline the creative department uses .

It is a creative thought which propels a campaign. It is a rendering in words. colors.” A series of executions of the same Advertising Idea form a campaign. The idea can be executed in many ways although it itself contains no executional detail. or any combination of these. which remains consistent over time. forms.Advertising Idea “An Advertising Idea is derived from the Brand‟s Single-Minded Proposition and its Key Consumer Insight. Hence the advertising Idea itself can last for many years. All Advertising Executions for the Brand should execute the Advertising Idea‟s creative thought.” Execution “An Execution is the way in which the creative thought of the Advertising Idea has been expressed (or executed) in any particular advertisement. so that all share that thought. symbols. pictures. sounds. while different executions of it keep it relevant and fresh to today’s market place. . of an Advertising Idea. shapes.

Axe Campaign (1998-2004) LYNX 1998 AFRICA 1998 LYNX 1999 LYNX 2000 DEO 2001 DEO 2002 DEO 2002 DEO 2002 SHAVE 2002 DEO 2003 NEW-D 2003 DEO 2004 .

Qualities of Advertising Ideas • Excellent discipline for consistency over time • Capable of many executions • Become familiar to consumer • Become valuable Brand assets .

How do you get good Advertising Ideas .

. It is also the springboard for great creative.Key Consumer Insight An insight is the discovery of a deeply felt human truth that creates a powerful personal connection between a brand and a consumer.

The Trigger Question: • What does the target audience dream of .Example: Axe Business Issue: • Axe sales static due to ageing brand profile and failure to recruit amongst teenage males and “dad” brand image. Communications Challenge: • To emotionally re-connect with youth.

Key Consumer Insight “Every man dreams of a woman making the first move” .

Example: French Lottery Business Issue: • Less people playing the lottery because new games seems more exciting to play Communications Challenge: • Bring players back by putting the fun back into playing The Trigger Question: • What would a fanatic say? .

Key Consumer Insight “When you play you can dream of changing your life”

Key Consumer Insight




Single-minded proposition
Single-Minded Proposition

Product Belief Product Performance
Something the product actually does

Product Assertion
Something the Brand asserts to be true (and makes it so through investment over time)

Something consumers believe about the Brand (which may or may not be true
in reality)

Single-Minded Proposition + Key Consumer Insight Advertising Idea .

or Assertion) Advertising Idea Eg: Volkswagen: The world is a pretty unreliable place: If things can go wrong they generally do + VW is the most reliable car in its class Reliability in an unreliable world . Cultural or category) + Single-Minded Proposition (Performance. Belief.Key Consumer Insight (Universal.

Key Consumer Insight (Universal. Cultural or category) + Single-Minded Proposition (Performance. Belief. or Assertion) Advertising Idea Eg: Fox Ice Hockey: Violence is exciting + Fox Ice Hockey is really exciting to watch If other sports were violent like Fox Ice Hockey they‟d be much more exciting to watch .

Belief. or Assertion) Advertising Idea Eg: Courtyard Hotels: Courtyard Hotels are designed by business people to give business people a better night‟s sleep Lack of sleep impairs performance + Non-Courtyard business patrons perform badly . Cultural or category) + Single-Minded Proposition (Performance.Key Consumer Insight (Universal.

Single-Minded Proposition + Key Consumer Insight Advertising Idea .

The Creative Brief .

Better Briefs = Better Ads Time to brief vs Time to rework Less is more .

Creative Brief Creative Thinking .

Creating a good Creative Brief • • • • • • Time Involve others Single-Minded Proposition Relevant Consumer Insight Less is more Interesting .

Suggested Time Lengths / Space size 8. Major Issue the Advertising Must Solve 3. Support. Mandatory Executional Requirement. Budgets Production Budget. if any Key properties. Local/Regional/Statutory constraints. Target Audience. Brand Personality 4. Advertising Requirement 2. Other 7. Advertising Idea 6.Creative Brief Performa 1. Key Consumer Insight. Media Budget. Creative Strategy Market description. Planned Pre-Testing . Ideal Consumer Response 5. Single-Minded Proposition. Competitive Context 9.

• Advertising Requirement: – What do we physically want the agency to produce? • Major Issue the Advertising must solve: – Choose one and be realistic! • Market description: – Describe the consumer competitive set in consumer language .

