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Advertising & Sales Promotion


Message Decisions Message Strategy Message Execution

Objectives Setting Communication Objectives Sales Objectives

Budget Decisions Affordable Approach Percent of Sales Comparative Parity Objective and Task

Campaign Evaluation Communica-tion impact Sales impact

B Media


Reach, frequency, Impact Major Media Types Specific Media Vehicles Media Timing

Factors guiding the formulation of Advertising Objectives

The target audience should be defined as accurately as possible There should be a clear statement of the desired response from the target audience (if the response is awareness, purchase etc.,) The goals if possible should be expressed in quantitative terms Objectives must refer to a stated period of time

Advertising Objectives

An advertising objective is a specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time. The primary purpose can be to inform, persuade or to remind

Telling the market about a new product Suggesting new uses for a product Informing the market of a price change

Explaining how the product works

Describing available services Correcting false impressions Reducing buyers fears Building a company image

Building Brand Preference Encouraging switching to your brand Changing customer perceptions of product attributes Persuading customers to purchase now Persuading customers to receive a sales call

Reminding customers that the product may be needed in the near future Reminding customers where to buy the product Keeping the product in customers minds Maintaining top-of-mind product awareness

Message Execution

This is an attempt as to how the advertiser turns a big idea into an actual as execution that will capture the target markets attention and interest
The creative people must find the best style, words and format for executing the message.

Message Execution (Contd.,)

Slice of Life This style shows one or more typical people using the product in a normal setting

Message Execution (Contd.,)

This style shows how a product fits in with a particular lifestyle

Message Execution (Contd.,)

This style creates a fantasy around the product or its use. For eg., many ads are built around dream themes

Message Execution (Contd.,)

Mood or Image
This style builds a mood or image around the product, such as beauty, love or serenity

Message Execution (Contd.,)

This style shows one or more people or cartoon characteristics singing about the product

Message Execution (Contd.,)

Personality Symbol
This style creates a character that represents the product. The character might be animated

Message Execution (Contd.,)

Technical Expertise

This style shows the companys expertise in making the product.

Message Execution (Contd.,)

Scientific Evidence
This style presents survey or scientific evidence that the brand is better or better liked than one or more brands