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What’s New in the latest VE Platform and VE Data Visualization Specialization
Chris Pendleton, Roger Mall, Elizabeth Loy

High-quality geospatial data and imagery platform designed for enterprise organizations

Virtual Earth is a platform of integrated services providing

• Quality geospatial data • Rich imagery • Cutting-edge technology • Integration with business systems for
 Business insight through data visualization  Enriched end-user experiences owerful APIs and developer tools

• Why Microsoft Virtual Earth • The Virtual Earth Platform • What’s New in v6 • APIs and Development • Solution Scenarios and Demos • Data Visualization Competency and Exam • Next Steps • Q and A

Why Microsoft Virtual Earth?
• Long-term investment by Microsoft in mapping and geospatial technologies

• Widespread adoption of the Virtual Earth platform—1000+ enterprise customers can’t be wrong

• Exclusive contracts with imagery providers to gain access to unique geospatial imagery

Development Platform
• Track record for creating true platform software that supports rich, scalable customer applications • Comprehensive development tools and unparalleled enterprise-level support • Rapid proof of concepts

Virtual Earth Overview

Virtual Earth End User Servers/ Data Sources IE, Firefox, Safari browsers

Clients and Devices

Your Web/Database Servers

Virtual Earth Platform
Microsoft’s Apps Your Applications
Virtual Earth JS APIs and SOAP APIs

Map Data/ Tiles

Imagery/ Tiles

DEMs/ Buildings

Geocoding/ Rooftop

Yellow Pages/ POIs


Search/ Proximity

Routing/ Directions

Data Services/ Reporting

Virtual Earth Platform

Virtual Earth API Features
User Interface
• • Navigation tools: zoom box, mouse wheel, and navigation panel Other: mini-map, pushpins, pop-ups, polygons, and layers

Data and Imagery
• • • • Ortho imagery Oblique (bird’s-eye) imagery Maps for 70+ countries from NAVTEQ and other providers Real-time traffic incident and flow information from

• • • Places and addresses (geo-coding) Points of interest Yellow Pages listings

• • Multipoint routing Driving directions

Virtual Earth API Features
• Vector data for:  GeoRSS  Live Search Maps collections  Points, lines, and polygons • Raster data for:  Tile overlays  MapCruncher

• JavaScript API features for 3D (same data and APIs as 2D) • Rich .NET managed APIs (coming soon)

Other Features
• Events and callbacks • Get map information (latitude and longitude) • Transaction reporting

What’s New in V6?

What’s New in V6?

What’s New in V6?

Virtual Earth, v6 New Features Highlights
• Client Tokens/Authentication
• Customer ID • Transaction Reporting

• • • •

Multipoint Routing MapCruncher Hillside Shading Traffic Tile Overlays
• Z-Index • Bulk Addition

• VEShape
• • •

Client Tokens/Authentication Multipoint Routing MapCruncher

Add custom maps and layers to your applications using data from sources

Enables developers to:
• • •

such as vector and raster images, PDFs, and GIS exports

Create map data overlays registered to Virtual Earth’s global coordinate system. Warp data (re-projection) to fit the Mercator projection in VE. Generate a set of tiles that overlay on the Virtual Earth map.

MapCruncher Beta benefits and features:
• • • • • • More robust disk usage, RAM, and rendering improvements Integrated with Virtual Earth API Straightforward method of setting transparency Support for zoom level up to 32x (.03 mm/pixel) Command-line support Layer, re-order, and preview

• For more information about MapCruncher, visit: • Download MapCruncher Beta for Virtual Earth (includes SDK) here:

Key Solution Scenarios
Business Data Analysis GIS and other location information

Provide easy access to public location information and other enhanced customer services

• • • • Finding real estate Finding store locations Finding government locations and public records Travel and trip planning

• Improved customer service • Increased sales

Data Visualization Business Data Analysis
Provides location context and visualization of business information, people, assets, trends and external factors

• Emergency management • Fleet management and asset tracking • Business insight and sales analysis

• Improved data analysis with new location dimension • Enhanced field operations and productivity

GIS & Other Location Information
Provides integration with existing data and layers, and enables organizations to leverage existing investments

• Accessing shape files and boundary information • Creating map overlays • Performing rich spatial queries

• Superior performance for data visualization • Leveraging existing GIS and data investments

Information Worker Competency Data Visualization Specialization
The Information Worker competency now include a Data Visualization specialization Information Worker Data Visualization specialization benefits:
• • • • Software licenses for internal use Free online training Use of the Information Worker competency logo Partner solutions highlighted in the Virtual Earth Solutions Showcase and the Office Systems Solutions Showcase • 30–50 points toward Certified or Gold Certified level of MSPP membership

Data Visualization specialization requirements:
• Organization must employ or contract with 2 individuals who have passed the Data Visualization specialization exam (passing the Virtual Earth beta exam fulfills this requirement) • You must submit 3 customer references meeting the Specialization criteria
Learn more about the IWS Data Visualization specialization:

Data Visualization Specialization Virtual Earth Platform Training & Exam
Virtual Earth Platform Training
• Free, online training available in January via the Partner Learning Center • Comprehensive content and assessments to prepare you for the Virtual Earth Platform Data Visualization specialization exam

Virtual Earth Platform Exam
• Available at Prometric testing centers worldwide starting in January

Virtual Earth Platform Beta Exam
• Available until November 14 • Fulfills Data Visualization specialization exam requirement

• Register at least 24 hours prior to the exam time • Register for: Beta Exam 71-544: TS: Microsoft Virtual Earth 6.0, Application Development, Beta Code = VE08 • Restrictions: the beta exam is not available in India, China, or Pakistan • US/Canada registration: call Prometric at 800-755-3926 • Non-US/Canada registration: visit

Data Visualization
What Our Customers Are Saying about Data Visualization “This data visualization solution is changing the way we do business. When the data is presented through a mapbased interface, it’s amazing. It gives you a richer, bigger, more intelligent picture of what’s going on. And that picture is one to which you can respond more effectively.”
–Steve Fortune, Information Management Director, Gulf of Mexico Strategic Performance Unit, BP

Next Steps
• Sign up for a Virtual Earth Platform Development account and build the authentication system into your Virtual Earth applications • Register to take the Data Visualization specialization Virtual Earth Platform beta exam

• Download the Virtual Earth Platform SDK:

• Access the Virtual Earth Platform training in early January at the Partner Learning Center • Register to take the Virtual Earth exam in January if you are unable to take the Virtual Earth beta exam • For more information and to see how other organizations are leveraging the Virtual Earth platform, visit the Virtual Earth home page:

Visit the Virtual Earth customer portal at:

Information & Training Resources
•Information Worker competency in Data Visualization: •Training and resources available via the Partner Learning Center:

Virtual Earth Community Resources
•Virtual Earth Community Forums: •Virtual Earth Blog: •Virtual Earth Developer Blog: •Virtual Earth for Government Blog: •Virtual Earth Team Members Blog: •Photosynth Blog:

Developer Resources
•Browsable SDK: •Virtual Earth Developer Center: •Virtual Earth Developer Center on MSDN: •Interactive SDK: •MapCruncher:

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