• Target Audience: – Not just statistics – Picture in mind‟s eye – Can be > one – Cab be sub-set • Key Consumer insight: – Critical – Business building! – Creative „hook‟ – Don‟t invent them! .

” .• Single-Minded Proposition “It‟s the most distinctive and single-minded proposition that we want consumers to believe our brand delivers better than any other.

actionable words – Not obvious idiotic ones .• Support: – Should support SMP – Not mandatory – Don‟t use to add secondary propositions! • Brand Personality: – Useful.

• Ideal Consumer Response: – Whatever would make you and your Agency colleagues embrace each other in delight as the perfect response to seeing the advertising • Advertising Idea: – See earlier in this document under Advertising Idea vs. Execution • Mandatory Executional Requirements: – As few as possible – Beware closing creative doors .

• Budget: – Production Budget • Specify spending ceiling – Media Budget • Gives creative team a context for production budget – Suggested Time Lengths / Space size • Suggest. but don‟t be dogmatic. Agency may have better idea • Competitive Context • Planned Pre-Testing .

Improving briefing • • • • • • Take briefs as seriously as creative work Take time Involve others Single-Minded Proposition Work Hard at Consumer Insight Make it interesting .

Sample Briefs PERSIL VECTRA .

Whole Brain Model .

LEFT BRAIN “An Ad That Convinced Me Rationally” RIGHT BRAIN “An Ad That Didn’t Appeal To Me/Touch Me” “An Ad That Appealed To Me/ Touched Me” “An Ad That Didn’t Convince Me Rationally” Roger Clayton “Whole Brain” Model .

LEFT BRAIN “An Ad That Convinced Me Rationally” RIGHT BRAIN “An Ad That Didn’t Appeal To Me/Touch Me” “An Ad That Appealed To Me/ Touched Me” “An Ad That Didn’t Convince Me Rationally” Roger Clayton “Whole Brain” Model .

Receiving & Evaluating Advertising .

Agency Time Pressure Relationship .Judging advertising well is hard • • • • Subjective Disadvantage vs.

1. Preparation • What are we looking for? – Creative Brief • What context must it work in? – Historical – Current – Competitive .

2. Environment • • • • People Venue Empathy Attitude .

3. Time • Sufficient • Nerve Curve .

4. The Creative Presentation Meeting 1. Considered Response . Listen 2. Advertising Idea Evaluation 4. Clarify 3. Executional Evaluation 5.

Creative Evaluation Guidelines ADVERTISING IDEA • What is the advertising idea that the advertising aims to communicate? • Is the idea involving for the target audience? • Is it distinctive? • Is it on Brief? • Is it right for the Brand? • Is it an endearing Creative Thought? .

Creative Evaluation Guidelines EXECUTION • Is the advertising idea clear in this execution? • Is this execution on Brief? • Will it appeal to the Target Audience? • Will it stick in their minds / stand out? • Is it right for the Brand? • Is it sufficiently well branded? .

Creative Evaluation Guidelines OVERALL IMPRESSION • Like/Dislike • Persuasion • Impact .

Turning down creative work • • • • • Be sure Face to face Acknowledge effort/intent Exact diagnosis Re-motivate .

Value the relationship • • • • • • Work at it „Do unto others……‟ Tonality Play together Be honest Joint evaluations .

Value the creative work • • • • • Enough time Brief well Presentations at agency Respond well Share responsibility .



They may turn out to be the victims of that peculiar super-industrial dilemma: overchoice. but from a paralysing surfeit of it.“Ironically.” Alvin Toffler . the people of the future may suffer not from an absence of choice.



Choice Proliferation PRODUCT • Crest Toothpaste VARIETIES 1970 1999 15 45 • Orange Juice • Cream Cheese • Coke • Lettuce 20 3 6 4 70 30 25 9 .

CHOICE + INNOVATION Brings customers unprecedented opportunities AND unprecedented anxieties .

Yale University) 1. Institute of Human Relations . 4. 5. 6.Seven Common Fears (John Collard. 2. Fear of failure Fear of sex Fear of self-defense Fear of trusting others Fear of thinking Fear of speaking Fear of being alone . Psychologist. 3. 7.

