Lecture 6 Job analysis: Job and Person Based Structures

Lecture Topics

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Structures Based on Jobs, People, or Both Job Analysis Procedures Job based structure: Content, Value, and External Market Links Person based structures: Skills and Competency Plans

Many Ways to Create Internal Structure .

People.Structures Based on Jobs. or Both v v Job-based structures look at what people are doing and the expected outcomes Skill.and competency-based structures look at the person .

Contemporary Job Description for Registered Nurse .

Determining the Internal Job Structure .

Job Analysis Terminology .

Conventional Job Analysis Procedures .

Implications for Employment Structures v v v Reducing number of different jobs and cross-training employees makes work content more fluid and employees more flexible Generic job descriptions provide flexibility in moving people among tasks without adjusting pay Traditional job analysis making fine distinctions among levels of jobs could reinforce rigidity .

Job-Based Structures: Job Evaluation v v Job evaluation is the process of systematically determining the relative worth of jobs to create a job structure for the organization The evaluation is based on a combination of: v v v v Job content Skills required Value to the organization External market .

and responsibilities associated with the jobs A structure based on job value orders jobs on the basis of the relative contribution of the skills. duties. duties.Defining Job Evaluation: Content. and External Market Links v Content and value v v A structure based on content orders jobs on the basis of the skills. and responsibilities of each job to the organization’s goals . Value.

) v Linking content with the external market v v Aspects of job content take on value based on their relationship to market wages Aspect not related to the external labor market may be excluded in the job evaluation .Defining Job Evaluation: Content. and External Market Links (cont. Value.

and knowledge a person acquires that are relevant to the work v v Individuals are paid for all their certified skills regardless of whether the work requires all or just a few of those skills The wage attaches to the person . abilities.Person-Based Structures: Skill Plans v Skill-based structures link pay to the depth or breadth of skills.

rather than with job assignments v Generalist/multiskill based: Breadth v v .Types of Skill Plans v Specialist: Depth v Pay is based on the knowledge of the individual doing the job rather than on job content or output Pay increases are earned by acquiring new knowledge specific to a range of related jobs Pay increases come with certification of new skills.

Determining the Internal Skill-Based Structure .

Determining the Internal CompetencyBased Structure .

and behaviors that form the foundation for success at any level or job in the organization Competency sets translate each core competency into action Competency indicators are observable behaviors that indicate the level of competency within each set . skills. broadly applicable knowledge.Person-Based Structures: Competencies v v v Core competencies abstract the underlying.

TRW Human Resources Competencies .

Northsight Blvd. Scottsdale.Sample Behavioral Competency Indicators Source: Reprinted from Raising the Bar: Using Competencies to Enhance Employee Performance with permission from the American Compensation Association (ACA). telephone (602) 483-8352. .. 14040 N. © ACA. AZ USA 85260.

The Top 20 Competencies .

The Perfect Structure v The best approach may be to provide sufficient ambiguity to afford flexibility to adapt to changing conditions v v Too generic an approach may not provide sufficient detail to make a clear link between pay. work. and results Too detailed an approach may become rigid .

Resulting Internal Structures – Job. and Competency Based . Skill.

Contrasting Approaches .

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