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India’s Top 20 Richest persons and 317th of world’s richest person. to the core

 A Humanist  A women

of values and charity

 Current  “Multi


chairperson of India's largest media group

Faceted” lady of Empowerment

 A women

 Born

on September 08, 1936 in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh to Ashok Kumar Jain with two sons - Samir Jain and Vineet Jain

 Married

 Widowed

A brief history of The Times
 1838:

First edition November3,1838, known as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. George Buist ,the editor of the Times from

 1846-1857:


A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
 1850:

Shareholders decide to increase the share capital and the paper is converted into a daily. Editor Robert Knight amalgamates The Bombay Times & Standard and Bombay Telegraph to form The Times of India.

 1861:

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
 1880:  1890:

The Times of India Weekly Edition is launched.

Editor Henry Curwen buys The Times of India in partnership with Charles Kane. Following the death of Henry Curwen, Thomas Jewell Bennett becomes the editor.

 1892:

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
1946:  For the first time, the paper transfers to Indian ownership.  Ram Kishan Dalmia buys out Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd for Rs. 2 crores. 1948:  Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain, son-in-law of Ram Kishan Dalmia, becomes the first chairman of the group.

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
1950:  Delhi edition is launched with Gopalswami as the first Indian editor. 1952:  Filmfare launched and started by J.C Jain, the first Indian to be the GM of TOI. 1959:  Femina is launched.

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
1960: Sahu Ramesh Chandra Jain joins BCCL  1961: The Economic Times is launched.  1982: Samir Jain join BCCL.  1986: Vineet Jain join BCCL after came back to Delhi (finishing his education).  1990: The Times School of Marketing is established as an inhouse training school to feed the group

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
 1991:

BBC features The Times of India among the world's six great newspapers.  1993: BCCL starts production of television software.  1996: The Times of India crosses 1 million mark in circulation.  1998: BCCL enters into music market with Times Music.

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
 1999:

Indiatimes webportal launched; BCCL enters music retailing business with Planet M.  2000: The Times of India crosses the 2 million mark in circulation.  2000: Timesofmoney - JV with Citibank.  2001: Radio Mirchi - Nationwide Private FM Broadcasting.  2001: 360 Degrees - Event Management Arm launched.

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
2002:  Times Outdoor - Outdoor Advertising & Billboard Marketing. 2003:  Times Classifieds - Classifieds site catering to web audiences 2004:  Launch of the Times Private Treaties.

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
2004:  Launch of the Jobs portal Times Jobs.  Television Business launched with the launch of a lifestyle and entertainment channel called z00m. 2005:  Launch of a Matrimonials website TimesMatri 2006:  Launch of a television News Channel called Times Now in collaboration with Reuters.

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
2006:  Radio Mirchi holding company ENIL (Entertainment Network India Limited) lists on the Indian stock marketsLaunch of a Property services Portal
 TimesofMoney

launches Remit2Home, to cater to Global Remittance Market

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
2007: Launch of The Times of India - Kannada  Launch of Bangalore Mirror  Launch of Ahmedabad Mirror  Planet M Retail taken over by Videocon Group 2008:  Launch of  Launch of The Times of India, Chennai Edition  Launch of Pune Mirror  Acquisition of Virgin Radio (now known as Absolute Radio) in the UK

A brief history of The Times (Cont.)
2007:  Launch of Times of India - Goa, along with Goa Mirror. 2009:  Launch of ET Now - A business news channel 2010:  Launch of The Times of India, Coimbatore Edition  Launch of Vijayanext kannada Weekly magazine 2011:  In June acquired U.K.'s Virgin Radio for $105 million, renaming it Absolute Radio.

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 Mirchi

Movies Limited Filmes Entertainment Producers of BEING CYRUS, VELLITHIRAI  Filmfare  Filmfare Awards  Femina  Femina Miss India  Top Gear Magazine India  Hello FM  BBC Good Homes  Femina Hindi  Grazia

 Move

first, Move fast ties Innovation

 Multiple

 Continuous  Where

Ideas Live

Business Enterprise
 The

Times Group includes 11 publishing centers, 15 printing centers, 55 sales offices and over 7000 employees. million, copies circulated daily.

 4.3  In

addition it has 2 lead magazines, 29 niche magazines, 32 Radio Stations, 2 Television News Channels, one Television Life Style channel. in excess of USD 700 million.

 Turnover

A Diverse Organization
 Times  It

Of India has a readership of 6.8 million.

is the 2nd largest daily in the world. 1st digital newspaper launched in India.

 The


and are the No.1 job and property portals in India.

Never Ending Growth
 Group

recently listed Entertainment Network India, a radio broadcasting arm Times Now, a television news channel, in a joint venture with Reuters. herself has introduced columns on spirituality in the group's newspapers the Times Foundation, the group's philanthropic arm

 Launched

 Jain

 Oversees

 Doubts

on the credibility of reports published in the TOI, time and again. the reader from the news, and direct him towards the flashy advertisements. recession of 2009 acted as a bonanza. blotch on Indu.

 Mislead

 The

 Unethical

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Awards & Achievements
 Awarded

International Lifetime Achievement Award - Bhartiya Jnanpith

 Chairperson

Trust Award
 Mahatma

Mahavira award – Guiding Force President of the Ladies Wing of FICCI

 Founder

 Encourages  Under

budding entrepreneurs.

her direction, The Times Foundation runs Community Services and a Research Foundation. Relief Fund.

 Times

Beyond Business
 The

guiding force behind the “Oneness Forum”. World Peace Summit.

 Millennium  Sahu

Jain Charitable Society, Ram Jain Charitable Trust, The Sahu Jain Trust, S. P. Jain Foundation etc. Samiti. president of Bhagwan Mahavir Memorial

 Working

 “Peace

Within First” movement.

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