8ole of Clvll SocleLles ln 8ole of Clvll SocleLles ln

developlng rule of eLhlcs ln lndla developlng rule of eLhlcs ln lndla
Croup membersť
AakrlLl Chaudhary
Plmanshu Sharma
noopur 1lkku
Sakshl Aggarwal
Subha Þarashar
vandana 8ellan
A Clvll SocleLy Ŵ deflned
O 1he clvll socleLy ls a space beLween Lhe sLaLe and markeL
O volunLary soclal relaLlonshlps Ŷ clvlc and soclal
organlzaLlons LhaL form Lhe basls of a funcLlonlng socleLy
O arena of unŴcoerced collecLlve acLlon around shared
lnLeresLsţ purposes and values
O 8oundarles beLween sLaLeţ clvll socleLyţ and markeL are
ofLen complexţ blurred and negoLlaLed
O 1he composlLlon of clvll socleLy could be as followsť
W 8eglsLered charlLles
W uevelopmenL nCCs/nÞCs
W CommunlLy Croups
W Womenƌs organlzaLlonsţ
W lalLhŴbased organlzaLlonsţ
W Þrofesslonal AssoclaLlons
W 1rade unlons
W SelfŴhelp groups
W Soclal movemenLs
W 8uslness assoclaLlons
W CoallLlons
W Advocacy groups
O Clvll soclety ls an evolvlng network ot assoclatlons
ano lnstltutlons ot tamlly ano communlty, ot
proouctlon ano traoe, ano ot plety ano compasslon.
O |nolvlouals enter lnto tbese relatlonsblps as mucb by
consent as by obllgatlon but never unoer coerclon.
O Clvll soclety ls premlseo on lnolvloual treeoom ano
responslblllty, ano on llmlteo ano accountable
O |t protects tbe lnolvloual trom tbe lntruslve state, ano
connects tbe lnolvloual to tbe larger soclal ano
economlc oroer.
O Clvll soclety ls wbat keeps lnolvlouallsm trom
becomlng atomlstlc ano communltarlanlsm trom
becomlng collectlvlst
1he 3 ro|es of C|v|| Soc|ety
O |ts critique of the state ano lts
tunctlonlng trom tbe perspectlve ot
marglnallseo people, wblle seeklng rlgbts
ano justlce tor all.
O orklng ln aIIiance with governnent
to ensure ettectlve ano quallty oellvery ot
servlces, partlcularly to tbe last trontlers
ot survlval.
O A non-state-centrlc role, wbere tbe tocus
bas been on transforning society to
acbleve a just ano bumane oroer
°ct|o°s performed by C|v|| Soc|et|es
Ŧ ,eans avallable Lo clLlzens Lo volce Lhelr oplnlons Ŷ
promoLe parLlclpaLlon
2Ŧ 8alse publlc concern abouL lssues of lmporLance Ŷ healLhţ
envlronmenLţ educaLlonţ developmenLţ eLcŦ
Ŧ Work ln areas where govLŦ ls unable/unwllllng Ŵ casLe
dlscrlmlnaLlonţ rellglous secLs
4Ŧ AcL as waLchdogs Ŷ llmlL and conLrol Lhe power of Lhe sLaLe
3Ŧ obbylng for good governance
6Ŧ CulLlvaLlng values ln clLlzens Lhrough parLlclpaLlon and
debaLe Lgť Clvlc educaLlon ln schools
7Ŧ Lxpresslon of dlverse lnLeresLsţ preservaLlon of culLures
8Ŧ 1ralnlng ground for fuLure leaders
9Ŧ ,edlaLlng and helplng Lo resolve confllcL
lmporLance of Clvll SocleLles for lmporLance of Clvll SocleLles for
8uslnesses 8uslnesses
O As sLakeholders
O CSCs have been provldlng an alLernaLlve
volce by polnLlng ouL LhreaLs Lo
susLalnable developmenL caused by
buslness acLlvlLles globally
AchlevemenLs of Clvll SocleLles ln AchlevemenLs of Clvll SocleLles ln
lndla lndla Ŷ Ŷ some successes some successes
O 1he Þulse Þollo urlve
O llghLlng for [usLlce
O AgalnsL human Lrafflcklng
O LnvlronmenLal lssues
O llghLlng CorrupLlon
O Lmployee 8lghLs
WhaL llmlLs Lhe work of Clvll SocleLy ln lndla?
