“I feel an MBA should have four essential qualities to succeed in the new millennium • Listen effectively • Think

like an entrepreneur • Cross functionality. • Smart work combined with hard work”

- Rahul Bajaj

Who is Rahul Bajaj?
Rahul Bajaj who was born on June 10th 1938 to Kamalnayan Bajaj and Savitri Bajaj is an Indian Businessman, politician and philanthropist . Rahul Bajaj is the Chairman of the Bajaj Group, which ranks among the top 10 business houses in India. The Bajaj Group has diversified interests ranging from automobiles, home appliances, lighting, iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance. Rahul Bajaj is one of India's most distinguished business leaders and internationally respected for his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Rahul Bajaj is India 's most outspoken industrialist. Bajaj believes in giving people a lot of independence. He prefers them to learn while on the job. Brash and assertive, Bajaj thinks that he created one of India 's best companies in the difficult days of the license-permit raj.

Characteristics of Bajaj
• • • • • • Customer is King Staunch believer in himself Never give up attitude Jack Welch’s theory Attitude towards workers Straightforwardness

Family Background

• Founder of the Bajaj group

• Consolidated the group
• Diversified various manufacturing activities.

• Six year family dispute (2002-2008)

•Involved in the management of Bajaj Auto

•Oversees the management of Bajaj Allianz

•Grew in an intensely political family •Grew up in the posh area of Carmichael road

•Upbringing more of middle class than aristocratic
•Perfectionist since childhood

•St. Stephen's College (Delhi), 1958 B.A., Economics

•The Government Law College (Bombay), 1960 LL.B.

•Harvard Business University,1964 MBA

•2 years stint at Bajaj Electricals •Junior Purchase officer at Mukand(1961-62)

•Deputy General Manager at Bajaj Auto-1964
•CEO of Bajaj group - 1968 •Chairman of Bajaj since 1972

•1850% growth in 10 years •Turned Bajaj Auto into 4th largest 2 wheeler maker •Bajaj Auto turnover from 72 million to 120 billion •16,000 shares

•Chairman •Bajaj Auto Ltd •Bajaj Finserv Limited •Bajaj Holdings & Investments Ltd. •Bajaj Auto Finance Limited. •Bajaj Allianz Gen. Insurance Co. Limited •Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Limited

•Former Co-Chairman & Member Commonwealth Business Council •Past President Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) (1979-80/1999-2000). •Past Chairman CII’s Task Force on Corporate Governance. Indian Airlines(1986-89)

•Executive Committee Member Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). •Former President Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industry And Agriculture (MCCIA). •Member & Former Chairman International Business Council World Economic Forum, Geneva

•Member, Executive Board

•Indian School of Business •Harvard Business School’s Global Advisory Board •Euronext’s International Advisory Committee •International Advisory Council, Brookings Institution.

•Feud with the Firodias •Tempestuous relationship with Piaggio •Overcame the restriction of expansion •He Knew the Path he had to Take •President of the Bombay Club

•Opposed Liberalization •Helped Bajaj auto to cope up with the 2001 Stock market meltdown •His net worth is estimated to be at US$1.6 billion. •34th on the Forbes list of richest people in India. •Rajya Sabha MP since 2006

Awards and Achievements
• “Man of the Year” Award - National Institution of Quality Assurance.(1975) •Business India's Businessman of the Year (1985) •Bombay Management Association Award for The Most Distinguished Services in the Field of Management (1990). •FIE Foundation-The Rashtrabhushan Award (1996)

•Lokmanya Tilak Smarak Trust -Tilak Award (2000) •Padma Bhushan (2001) •Jeevan Sadhana Gaurav Puraskar -Pune University (2002) •Indian Automotive Hall of Pride –( 2003) •Alumni Achievement Award by the Harvard Business School (2005)

•Life Time Achievement Awards from Economic Times and Ernst & Young. •Marathwada Mitra Puraskar by Marathwada Lok Vikas Manch in June 2006. •JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award by All India Management Association in February 2007. •Four Doctorates (Honoris Causa) by different Universities including IIT Roorkee.


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