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Psychological Thriller

1920s the genre by Alfred Hitchcock helped shape

experimenting more with different cinema techniques and has visual motifs. He also experimented with sexuality, guilt, punishment, paranoia and obsession to create a more psychological thriller. This era consisted on silent films Gothic literature came from the Victorian Era It also was thought that psychological thrillers originated from Japan due to there use of ghosts and supernatural consequences which happen during their films.

Hitchcock was told that he was perfecting his recognisable brand of suspense thrillers which later on was known as psychological thrillers. The man that knew too much (1934) The lady vanishes (1938)

Hitchcock added technic-colour to his film as well as using famous actors in this era to intrigue the audience. Other producers, Henry Hathaway also tried to create a psychological thriller, Niagara (1953), which followed the basic structure of this genre from Hitchcock therefore a structure was made. During this nuclear charged atmosphere, horror films changed from gothic literature towards becoming more modern. During this era, horror films edged towards more psychological using alien invasions, mutations, plants and insects. Also 3-D was created in cinemas

1960s development of the genre 1960s was the era that the main

was created. The first film that introduced this sub-genre was Alfred Hitchcocks film, Psycho. This film of the new genre made Hitcock famous during this era. Consisted of a plot with violence and terror The new born genre was experiemented with by building suspense, creating impossible choices and hiding a characters true character. Hitchcock tried to twist the mind of the audience to create a psychological reaction from the audience as he was twisting both the audiences and characters minds within the film. Sound was also introduced into films

During this era restrictions on language, violence adult content and sexuality had become less strict. This era directors were fascinated with paranormal and supernatural themes The Exorcist (1973) which was directed by William Friedkin was released which was a famous psychological thriller Psychological TV series were released called Thriller Horror was the main genre that audiences wanted to see so this new genre made the films more visceral.

The evil dead (1982) was a famous psychological thriller This is the era where they film producers used more special effects and increased budgets to an average of over $18 million, where previously was $4. By the end of this era, the thriller genre took over. This means that psychological thrillers also took over as producers needed to find new ways to scare the audiences through different techniques.

This was the era that psychological thrillers transformed as producers wanted to loose a rigid set of expectations that any audience would expect and change it to something subverted, i.e. psychological thriller. The recognisable theme It's Always The Quiet Ones Some themes follow the murders of Ed Gein The Blair Witch Project (1999) was a very famous psychological film.

Due to the recession film budgets went down Independent film producers became more popular Paranormal, ghosts films became more popular Psychological thriller film Paranormal Activity (2009). Budgeted at $15,000 Filmed in 2007 in only ten days, it was budgeted at only $15,000.