O 9b||c r|es llmlL baslc clvll rlghLs and do noL faclllLaLe
Lhe developmenL of clvll socleLy organlsaLlonsŦ
O 1he |ack of tra°spare°cy of publlc operaLlons and
dlfflculL access Lo lnformaLlon do noL encourage Lhe
dlrecL parLlclpaLlon of clLlzens ln Lhe conducL of publlc
O C|t|ze°s may also lmpose llmlLsţ clLlzens are noL
sufflclenLly aware of Lhe cosLs of corrupLlonţ and/or
of Lhe exlsLence of Lools and meLhods Lo curb Lhls
O lmlLs may also come from a |ack of resorcesŦ 1he
flghL agalnsL corrupLlon ls a relaLlvely new area
compared Lo oLher lssues LradlLlonally addressed by
nonŴgovernmenLal organlsaLlonsŦ
Tbe Constltutlon on Clvll Socletles Tbe Constltutlon on Clvll Socletles
9romot|o° of C|v|| Soc|et|es |° the Wor|d 9romot|o° of C|v|| Soc|et|es |° the Wor|d
O CLCu's lnlLlaLlves Lowards sLrengLhenlng Lhe role played
by clvll socleLy Ŷ
Ŧ Lncourage an lnsLlLuLlonal envlronmenL conduclve Lo Lhe
developmenL of clvll socleLy and Lo lLs parLlclpaLlon ln
publlc affalrs
2Ŧ promoLe Lhe coŴoperaLlon of publlc and clvll socleLy
acLors ln anLlŴcorrupLlon efforLs
Ŧ 1o encourage a broad moblllsaLlon agalnsL corrupLlon
4Ŧ SLrengLhen Lhe capaclLles of clvll socleLy organlsaLlons
Pow Lo creaLe an lnsLlLuLlonal envlronmenL conduclve Lo Pow Lo creaLe an lnsLlLuLlonal envlronmenL conduclve Lo
Lhe developmenL of clvll socleLy and Lo lLs parLlclpaLlon ln Lhe developmenL of clvll socleLy and Lo lLs parLlclpaLlon ln
publlc affalrs? publlc affalrs?
O Lnsure Lhe baslc clvll llberLles LhaL allow for an
acLlve publlc
O parLlclpaLlon ln anLlŴcorrupLlon acLlvlLles and
oLher publlc affalrs
O AdopL laws LhaL faclllLaLe Lhe esLabllshmenL of
clvll socleLy organlsaLlons
O ÞromoLe Lhe developmenL of lndependenL medlaţ
able Lo scruLlnlse governmenL operaLlons freely
O lncrease Lhe Lransparency of governmenL
operaLlons and a slncere wllllngness Lo coŴ
operaLe wlLh clvll socleLyŦ
Pow Lo sLrengLhen Lhe capaclLles of clvll Pow Lo sLrengLhen Lhe capaclLles of clvll
socleLy socleLy organlsaLlons organlsaLlons? ?