.The next generation of positioning successes will belong to those brands that relieve customer stress.

.Become the customer‟s partner in stress relief.


Market share has steadily grown. • P&G: 1995 cut number of hair care product choices by half..The streamlining wake-up call • IBM: 1994-7 slashed models from 3400 to 150. . inventory parts from 56k to 15k. GM. Sunoco. Burger King. Outgrew industry for the first time in a decade. Unilever.. options from 750 to 350. Nabisco.

com. brands or decisions (Conditioning shampoo. We make it simple”. “Nokia . Onebox.De-cluttering strategies • Products/services that reduce no. „Single-window‟) • Advertising positioning (“Honda.human technology”) • Branding (CareFree sugarless gum. PDA. of products. reduce sub-brands) • Simplify logo designs (Nike swish) .


Simplicity and the Internet • The need for simplicity is most apparent where complex technologies need to be harnessed and made invisible in order to provide a stress-free customer experience. • Sustained growth of the Internet is powered by advent of visible simplicity sitting on top of invisible complexity. – One click ordering – Imode .

2.4R‟s of Simplicity Marketing 1. promise of simplicity. 4. Replace: Position yourself as a replacement for Repackage: Bundle together products or services Reposition: Directly position yourself on the Replenish: Continuously provide zero-defect service to existing customers at acceptable price points so they never have to make a purchase decision ever again. . multiple or more complicated product or process. previously only available from multiple sources (integration). 3.

Strategy Components REPLACE REPACKAGE REPOSITION REPLENISH Substitution Consolidation Aggregation Brand Streamlining Continuous Supply Vertical Extension Integration Discontinuous Repositioning Competitive Pricing Zero Defects .

“What use could this company make of an electrical toy?” Western Union president. William Orton.000. . rejecting Bell‟s offer to sell his struggling telephone company for $100.

Alexander Graham Bell “The telephone may be briefly described as an electrical contrivance for reproducing in distant places the tones and articulations of a speaker‟s voice so that conversation can be carried on by word of mouth between two persons in different rooms. in different streets or in different towns.” .

AT&T “Reach out and touch someone” .

Complexity is not to be admired. It‟s to be avoided. .

000 .000 114.000 600.20.

• Pulchritude possesses profundity of a merely cutaneous nature.) . (Beauty is only skin deep.

) . (You can‟t teach an old dog new tricks.• It is not efficacious to indoctrinate a superannuated canine with innovative maneuvers.

• Visible vapours that issue from carbonaceous materials are a harbinger of imminent conflagration.) . (Where there‟s smoke. there‟s fire.

• A revolving mass of lithic conglomerates does not accumulate a congery of small green bryophitic plants. (A rolling stone gathers no moss.) .

“Memos from Hell” (circulating at Fortune 500 companies) • Top leadership helicoptered this vision. (The bosses are looking beyond next week.) .

(Lets grow sales and profits by offering more of what customers want.) .“Memos from Hell” (circulating at Fortune 500 companies) • Adding value is the keystone to exponentially accelerating profit curves.

“Memos from Hell” (circulating at Fortune 500 companies) • We need to dimensionalise this management initiative (Lets all make a plan.) .

“Memos from Hell” (circulating at Fortune 500 companies) • We utilised a concert of cross-functional expertise. (People from different departments talked to each other.) .

) . (Don‟t screw around with people‟s pay.“Memos from Hell” (circulating at Fortune 500 companies) • Don‟t impact employee incentivisation programs.

for the time being.) .” (You‟re not fired yet. has been designated as “retained.“Memos from Hell” (circulating at Fortune 500 companies) • Your job.

Big ideas almost always come in small words .

” .Volvo‟s Mission Statement? “Volvo is in the business to make the safest vehicles in the world.

„Safety‟ is the 126th word. .Volvo‟s Mission Statement! 130 Words.

Jeffrey Abrahams The Mission Statement Book • Growth (118) • Environment (117) • Profit (114) • Leader (104) • Best (102) • Service (230 times) • Customers (211) • Quality (194) • Value (183) • Employees (157) .(Contains 301 corporate mission statements) .

Forget “what you want to be.” .” Focus on “what you can be.

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