Full name : Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy. Born in Mysore on August 20, 1946. He came from a poor but educated family His father was a high-school teacher. And also an avid reader of English literature.

 He was the brightest boy in his class.  He could grasp theories of Science very quickly.  His seniors would ask him to solve their difficulties in

 He aspired to join IIT.  He got a seat @ NIT Mysore.

 He then pursued his dream to join IIT.  Achieved his dream by joining IIT Kanpur.  Masters degree in Control theory  Got a scholarship  All India 4th @ IIT.

Early Days


He describes few incidents as key points in his life. What made him to choose his field? The beginning. The bid to takeover.

Incident at IIT

A bright Sunday morning in 1968. The American scientist. His decision – computer science.

The Bulgarian incident

The project from patni. The incident @ railway station. The arrest. His decision-need for recognition.

About his better half – Sudha Murthy

BE Mechanical – topper - Mysore university The interview The letter to JRD Tata

Meeting Sudha murthy

The common friend. The meeting. His proposal. Meeting his father-in-law.

 

Started @ IIM-A. Started working in patni systems,pune. Found his own company – softronics in 1976. Patni computers, Bombay(1977-1981) The beginning of Infosys @ 1981.


CAREER( contd.)

The secret savings His co-founders. The deciding point in 1990. From Rs.10,000 to $6bn.

 

His wife, Sudha Murthy, is an Indian social worker and accomplished author. They have two children named Rohan and Akshata. Rohan is married to TVS Venu Srinivasan’s daughter Lakshmi Venu. Akshata Murthy is married to Rishi Sunak, her classmate in Stanford.

Rohan Murthy
    

Early education from Bishop Cotton School Er.Rohan Murthy(Cse) - Cornell university Tuition (one year): 13 lakhs Over 4 years: 52 lakhs Estimated cost of tuition, lodging and boarding over 4 years: 1 crore Currently doing his Phd from Harvard in Cse

Akshata Murthy
  

Akshata Murthy - Stanford MBA Tuition over two years: 36 lakhs Estimated cost of lodging, boarding, tuition : 60 lakhs UG (economics) at exclusive Claremont McKenna College, California Currently a venture capitalist in cleantech space based in California.

His greatness

Infy - The first Indian company to be listed @ NASDAQ. The more he gets, the more he shares. Has shared more than 50,000 crores to the employees of his organization. Brought up the IT sector in India. Has created countless job opportunities.

“Think big. Don't hesitate to start small”. Known as the “man of courage”. Emphasis on servant leadership. ‘simple living, high thinking’. ‘Keep it simple and not silly’.

“ I have always felt that the real power of money is in sharing it “ - Narayana Murthy Do it first and do it right

He is a visionary, is forthright and resolute in action. His contribution to the industry has been phenomenal. and his efforts have been instrumental in putting India on the global map. I wish him the very best for the next phase of his life. Azim Premji CHAIRMAN, WIPRO

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