Ten Leading Advertisers(U.S) in 2005

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Leading advertisers in 2005(India) by media spend were: Hindustan UniLever ($99m)
Dabur India ($24m) Maruti Udyog (Suzuki) ($27m) Bajaj Auto ($24m) Pepsico ($27m) Hero Honda ($23m) LG Electronics ($25m) Nokia ($22m) Procter & Gamble ($25m) Paras Pharmaceuticals ($22m)

Persuasive Communication

Any form of communication a business or organization uses to inform, persuade, or remind people about its



Pontia c

Communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response.


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Objectives of Promotion
• • • • • • • Create Awareness Stimulate Demand Encourage Product Trial Identify Prospects Retain Loyal Customers Facilitate Reseller Support Combat Competitive Promotional Efforts • Reduce Sales Fluctuations

What 4 things does promotion usually tell us?
• • • • How to use the product Where the product is available The quality of the product Other important information:
• • • • Price Materials or Ingredients Warnings or Hazards Sizes, Colors, Styles

Pull vs. Push Promotional Strategy

Pull - directing promotion at
target market in effort to get customers to seek product from channel members

Push - directing promotion at
channel members in effort to get them to promote product to target

Push is the job of • The sales force • Sales promotions to the trade • Trade shows and training and incentives • Public relations, etc. Pull is the job of: • Advertising • Sales promotion to the consumer • Public relations, etc.

Promotional Mix – a combination of the different types of promotion

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Personal Selling Advertising Direct marketing Sales promotion Public relations

Factors That Affect The Promotion Mix
Type of Product Stage in the Product Life Cycle Target Market Characteristics Actions of Competitors Available Funds

The AIDA Concept

Model that outlines the process for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message.


AIDA and the Promotional Mix
Awareness Interest
Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Personal Selling

Somewhat effective Very effective Very effective Very effective

Not effective Not effective Somewhat effective Very effective

Very effective Very effective Somewhat effective Somewhat effective

Very effective Very effective Somewhat effective Very effective

Comparison of Communication Methods

Characteristics of the Elements in the Promotional Mix


Chap. 14 Marketing 7e Lamb Hair McDaniel ©2004 South-Western/Thomson

Relative importance of promotion tools in consumer versus industrial markets


Mass persuasive communication paid for by an identified sponsor that makes use of various media


Simplified Rating Sheet for Ads
(Attention) How well does the ad catch the reader’s attention? (Read-through) How well does the ad lead the reader to read further? (Cognitive) How clear is the central message or benefit? (Affective) How effective is the particular appeal? (Behavior) How well does the ad suggest follow-through action?

___ (20) ___ (20) ___ (20) ___ (20) ___ (20)

| 0

Poor ad

| 20

Mediocre Average ad ad

| 40

| 60

Good ad

| 80

Great ad

| 100


• Identify three best print ads and three best TV ads in India for the year 2007

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