The Importance of Information
Marketing Environment

Customer  Needs

Why Information Is Needed
Strategic Planning


Marketing Information Systems
• a MkIS is generally computer-based and involves the production, analysis, storage, dissemination, and retrieval of information to support marketing decision making • it generates reports and studies as needed • it analyzes data using mathematical models that simulate the “real world” • it integrates old and new data to update information and to identify trends


‘MKIS (MIS) is a set of procedures and methods for the regular, planned collection, analysis and presentation of information for use in marketing decisions’ American Marketing Association

Input into a Marketing Information System
Industry data Competitor information Government statistics

Accounting and sales reports

Marketing Information System

Marketing research findings

Marketing decision maker

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The Marketing Information System
Marketing Managers
Marketing Information System

Distributing Information
Marketing Decisions and Communications

Assessing Information Needs
Developing Information

Information Analysis

Internal Data Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Research

Marketing Environment

Functions of an MIS: Assessing Information Needs

Information Managers Would Like to Have

What They Really Need & What is Feasible to Offer


Functions of a MIS: Developing Information
Obtains Needed Information for Marketing Managers From the Following Sources
Internal Data Collection of Information from Data Sources Within the Company From: Accounting, Sales Force, Marketing, Manufacturing, Sales Marketing Intelligence Collection and Analysis of Publicly Available Information about Competitors and the Marketing Environment From: Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Competitors, Marketing Research Companies Marketing Research Design, Collection, Analysis, and Reporting of Data about a Situation

Functions of a MIS: Distributing Information
Information Must be Distributed to the Right Managers at the Right Time.

Distributes Routine Information for Decision Making

Distributes Nonroutine Information for Special Situations

The Marketing Research Process
Defining the Problem and the Research Objectives Developing the Research Plan

Implementing the Research Plan Interpreting and Reporting the Findings

Sunrise Confectioners: Case Study
• 1997 ACTION: $10,000 investment in consumer research into the likes and dislikes of the primary target market: ! Mothers with young children • OBJECTIVE: Raise brand awareness and boost sales of Sunrise Confectioners’ range of Binka jelly products. • RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTED: • ! Consumers were unaware that the brand featured natural flavours • ! Women who were purchasing the product for their children also ate the product

• STRATEGY: Relaunch Binka’s natural jellies as the Natural Confectionery Co. • ! New packaging • ! Promote no artificial flavours and colours message • ! Increased investment in TV advertising • – Commercial featuring Olympic runner, Lauren Hewitt • – Co-sponsored the reality TV show Big Brother • RESULT: Sales jumped 100%, with turnover almost 10 times greater than prior to the re-

• Steelcase used observational research – video cameras – to observe how people actually worked in teams to develop office furniture.

Analyzing Marketing Information
• Many companies utilize customer relationship management (CRM)
– Software & analytical tools that integrate customer information from all sources, – Analyzes it in depth, – Applies the results to build stronger customer relationships.

• Companies look for customer touch points. • CRM analysts develop data warehouses and use data mining techniques to find information out about customers.


Databases, Data Warehouses, and Data Mining
• Database - collection of information from a variety of internal & external courses that is organized, stored, and updated in a computer. • Data Warehouse - an enormous collection of internal and external data from millions of customers, suppliers, etc. • Data Mining - a technique to search, inquire, and update Data Warehouses

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• 3M, whose best-known products are Post-it Notes and Scotch tape, operate in more than 60 countries. It recently introduced a $30 million online information system and all its senior executives get their information from the online database. • British-based retailer Marks & Spencer uses information generated from customer credit cards to better tailor its marketing efforts.

Wal-mart – provides suppliers with timely sales data with its Retail Link system, major suppliers have “earth stations” installed by w/c they are directly connected to Walmart’s info network – lets suppliers know what to produce and where to ship the goods (automatic replenishment) based on Walmart’s scanner data Tim Friesner - Marketing – no need for purchase orders

Task..... What is mystery shopping and How King fisher Airlines uses it?

Submission of first assignment on 10th March
• Topic: Marketing Plan of any innovative product or service not existing in the market( format of the marketing plan as discussed or refer to the book of Kotler and Jha) General Guidelines: • Handwritten • Ruled sheets to be used(one sided) • Details on the Front page:
– Topic – Name of the student – Roll no. – Class -Section -Subject

• Index to be formed on the second page

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