Tetra Pak

Historical Background
• Tetra Pak is a Swedish industrial company. It was founded in 1951 in Lund, Sweden by Ruben Rausing and Erik Wallenberg. • Tetra Pak's first product was a revolutionary paper carton used for storing and transporting milk. Rausing had been working on the design since 1943, and by 1950 had perfected techniques for making his cartons fully airtight, using a system of plastic coated paperboard. These initial cartons were tetrahedrons, leading to the company's name. In 1963 the company introduced Tetra Brik, a rectangular carton.

taste and trust for over 21 years. in 1982. a name synonymous with quality. another distinction: ISO 9001 certification and at no better time than the successful completion of 21 years. . gained.ISO – 9001 Certification • Tetra Pak’s.

• Convenience Packages provide convenience for the consumer. use. transport retailing and consumption. nutritional value. sell-by dates and much more. and the environment from the contents of the package. • Preservation Good packages can help preserve food and prolong its shelf life during storage. quantities. • Communication Packages carry important product information about ingredients. served and then stored what is left for future use without getting it all over our hands.Tetra Pak – Benefits • Protection Packages protect the contents from light. . microorganisms and air. enabling the food to be handled.

Educated and people belonging to all classes use their packaged products. Their packaged products are available in mostly all cities of the country.Customer Market • Demographic factors People of all ages and gender use our packaged products because of their advantages i. . That is why packaging matters so much in making the product successful.e. hygienic packaging and preservation. • Life style pattern The health and quality conscious people used our packaged products that care about the health and cleanliness of the product they used.

That is why they haven’t faced any competitor against them. . They have the total of 100 % market share. it is the most powerful packaging company. the entire process is overseen by a professional management and trained workforce. • Preference for specific benefit • For over 21 years. Today. The best of technology and human resource have together contributed to Tetra Pak’s reputation for unparallel quality – a standard now recognized in overall. Tetra Pak has maintained a tradition of producing one of the finest packaging in the whole world.• Usage pattern and behavior • Due to its hygienic packaging and preservation techniques. Above all. Tetra Pak lives up to its well-earned reputation as a market leader is insuring that consumers get the best packaging.

. Innovation is one of the mainstays of our survival and growth. Innovation embraces everything from hatching an idea to reaching the marketplace with a new or improved product. Whichever way you define it. it is important. Innovation is the result of the total process of developing an idea into a product or a new way of working which adds value to the business. There is much more to innovation than merely developing new products.Innovation and Flexibility • At Tetra Pak.

An example is that we have to think about using materials that can be recycled. .Innvoations & Design • Decisions we make during the design stage can have an environmental impact in other stages of the life of a Tetra Pak package or product.

product or service is fully fit for its purpose .Innovation and Creativity • Innovation and Creativity at Tetra Pak means we deliberately set ourselves challenging goals. We are proud to share and build on the ideas and the knowledge of our partners. to encourage us to constantly strive for new and better solutions. We work to make sure that everything we produce. .and we continue to innovate to ensure they remain so. We keenly follow market trends and technical developments and strive to gain the competitive edge. We take pride in our willingness to change and know that past performance is no guarantee of tomorrow's success.

There is no other packaging company in Pakistan.SWOT Analysis with respect to 5 P’s i) Product Strengths • Their biggest strength is that they have the complete monopoly in Pakistan. making it the first and only packaging company in Pakistan to achieve the honor. a. Their biggest strength is their goodwill and old name because it is the only packaging company . Their other strength is getting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. b.

