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Intermediate English Conversation ELD III Ca Group 2 Final Presentation 2 January 2007 Reporters : Becca 、 Ruth 、 Jenny 、 Victor 、 Evan

Introduction a. The Apprentice b. Donald Trump Part I. Speaking Skills Part II. Creativity Part III. Business and communication Etiquette Part IV. Donald Trump's Rules and Business Lesson Conclusion Questions References

a. The Apprentice “The Apprentice” is a reality television show on NBC. This is hosted by Donald Trump, a well-known businessman and a celebrity in Unite States. The main purpose of this show is Trump will offer a great job, which is the opportunity to work for him. And those winners will has a chance to be involved in the celebrity world, for the final winner after exciting competition.

 "Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken." – Donald Trump, about his future

b. Donald Trump
Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York. After completing his education at a military academy, Trump headed out to study finance at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. The chief executive officer of Trump Organization. His businesses cover real estate, transportation, casinos and entertainment.

“The Donald” has also ventured into television as the Executive Producer of Miss USA. The most amazing business of him is that he has also made countless cameo appearances as himself in shows. Such as Roseanne, Suddenly Susan, Spin City, The Nanny, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and The Job, as well as films like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Celebrity and 54.

The personal life of Trump is attracts many attentions, especially his love life. He had divorced twice in 1992 and 1999.His third time wedding, with Melania Knauss, who is 24 yearsTrump's junior from Slovenia, is a talking point in 2005. Thanks to the hit reality show “The Apprentice”, The Donald can add another success to his Trump report card.

Donald Trump and his new wife Melania

Speaking skill Introduction-Speaking is the productive skill in the oral mode. It, like the other skills, is more complicated than it seems at first and involves more than just pronouncing words.

Listening Situations-There are three kinds of speaking situations in which we find ourselves: interactive, partially interactive, and non-interactive.

Micro-skills-Here are some of the micro-skills involved in speaking. The speaker has to:

Pronounce the distinctive sounds of a language clearly enough so that people can distinguish them. Use stress and rhythmic patterns, and intonation patternsof the language clearly enough so that people can understand what is said. Use the correct forms of words. This may mean, for example, changes in the tense, case, or gender. Put words together in correct word order. Use vocabulary appropriately.

Use the register or language variety that is appropriate to the situation and the relationship to the conversation partner. Make clear to the listener the main sentence constituents, such as subject, verb, object, by whatever means the language uses. Make the main ideas stand out from supporting ideas or information. Make the discourse hang together so that people can follow what you are saying.

Creativity Developing creativity is a series of personal evolutionary steps. The society now is aggressively encouraging creativity in every fields. Creativity today forms the core activity of a growing section of the global economy--the socalled “creative industries”. In fact, the importance of creativity has long been emphasized.

Way to success
Yet in today’s overcrowded industries, competing head-on results in nothing but a bloody fights over a shrinking profit pool.

How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant?
Blue Ocean Strategy

Business & communication Etiquette What is the proper time to arrive for an appointment? Is it impolite to ask an executive of a company for payment of outstanding invoices? Can I exchange business cards while dining? How should I exchange gifts with my fellow coworkers at the office during the holiday season? Can I hold a drink when in a receiving line?

What is the best way to utilize a home-office (SOHO) telephone system? What is a polite way to turn down a dinner invitation? Is it necessary to apologize for not immediately returning a phone call that had been originally initiated by yourself? What is the proper etiquette when using CALLER ID? Is it rude to use your cell phone in a social environment?

Donald Trump's Rules and Business Lesson 1. Think Like A Winner
Donald Trump’s most profound comment is, "Winning is everything." He explained that while there is no better feeling… the ability to think like a winner is the key to being one.

2. Polish Your Interview Skills
This second rule can be applied to having good communication skills.

3. Lead Strong or Play Along
This rule can teach us in workshops is to lead and never hesitate. Learning to play along can also be taken as a way to see the signals and be aware of them.

4. Step Up; Take Responsibility
In “The Apprentice”, they fail to take responsibility for their own actions. This is done in so many ways its crazy.

5. Resist the Impulse to Be Impulsive
This is somebody who is too impulsive is not paying attention to others. A relationship is a two way street involving both parties. When somebody is being impulsive and the other person isn’t respective than this creates a dead end.

6. Instill Confidence in Your Team
This can be taken in installing confidence in who you are attracted to.

7. Watch What You Say
This applies to dating with the idea of listening is just as important as talking.

8. Know When to Listen

This is how it applies to dating and seduction is very obvious. Listening is a key part of communication.

9. Keep it Strictly Business
This is a little bit more difficult to summarize for dating. Somebody who lacks focus tends to lack drive. When you really have a goal in mind going after 20 different things usually gets somebody nowhere.

10. Avoid Showing Off Yourself
This one should be a no-brainer, but since it actually happened, maybe not.

 Although “The Apprentice” may be a TV show instead of a real job interview or business management, it is still a good educational material for us.  We can see other people’s strong and weak points by this TV show, and have our own lessons by the other’s failure.  We should to pay attention like speaking skills, social etiquettes, they are important in interaction, especially for interview or business.  After all of this, we still need some personal ideas and creativities to help us be perfect.

 Can you name any other industry that involves creativity in their products ?  Do you think creativity is really important for our daily life ? Have you ever done any creative things in your life, make some example for us.  Which candidate do you admire or dislike in this episode ? Did he or she violate any business rule ?  Which part do you think is important in interaction ? Do you think it is the way to success ?  Do you think cooperation is important ? What role did you usually play in your team work ?

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