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Chapter: 5 - Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis

Human Resource Planning

Process of determining an organizations human resource needs

SWOT Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

A computerized system that assists in the processing of HRM information.

Information Categories of HRIS:

Group 1: Basic Non-confidential Information Employee Nam Organization Name Work Location & Phone Number Group 2: General Non-confidential Information Info previous record Social Security Number (Bangladesh TIN Number) Other organization information (code, effective date) Position info (code, title, effective date) Group 3: General Information with Salary Info previous wages record Current Salary, effective date, amount of last change, type of last change and reason for last change Group 4: General Information with Salary Info previous wages record + Education Data Group 5: Extended Confidential Information with Salary Bonus info Projected Salary increase info + performance record

Replacement Chart
HRM organization charts indicating position that may become vacant in the near future and individuals who may fill the vacancies.

Job Analysis
Provides information about jobs currently being done and the knowledge, skills and abilities that individuals need to perform the job adequately.

Job Analysis Methods

Observation Method: A job analysis techniques in which data are gathered by watching employers work. Individual Interview Method: Meeting with an employee to determine what his or her job entails Group Interview Method: Meeting with a number of employees to collectivity determines what their job entails. Structured Questionnaire Method: A specifically designed questionnaire on which employees rate tasks they perform in their jobs. Technical Conference Method: A job analysis technique that involves extensive input from the employees supervisor. Diary Method: A job analysis method requiring job incumbents to record their daily activities.

Purpose of Job Analysis

Job Description: A statement indicating what a job entails. Job Specification: States minimum acceptable qualifications to perform successfully Job Evaluation: Specifies the relative value of each job in the organization

Job Description: A statement indicating what a job entails.

Job Title: Store Supervisor Report to: Manager Supervises: Staff of 25 Duties & Responsibilities:
Check the daily stock, outlets, liaison with suppliers Develop daily employee Work-Rota

Job Morphing: Readjusting skills to match job requirements

Brainstorming Test -1
As a HR Director in AGORA Superstore demonstrate 25 staffs (senior & general), set job description, draw Organogram, design job wages, design Work-Rota, how much annual budget needs for your 25 staffs for launching New Agora Superstore in Uttara Mode Town