Their mostly customers are targeting upper and upper middle class. They have their customers from all classes i. ii) Price • Strengths • Their price depends on their customer’s price. this also affects their sales. So they did packaging on their customer’s demand. • • Opportunities • They have the price according to their customer demands. It is the most trusted company in Pakistan. They offer packaging to products of 18 companies.c. from upper to lower. • • Weaknesses • Mostly customers of Tetra Pak targeted toward upper and upper middle class and their prices are somewhat higher. So. So they have different price levels for all the classes. .e.

iv) Promotion • Strengths • • a. They also launched their new techniques by first introducing them through. • d. They also promote heavily by arranging seminars. Although their ads are not regularly presented in television. They have the good relationship with wholesalers. retailers and dealers. yet they have the successful ad campaigns due to the presence of the well-known personalities. and press conferences.• Threats • They have the threat that in future may be their new competitors target all classes at lower prices. • c. functions. • b. iii) Place • Strengths a. . They have their sales offices in the major cities.

They also deliver around 89 billion units of different types of packaging to more than 165 countries and have experience in packaging almost every type of product.v) Packaging • Tetra Pak is no longer only synonymous with liquid-food cartons. . chilled and plastic packaging. in almost every climate and in almost all conditions. They now supply hundreds of different types of ambient. from cartons to EBM and PET bottles with multiple packaging options.

Using retorting technology or in-container sterilisation. Midline. ready meals and pet food. Squirreling and Slimily. Tetra Recant is a carton-based processing and packaging system for retorted food developed by Tetra Pak. . they are now able to provide an alternative packaging solution for a variety of food products that have traditionally been packed in cans or glass jars such as fruits. The basic Tetra Brick Aseptic technology is the same one used to produce Tetra Classic Aseptic. vegetables.Product examples • Tetra Brick: Aseptic packages have a rectangular brick shape and are specifically designed to be stacked on the European pallet. It exists in four different formats: Baseline. Tetra Wedge Aseptic and Tetra Finn Aseptic packages. Tetra Prism Aseptic.

milk. • The Tetra Top package consists of a unique combination of fibre-based body and integrated plastic lid. 330 ml. The volume range is 200 ml. It is suitable for iced tea. iced coffee. still drinks and juice beverages. 1.000 ml and 2. wine. 250 ml.• The Tetra Prisma Aseptic package is a unique carton package with its octagonal shape and eight facing panels. .000 ml.

consumption and disposal. • In our environmental activities we therefore focus on managing environmental impacts in every phase of the life cycle. Tetra Pak's employees. suppliers. . from design and purchasing. and organizational and evaluation structures necessary to turn this mission into action. filling. being a successful company also means commitment to the environment. through to transporation. activities. Tetra Pak has developed goals. customers and the communities are all important partners in achieving this. Tetra Pak's overall environmental impacts depend on actions taken at every stage of the life cycle of our products and services.Environment • For Tetra Pak.

and can be shown to come from. .Sustainable Forestry Management • The main raw material Tetra Pak uses “Paper Board” is made from wood. Tetra Pak's ambition is that all the wood fiber used to make our packages comes from. forests managed in line with the principles of sustainable forest management. Wood is a renewable resource.

Popular Foods Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Customers » » » » » » » » » » » Nestle Milkpak Ltd CDL Foods Ltd. Frooto Industries (Pvt.etc . Tops Food & Beverages Vita Pakistan Ltd Juice Pack Industries Ltd…..) Ltd Mahaar Food Industries Ltd Ravi Agricultural & Dairy Products Ltd Royal Dairy Products Ltd Standard Fruits Ltd.

the way they want it. new technologies and entrants of new companies are always threats for Tetra Pak. So global conditions affect the organization. That geographic reach not only means they are delivering exactly what their customers and consumers want. . This is a truly global company.Global Environment • It is one of the major factors now days. Its customers and consumers are all over the world and they manufacture and sell in all parts of the world. which is affecting organizations. it also means that it affords the Group a level of protection against the vagaries of economic fluctuation around the world. where they want it.

Finding ways to make recycling more cost-efficient. . .Recycling • Actively supporting the development of new technologies for recycling has used packages and the recovery of the different materials contained in them. suppliers. recycling companies and local entrepreneurs to find stable and low cost recycling solutions and capacity with minimal environmental impacts. Collection and sorting costs can form a considerable part of the overall recycling costs. for example by promoting new sorting equipment. . local authorities.Working closely with governments.


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