Using the 4Ps, evaluate the current marketing mix strategy of BreadTalk, and discuss its implications for

the decline in sales.



Price Promotions

The 4Ps-Product
 Their products: bread, pastries, cakes and drinks.  Examples of their new variety of breads: “Carlee Crab”, “Chilli Crab”, “Black Pepper Crab”, “Chickenrice to chickencrab” and “Hairy crab”.  Most popular bun : Chicken-Floss buns.  50 types of bun available in each outlet.  The objectives of selling these buns are to gain revenue and to satisfy customer's desire for snacks, especially during breakfast and tea time because most people usually take bread or pastries during this time.

The 4Ps-Price
 Min. price: $1.00  Max. price:$2.00  Average: Price evaluation: Neither cheap nor costly. Evaluate the price.

The 4Ps-Place
  25 outlets in Singapore located at: Parco, Bugis junction, Paragon, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Novena Square, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Marriott Hotel, Tang Plaza, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, Great World City, Capitol Building, Turf City, Parkway Parade, HDB Hub (Toa Payoh), Tampines Mall, Causeway Point, Citylink Mall, Compass Point, Westmall, Plaza Singapura, Majestic (Chinatown), Holland Village, Wisma Atria, Lot 1, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Harbourfront Centre. Locating everywhere allows the customer to buy their bread anywhere! Target market: All over City Area Talk about the city area. Availability.

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The 4Ps-Promotion
 Store structure: – each outlet bears the urban, clear glass, clean cut look punctuated subtly with detailing of contrasting colours of artworks, unique to each locale. (Zen-like concept) – BreadTalk signature "see through" kitchens allow their chefs to showcase their expertise upfront, sharing the preparation of the freshly browned breads and tempt the customers to have a taste of their breads.  Advertisements – Television – Banners to attract others – The use of their own brand of plastic bag ‘BreadTalk’, pamphlet and coupons also serve as a type of promotion to attract new customers wherever and whenever the name carries it.

The 4Ps-Promotion
 Package meal – 5 buns for $5 – Breakfast set- coffee/tea+bun=$2

The 4Ps-Promotion
 Loyalty card- Spend above $5, you will get a stamp on your card. With correct no. of stamps, they’re able to redeem a free bun.

Problem analysis
 The decline in sales was due to reasons like some BreadTalk outlet’s business wasn’t doing well. This in turn led to revenue and profits made by other good business outlets to go to a waste as the earning cannot overcome the losses made. The popular “Chicken Floss Bun” idea was stolen by other bakery shops. BreadTalk pushed onto the losing side as competitors selling the product at lower prices. In the end, price out-grew satisfaction!  BreadTalk’s bread lost popularity. People got bored eating it.

Using the Product/Market expansion grid concept, recommend two growth strategies that BreadTalk could adopt to improve its sales in Singapore.

Market Penetration(E,E)
The use of EZ link cards Having delivery Lucky draws and contests Improved packaging The use of push carts Samples of upcoming buns

Product Development(N,E)
Minis “Shake” bread Festive breads


Market Development(E,N)
To be certified with a Halal certificate. +show them why+research charts on muslims. With new products, coupled with a place to sit. For e.g. , a café. Attract those people who want to sitt and eat, not pick and go. Totally different target market. Instead of situating in city areas, close down certain shops and situate shops around residential areas since brand is already established.

Customize products to ones’ liking. For e.g. , fill the bread with different type of toppings. Price of toppings varies corresponding to value of topping (eg chocolate fudge costs more than chocolate rice).

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