So Why AM I here?
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Make a case? Fight a case? Win a case? Plead a case? Hope, not loose a case

Talk. About a Case.

On the 2nd oldest profession in the world


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Why an Agency? Model of an agency… Why Advertising? Types of Advertising Advertising & Research Fun Time



Why Advertising?

"The truth isn't the truth until people believe you, and they can't believe you if they don't know what you're saying, and they can't know what you're saying if they don't listen to you, and they won't listen to you if you're not interesting, and you won't be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.“ - William Bernbach, DDB Needham Worldwide.

 Matchmaking….  Between

the product and the consumer

Product Brand

What does it do?

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Where does the product have its best chances? What do these guys like? How can I package my product to appeal to them?

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Who am I?

Hello…Iam George Bush… I am the President, I can give you all the bombs you want… Its great fun being friends with me…Lets play Playstation together, Should we start with Doom?.... Or Else….

Why should you become friends with me?
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Why should you stay friends with me?

Presenting George Bush….

An Ad Structure

It is a piece of communication and like most communication there is:
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A sender (The Brand) A Receiver (The Consumer) The Message  Rational message  Emotional message

Who is Communicating?

What is being Communicated?

The Vehicle (Style of Delivery) How are they Communicating?

The Parties Involved

Imperative to Establish both the Sender and the Receiver The Sender issues:
 

Love the ad, don’t know the brand or worse, Love the ad, think it is for the competition brand

The Receiver Issues:
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The users loved it, non-users didn’t get it- Waste of money The non-users loved it, but the users hated it- Lost my user base

The Marketing Objectives

Most brand communication messages would have any or more of the below brand objectives:
  

Convince Non-Trialists to Try Convince Trialists to Adopt or Use more regularly Get the brand Lapsers back into the fold Thank the users for buying and re-assure them that they have made a good decision Build bonds between them and the brand to enhance loyalty Try and make them use the brand/ product more often

  

The Message Structure

Most brand communication messages would have this structure:

Establish the Need- Why do you need me (also called Insight Statement)? Relevance- How can I meet your needs Differentiation- And how can I do it better than others Why should you believe what I say?

 

The Message Styles

Provide Information about Brand
  

Launch a new brand: ‘Hi, Iam Here’ Provide new news about existing brand: ‘Look I have changed’ Increase category usage: Here is a new use for the brand- Try using it this way

Convince/Persuade to Buy

The rational message: ‘Buy me because I have a magic ingredient called Pretendex™ that can make you Miss Universe’ The emotional message: All Miss Universes have changed the world. Here is your chance to make a difference, change the world

Build Credibility for Brand
 

Reason why my brand can provide you the benefit If you still don’t believe me ask the 200million people who are using it around the world (Testimonials) Still don’t believe- Here See it Working (Product Demo’s)

The Message

Seduce to Buy
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Tempting visuals, Feeling Thirsty…, Feeling Hungry… Let me turn you on…Join this ad agency

Scare to Buy
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If you don’t buy me, a lot of bad things can happen to you If you don’t buy me, I shall get you a job in an ad agency If you don’t buy this you wont be cool anymore…your friends would hate you…you have to hide at home…your world would collapse…

Hammer to Buy

Buy me, Buy me, Buy me….

The Message

Build Brand Love…Bonding…

Oooh, the brand is so cute, Good job I got him and not the other one…

Aspiration building
 

All the guys you adore, buy me, why don’t you… Iam only for the Exclusive few, you can be one of those few if you buy me

Entertain, Amuse, Bemuse to buy

Love the Ad, Hence Love the brand…

The Vehicle/ Delivery Style
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How you deliver the message is as important as the message itself… Tone & Manner of the ad Serious, Informative, Educational… Light-hearted, Funny, Humorous… Stylish, Glamorous, Exclusive Down to earth, Simple, Straight-forward Young, trendy, stylish Mature, Wise, Warm

 

 

 

The Vehicle/ Delivery Style
 The

Tone & Manner needs to be consistent and relevant with:
  

The Target audience for the ad Intended Message Intended Marketing Objective

Advertising Review Checklist…
 

Perceived Target audience: Who do you think they are intending to target (Age, SES, User/ Non-user & Attitudinal type) What do we think is the Role of the communication:
  

Is it launch advertising, continuous brand building type, re-positioning Is it about increasing use of category (drink more milk) or increasing brand shares alone Is it part of a long running campaign or a completely new piece of communication

What messages are they intending to communicate: Don’t base this on just the voice-over or the tagline, view the ad as a consumer and write down the ‘message take-out’

The take out should include elements of the following: Functional benefit? Emotional benefit? Reason to believe?

 

What is the Tone & Manner of the ad What is unique about the execution

Could be nothing or could be a different executional style
  

Vignette style, Before-After style, Testimonial Animation, Interesting music Music led, Visual led, Voice-over led etc.

Lets Check Out Some Ads….

