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Acme Mineral Extraction Company

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Its a case study of ACME MINERAL EXTRACTION company which discusses about the morale and productivity problems at Wichita plant which was been solved by Suzzane Howard after considering Donald Peterson for this serious issue. They addressed this issue by adopting various team methods (SPITS) which worked quiet well at Wichita plant because of congeniality coming into existence. The top executives worked hard amongst the different groups, and this became successful because of incredible leadership of Peterson. Whereas the same didnt happened in Lubbock plant, instead morale continued to decline and conflicts between the 4/28/12 different groups of

Relation with the Topic

Cross functional team:

Employees from about the same hierarchical level, but from different work areas, who come together to accomplish a task.

Various cross functional teams

Task forces Committees


Cross functional team

Suzzane Howard and Donald Petreson initiated cross functional team through, which they took employees from disputed groups and put them together so as to accomplish a target by arranging meetings. The most important step taken by leaders was introduction of Select a problem and implement a tailored solutions (SPITS)

By this employees really came up together and work together to enhance companies productivity.

Self-Managed Work Teams:

Groups of 10 to 15 people who perform highly related or interdependent jobs and take on the responsibilities of their former supervisors.


Self-Managed Work Teams

Wichita plant didnt exactly had a self managed

team, they instead employed the combination of two team of which became useful in almost every area .

Employees started focusing on target(productivity) instead of arguing for same. The result was, different groups such as Brain and Brawn started socializing together .

1. What types of teams described in the chapter are represented in this case? Teams which represent this case study are:Self managed work team: Not only make recommendations but implement solutions and take responsibility for outcomes. Cross-functional team: are an effective means for allowing people from diverse areas within an 4/28/12 organization to exchange information, develop

2. Why do you think the team project succeeded at the Wichita but isnt working in Lubbock?

Absenteeism of leadership quality due to which workers trust on top executives was not present. Instead of reaching the root cause, Howard and its team directly implemented Wichta Successful approach and started working on it with a belief that employees would feel connected and will reach to solve there problem. 4/28/12


3. What advice would you give Suzanne Howard and her team for improving the employee involvement climate at the Lubbock plant? Instead of applying the same approach of Wichita plant Howard and her team should understand the root level cause of Lubbock plant and after that work on it to emerge a innovative approach as similar to Wichita plant. To bring a employee or senior official to whom workers may feel trustworthy to share their grievances