Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

defined as a systematic group of activities intended to a) Recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product/process and the effects of that failure b) Identify actions that could eliminate or reduce the chance of the occurrence of potential failure


STEPS 1. Define product/process and its functions
2. Construct the reliability block diagram of the product /process 3. Complete the header on the FMEA worksheet 4. List the part along with its functions 5. Identify potential failure modes

6. Potential effects of failure 7. Assign severity number for the effect 8. Classification (highlight priority) 9. Potential causes 10. Probability of occurrence

11. Identify current controls(design/process) 12. Determine the likelihood of detection 13. Assign risk priority number(RPN) 14. Determine the recommended actions 15. Estimate the new ranks

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