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Exploring Race & Civil Rights

8th Grade Issues & Ideas

presented by: Blue Section Teacher: Ms. Moore T.A.: Tony Alvarez

Establishing a Common Language & Understanding of Key Terms

Prejudice: a prejudgment; an opinion formed w/out knowledge or evidence Discrimination: an action or practice that is a result of prejudgment Racism: a form of discrimination based on one's race Stereotype: assumption that members of a group are exactly the same Census: population tally done every 10 years The US has 5 - 7 races based on "social" ideas not a biological distinction The US has 2 ethnic groups o Hispanic/Latino o Not Hispanic/Latino

The Enlightenment & the Origins of Racial Classification

C. Linnaeus (Sweden, 1730's) o Humans in the Animal Kingdom o 4 races of mankind J.F. Blumenbach (Germany, 1790's) o Invented the term "Caucasian" o 5 races of mankind with Petrus Camper (Netherlands, 1790's) o Believed in monogenesis - man originates from a common ancestry o One's physical traits reflected one's inner traits & mentality o Based on the size of Greek statues & European skulls, he believed Whites were dominant & most beautiful

Caucasians at the top

Samuel Mortons Ideas about Race in America

Renowned American scientist of the mid-1800's Studied Camper who also believed that physical differences indicate intelligence, personality & morality Unlike Camper he believed in polygenesis - the belief that all the races developed separately, not from common ancestry (Adam & Eve) Devised 4 racial categories for the people of the Americas
Europeans: most intelligent & superior Asians: can be trained to be intelligent, but have a short attention span o Native Americans (includes Hispanics/Latinos): seen as crafty, violent, uncivilized, rebellious, lazy o Africans: lowest form of humanity, lazy, violent, unintelligent, but talented in music, dance & physical labor
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Understanding Race & Our Families Family History Project

After reading stories of how others have dealt with race, 8th graders conducted their own family research related to race 1. Personal Identity Chart Family List w/Racial Backgrounds Family Stories Family Tree & Photo Collage Research Verification Forms

Exploring Morton's Theories about "Native Americans" (Hispanics/Latinos)

Examining ideas about Mexican youth vs. White youth Examining the struggles of Hispanic youth that are biracial

Exploring Morton's Theories about Africans

Social Reactions to the Violent End of The Civil Rights Movement (19551968)
The Black Panther Party for Self Defense (1966-1982)

Chicago, Civil Rights & the Black Power Movement

The Chicago BPP for Self Defense (1968-1970) The Rock & The River by Kekla Magoon