Djarum Waterfall

Djarum Baloon




GG SuryaPro

GG Surya16

GG Surya16

Star Mild Director

Star Mild Celebriti


Why an Agency?

Imagination, Originality and Freshness…

A good communication:

Deep insight into consumers

what they need, how they fulfill the need and to name a few

 

A single idea, an identity Ideal mode of delivery (message) for better impact, cutting through the clutter

So that’s what agencies do…
Understand: Culling out insight out of owner, caretaker and the consumer of the product (and the brand) Create: Developing communication reflecting the creative idea based on the same deep insight
Deliver: Delivering communication through different media contributing to the campaign as a whole


 

Product and its technical features Strengths and weaknesses Brand Equity Market and competition Consumer behavior


Creative idea (the ESP based on the insight) Creative Concepts based on the Creative Idea Individual Communication execution


Implement the tools (produce in the final form) Identify and plan the apt mix of communication vehicles (where to put communication and why?) Deliver the communication to the consumer Measure the impact

That’s why…

An Agency!

Model of an agency
 Key

Players  Roles and Responsibilities  Summary: Overall Working/Management Process

Key Players








Roles and Responsibilities
"I have learned that you can't have good advertising without a good client, that you can't keep a good client without good advertising, and no client will ever buy better advertising than he understands or has an appetite for." - Leo Burnett, Leo Burnett Company

Client • Owner of the product/brand • Imparts all the knowledge necessary for the communication to the agency • Initiates the process through identifying the ‘Marketing Issue/Task’ • Deep understanding of the market and the product is his main strength

Roles and Responsibilities
"The agency's account executive should be able to step into the sales manager’s shoes if the sales manager drops dead today." - Morris Hite, quoted in Adman: Morris Hite's Methods for Winning the AdGame

Account Executive • interface of the agency and the client • Takes the brief from the client and briefs the planning and creative teams • Keeps the pulse of the product and the client • Managing the timelines for the delivery is his main strength

Roles and Responsibilities
“It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night." - David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

Strategic Planner • Strategist on the brand: Make a brand out of the product • Understands the market dynamics and competition through research • Delivers Selling Strategy and concepts • Understanding of the Consumer behavior is his forte

Roles and Responsibilities
"The mystery of writing advertisements consists mainly in saying in a few plain words exactly what it is desired to say, precisely as it would be written in a letter or told to an acquaintance." - George P. Rowell, quoted in Advertiser's Gazette

Copywriter • Strategy to creative stage • Body copy • Succinct, apt, concise and comprehendible communications in WORDS •Long copy •Short copy •No Copy

Roles and Responsibilities
"I regard a great ad as the most beautiful art piece in the world." - Leo Burnett, Leo Burnett Company

Art Director • The word is getting visual • “key visual” • Look, feel, see • Layouts Spare the words; show me the color!!

Roles and Responsibilities
"Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image." - David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man

Films, Studio and Production • Gives the final shape to the communication and delivers the final product • Rides on the bulk of the jobs to get good quality and better rates from the vendors • Eye-for-detail is the key for this department

Roles and Responsibilities
"The buying of time or space is not the taking out of a hunting license on someone else's private preserve but is the renting of a stage on which we may perform." - Howard Gossage, Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story

Media Planner & Buyer • Delivers the communication to the consumers • Studies and plans the vehicles of communication for the maximum value for money • Highly technical research goes into the process

Summary: General Process
1.Marketing Issue/Task Market Information Shares/sales 11.Consumer Media Habits




12.Communication Delivery

5.Consumer Behavior 3.Product Brief



10.Final Communication Material 4.Creative Brief

6.Selling Idea 9.Final Layouts







Research & Advertising

Its those slimy weirdos again

What does he know about ads

Oh God, they will kill my ad


Ad Agency

But why does the problem arise?

Most Ad Researches kill exciting advertising….
 Why?
  

Too rational in their interpretation Look mainly for Logical, Rational responses Not many reliable ways to measure impact on feelings Ad research Techniques geared towards measuring Short-term impact, not long-term effects Emotions work better over the long term

A Lot of Advertising is not based in Reality
 Quest
   

for Awards & Fame makes a lot of ‘creative’ advertising:
Irrelevant Incomprehensible Weird Not leading to sales

Lets Have Some Fun…

Adidas- Soccer Grid

Nike- EVolution

Nike- Materazzi


Amstel- Man test

Brahma- Fish

Cheers- Beer

Death Waiting

Guinness- Evolution

Pepsi- Beckham

Pepsi v/s Coke

Got Milk

Got Milk

Anti-smoking- Hitchiker

Aids campaign

Vegetarian restaurant


Japp energy bar- Mob

Stratos candy- Nobody to play with


Audi- Key Rings

Peugeot- India

Volkswagen- Gift from God

Dove Evolution

Hutch- Pug

Vodafone Celebrity

Pay your bills

Insurance- The Ark

VirginAir- Life flashes

Chinese Parade


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