O SLrengLhenlng Lhe capaclLles of clvll socleLy
organlsaLlons means Loť
O l) provlde Lhese organlsaLlons wlLh lnformaLlon and
O ll) supporL Lralnlng programmes
O lll) conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe ralslng of funds
O lv) encourage parLnershlps beLween clvll socleLy
O All ouLreach lnlLlaLlves seek Lo faclllLaLe access Lo
Lechnlcal lnformaLlon
O by provldlng Lhrough Lhelr web slLes and newsleLLers
relevanL legal and analyLlcal resources Lo boLh publlc
and clvll socleLy acLorsŦ
Clvll soclety role ln Clvll soclety role ln Saroar Saroar Sarovar Sarovar Dam Dam
(1985 (1985 - -2000) 2000)
O When ,edha ÞaLkar esLabllshed narmada 8achao Andolan ln 989ţ all Lhese
groups [olned Lhls naLlonal coallLlon of envlronmenLal and human rlghLs
acLlvlsLsţ sclenLlsLsţ academlcs and pro[ecLŴaffecLed people wlLh a nonŴvlolenL
O Croups who belleved ln Lhe need for falr rehablllLaLlon plans for Lhe people
or who vehemenLly opposed dam consLrucLlon due Lo a weak reseLLlemenL
pollcy and Lhey [olned Lhe narmada 8achao Andolan
O ÞaLkar led narmada 8achao Andolan had flled a wrlLLen peLlLlon wlLh Lhe
Supreme CourL of lndlaţ seeklng sLoppage of consLrucLlon on Lhe Sardar
Sarovar damŦ
O 1he courL lnlLlally ruled Lhe declslon ln Lhe Andolanƌs favor Lhereby effecLlng
an lmmedlaLe sLoppage of work aL Lhe dam and dlrecLlng Lhe concerned
sLaLes Lo flrsL compleLe Lhe rehablllLaLlon and replacemenL processŦ
O 1he courL also dellberaLed on Lhls lssue furLher for several years buL flnally
upheld Lhe 1rlbunal Award and allowed Lhe consLrucLlon Lo proceedţ
1he 20 lndlan anLl 1he 20 lndlan anLlŴ ŴcorrupLlon movemenL corrupLlon movemenL
O Anna Pazare an lndlan clvll socleLy acLlvlsL and a promlnenL
leader used nonvlolenL meLhods Lo unlfy Lhe naLlon ln Lhe
flghL agalnsL corrupLlonŦ
O Anna Pazare sLarLed an lndeflnlLe hunger sLrlke on 6 AugusL
20 Lo exerL pressure on Lhe lndlan governmenL Lo enacL a
sLrlngenL anLlŴcorrupLlon law as envlsaged ln Lhe !an okpal
8lllţ for Lhe lnsLlLuLlon of an ombudsman wlLh Lhe power Lo
deal wlLh corrupLlon ln publlc placesŦ
O 1he fasL led Lo naLlonŴwlde proLesLs ln supporL of Pazare ţ
1he fasL ended on 28 AugusL 20ţ a day afLer Lhe
governmenL accepLed Pazareƌs demandsŦ
O 1he governmenL lssued a gazeLLe noLlflcaLlon on Lhe
formaLlon of a [olnL commlLLeeţ conslsLlng of governmenL
and clvll socleLy represenLaLlvesţ Lo drafL Lhe leglslaLlon
Governmental Support
O Oct. 19, 2011 Prlme Mlnlster Manmoban
Slngb tooay reacbeo out to |nola's clvll
soclety ano sougbt to be ln sync wltb tbe
restlve publlc mooo worlowloe.
O Slngb warmly appreclateo Anna Hazare's
movement, be sympatblseo wltb tbe
sentlments ot tbe Occupy all Street
protests ano pralseo tbe role ot tbe clvll
soclety as central to |nola's oemocracy.
Concluslon Concluslon
O Clvll socleLy organlzaLlons provlde useful llnks beLween publlc
acLors and Lhe buslness communlLy and conLrlbuLe Lo malnLaln
pressure on governmenLs Lo fulflll Lhelr commlLmenLsŦ
O 1he negoLlaLlon and lmplemenLaLlon of fuLure convenLlons should
be as LransparenL as posslble and LhaL clvll socleLy should be
consulLed on a regular baslsŦ
O ln efforLs agalnsL domesLlc corrupLlonţ Lhe conLrlbuLlon clvll socleLy
can make wlll be all Lhe more lmporLanL lf CSCs are well lnLegraLed
lnLo socleLyţ and noL compromlsed by quesLlonable pollLlcal
O Clvll socleLy can Lhen fulflll lrreplaceable funcLlons such as
channellng lnformaLlon from clLlzens Lo Lhe SLaLe Lo
Ŧ ueslgn approprlaLe sLraLeglesţ
2Ŧ Lnrolllng Lhe parLlclpaLlon and supporL of clLlzens and enLerprlses
ln Lhe lmplemenLaLlon of anLlŴcorrupLlon pollclesţ
Ŧ ,alnLalnlng pressure for a pollLlcal commlLmenL agalnsL

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