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How to tell time Web quest Catherine Bethell

Edu 214-Information Technology in teaching vNSC. Dr. Graziano, February 1st, 2011 v Grade level: 2nd-3rd vSubject area: Mathematics


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An alien from outer space is coming to earth, and to our very own classroom. Our alien friend was sent on a mission to figure our what a clock is, why time is important to know, and how to tell time. Our alien friend can not go back home until he completes his mission! We need to learn how to tell time in 4/28/12 order to teach our alien friend, so he can go

We learned about the face of an analog clock in yesterdays lesson now today we will learn how to read a clock and complete these tasks in the process.

Write a sentence on what each hand on the clock stands for. Create a paper plate clock. Write a sentence on why it is important to tell time. Play two games on how to tell time, and tell the time correctly, three times in a row on4/28/12 each

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2. You need to partner up in 1. Research the hands on the face of a clock groups of two. You and give me a description of what each will be creating Use the website below to a hand stands for. paper plate clock help you learn all about the clock. to show our alien . friend. In order to O/1/12.asp do so, follow the instructions on this website. sprout/crafts/detail.aspx? Accommodations: English language learners, id=e3509410-4572-4a9ewill partner up with a child who speaks English, or another child who is fluent in English and the be56-99cc00ab6b2a

English language learners first language to help complete the tasks assigned.



3. Your partner and you, need to  4. Now lets put your knowledge to the come up with one test, you needis go to these two to reason why it websites and tell important to tell the time right 3 x’s in a row in order to time. Write oneshow you know how to tell time. Look up sentence.  the history behind  telling time at these website.
Accommodations for students with learning disabilities, again you will to help be partnered with someone 4/28/12 you complete your tasks.



Description of the hands on an analog clock. ___/5 Error free description. ___/5 Creating a paper plate clock correctly. ___/5 Reason why telling time is important. ___/5
4/28/12 Playing clock games and telling the

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Now that you have completed all the tasks, you should be able to tell the difference between the short hand and the long hand on an analog clock. You should have created a clock of your own with a partner, and by doing this you should know everything that is on the face of clock and what it represents. You should know at least one reason why it is important to be able to tell time, and the history behind time. After completing the 4/28/12 first few tasks, you should know how to