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Social Problems Concept And Approaches

 Individual Problem  Social Problem

The Concept Of Social Problem
• A situation confronting a group or a section of society which inflicts injurious consequences that can be handled only collectively • No one individual or a few individuals are responsible for the appearance of a socially problematic situation and the control of this situation is also beyond the ability of one person or a few persons

• A situation which is undesirable • A situation which is remediable by collective effort .What is a Social Problem • It is a deviation from the social ideal but remediable by group effort.

they affect all sections of society • Require collective approach for their solution • Occur in all societies .Characteristics of social problems • • • • • • Injurious consequences for society Deviations from the ideal situation Social in origin Caused by pathological social conditions All social problems are interconnected They are social in their results.

Reaction for social problems • • • • An attitude of unconcern Fatalism Vested Interest Absence of expert knowledge .

Causes of social problems • Arise out of pathological social conditions • Differentiation and multiplication of interests and functions • Accelerating frequency of social change or growth of civilization • Man's developed insight to make a scientific analysis .

Causes • Untouchability. Communal riots and political crimes • The invention of machines destroyed old forms of employment resulting in the migration and has given rise to class conflicts • Natural conditions .


Theoretical Approaches To Social problems • • • • • Social disorganization approach Culture lag approach Value conflict approach Personal deviation approach Anomie approach .

Types of social problems • Physical Problems • Ameliorative problems • Moral problems .

Methods of studying problems • Case study method • Social Survey method • Multiple factor method .


Stages in the development of a social problem • Awareness • Policy determination • Reform .

Solving Social problems • Multiple-factor approach • Interrelatedness • Relativity .

Your Role In These Ngo Assignments • • • • • To understand the problem To create an awareness To analyze the causes To develop theories To discuss effects on individuals.groups and society • Plans suggested for solving these problems .


change and development in society • They include groups and institutions that are entirely or largely independent of government • Primarily humanitarian or Co-operative rather than commercial objectives • Mobilize private and public funds for development intiatives .Definition of an Ngo • Alternative agencies in promoting awareness.

Classification of Ngo’s • Welfare oriented • Development Organizations • Empowering Ngo’s .

Themes of Ngo’s • • • • • • • • Theoretical Issues Political Economy Human Rights Regional National Empowerment through case studies Civil society People’s participation .

democratic.Approach to An Ngo • They are influenced by the state /National/International funding both in terms of ideology and development • It is structure which promotes people’s participation • Act as a buffer and mediate the state and the mnc’s and international organisations .

Un .Role of Ngo’s in Society • Expert services in their respective fields • Serve as early warning agents • Help to monitor and implement international agreements • Raise public awareness on issues • Play a major role in as advancing the goals of international agencies like Who.

• Since 1933 Voluntary organizations in Andhra have come up • Working for the upliftment of women Women Voluntary Organizations' And Social Change _A case Study Of Andhra MahilaSabha .

Andhra Mahila Sabha • Founded by Dr Durga Bai Deshmukh • Objectives Were • To promote education and training of women • To overcome their Socio-economic backwardness • Empower them to participate in all aspects of National Development • To provide health facilities to women .

Institutions Of Ams • Durga bai deshmukh hospital • Ishwari Prasad Dattatreya Orthopedic centre • Oncological centre • Mahila Vidyalaya • Ashreya • Tourist Hostel .

Conclusion • • • • Health needs of the people Training Women Upliftment of women Multi purpose Health workers to become independent .

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