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Understand the positioning of SAP in the ERP segment

SAP Certification

SAP Today
SAP AG in 2007 revenues: 12 billion More than 75,000 companies run SAP software Providing more than 27 industry solutions 42,772 SAP employees (September, 2007) 12 million users in 120+ countries team with us to Integrate their business processes Extend their competitive capabilities Get a better return on investment at a lower total cost of ownership Unique partner ecosystem
More than 3,850 partners Overall more than 180,000 SAP partner certificates
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The best - run businesses run SAP

Trusted business partner for 75,000+ companies the largest installed base in the enterprise software sector Deep vertical expertise with strategic solutions for more than 27 industries Great innovation power with 11,900+ developers Largest ecosystem in the industry system integrators, ISVs, OEMs, resellers, partners One of the top brands globally 65%market share in the ERP sector

SAP in India

Market Leader - 4500+ Customers

Country wide Offices , 7500+ Employees & Growing

SAP Labs R&D Centre at Bangalore & Delhi Mature India Localization & India Payroll Customer Care Centre at Bangalore Large & Leveragable Skill Base Knowledge Services

SAP in India Some Interesting Facts

SAP Support Office SAP Labs SAP Sales Office

11 out of 16 Navratnas run SAP 9 out of 10 most profitable and largest companies run SAP 24 out of 30 companies in Sensex run SAP

No. 1 ERP
SAP Sales Office SAP Sales Office, Calcutta

37 out of 50 companies in Nifty run SAP 36 out of 50 in ET 500 run SAP 21 of the top 25 brands in India run SAP 18 of the 20 companies listed in the BCG Global Challengers list run on SAP

SAP Global Delivery Center SAP Labs SAP Sales Office SAP India Headquarters

25 out of the 40 Largest Indian Companies named by Forbes run SAP

7 out of the 13 Indian firms named by BusinessWeek in 'Asia's Hot Growth Companies' list run SAP

Solid Penetration Hallmark of the Leader

Oil & Gas E&C Auto CPG Telecom

IT Service

Vision 2010
Enlarge the addressable market

Extend position as market leader 50,000 consultants required globally by 2010 India alone to create 35,000 certified consultants and to be a major contributor in resource pool creation. SAP will maintain its number one position in the ERP sector and hold 80%market share by 2010 as against 65%today

Global Ecosystem Workforce Growth

Demand for SAP Consultants Outweighs Supply
Demand for SAP Consultants outweighs supply and is compounded by:

At Current Software Growth Rates There Would Be A Shortage of 50,000-60,000 SAP Consultants by 2010

a world wide labor crunch increasing competition for IT talent a shortage of IT skills

skills movement between geographic locations

an ageing workforce Large SIs cant provide clients with sufficient experts1 Analyst predict SAP skills shortage will continue through 20102 Companies worldwide are scrambling to manage a labor crunch3 the shortage of skilled SAP workers is forcing IT departments to pay premiums 4

The shortage is being widely reported:

Research validates a gap of 30,000 in 2008 - gap will increase if no action is taken Shortage in consultants may impact:

Revenue and margins Ability to obtain 100K customers by 2010 Customer satisfaction

Source: 1 AMR Research, 2006; 2, 03/2007; 3 - Business Week, April 9, 07; 4 Shortage Puts SAP Workers in Demand: Jon Brodkin , March 13, 2007

What is ERP ?
The integration of business processes that

Purchase Department


optimizes functions across the enterprise ...

Production Common Data

...To produce dramatic performance improvements


Sales and Distrubution

Human Resources

ERP provides consistent & reliable information for timely decision-making and performance measurement

What are the Benefits of ERP?

Improve access to information Process reengineering -- update Improve workflow and efficiency old processes Improve controls and program Foundation for new processes, such as e-procurement, with alerts significant ROI
Buyer or Management Approval Cycle Requisitioning User Product Selection Purchase Order

Route to Recipient Receiving Accounts Payable General Ledger Financial Reconciliation Ship Product

Supplier Fulfillment

SAP Strategy Fundamentals Our Commitment Focus on performance

Deliver on expectations

SAP will be the Greatest Independent Provider of Innovative Business Solutions

Become the Trusted Innovator

Move to Best of Suite

SAP Education courses Accounting and Finance Human Resources Management

Production Planning

Exchange Infrastructure(XI)

Business One


Enterprise Portal(EP)

Sales and Distribution


Material Management

Leading-Edge Certification from SAP Access to a personalized Web site that allows you to track your current certification status, relate your certification to career opportunities, and determine the latest course offerings and certification options Membership in the exclusive, Web-based SAP-certified community, where you can interact with your other certified colleagues, share best practices, and learn how others have used certification to further their careers Easy online access to your SAP certification logos that you can use to demonstrate your qualifications to potential customers or employers

Development Path for an SAP Consultant

Knowledge, skills & experience

Ongoing Professional Development Experience as Senior Consultant Certification

Advanced Education Experienc e as Junior Consultan t

Foundation Certification Education

SAP Academies (Solution/Support Academy)

Build your skills for successful SAP projects. Be prepared for consultant certification. Designed for: Solution consultants Technical consultants Development consultants

Support specialists
Content: Solution, process, role based education Education customized for consultants Foundation and advanced implementation knowledge

Details about SAP solutions

Hands-on exercises and business case studies

Consultant Certification
Assessment by SAP proving that professionals are highly qualified and knowledgeable, and can implement this knowledge practically in Projects. 1-3 Hours Duration 40-80 Multiple Choice Questions No Negative Marking Failure 3 Chances Global recognition Delta training upgrades and certification to new releases SAP Service Marketplace ID and Certificates for successful candidates.

Industry Trend
IT professionals believe certification makes them more confident, more productive, and more readily promoted 62.5% of respondents agree that certification makes them more confident of their ability to perform their jobs 45.6% cited an increase in productivity from certification 47.3% cited increased problem-solving skills as a result of being certified Certification Magazine 2007

Criteria for Attending an SAP Course SAP Knowledge (optional) Working knowledge of SAP (optional) PC Literate English Language skills Business skills in the chosen module

Study skills
Communication skills Enthusiasm

JOB Role Overview

SAP Education Services India has been highly instrumental in driving certification across all major IT companies like IBM, Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture are just a few to name. India in focus and to generate 35,000 consultants in the next 2 years SAP certified consultants are a value add to any company today Most of the MNC validate the fact that the SAP consultants are catalyst to revenue generation and on an average 30% of the revenue is generated through SAP practice.

Why SAP Education @ NIIT!!!!

Unique proposition of SAP education along with Peripherals self development training. Profile redesigning as per industry norms. Conducting Mock interviews to prepare candidates. Preparing candidates for career shift.


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SAP Education @NIIT