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 The meaning of this verse is let a scribe write it down faithfully .

 The meaning of this verse is if the party liable is mentally deficient or weak. let his guardian dictate faithfully and get two witnesses . or unable himself to dictate.

and if there are not two men. then a man and two women . The meaning of this verse is and get two witnesses. out of your own men.

which is. the length of time after which the loan must be repaid.  If the one who writes down the loan is a person other than the debtor. . Specify the period of the loan.  Writing down the loan and the time when it is to be repaid. then the debtor is the one who should dictate to him the details of the loan.

 The lender has the right to ask the borrower to guarantee the loan with a pledge which the lender will keep. or one man and two women. . then the one who should dictate on his behalf is his guardian.  The loan should be witnessed. If the debtor is unable to dictate because of sickness or some other reason. and the witnesses should be two men.

For Allah commands the one who has wealth to protect it and not to expose it to loss. “You should not become weary to write it (your contract). for its fixed term” [al-Baqarah 2:282 . whether it be small or big.Whoever thinks about these rulings will see the perfection of the Islamic shari'ah and how concerned it is to protect people's rights and not expose them to loss. no matter how little it may be. interpretation of the meaning] .


narrated by al-Bukhari. I seek refuge with thee from sin and debt and he asked. O Messenger of Allah?” He said. . “if someone involved in a debt. “why are you often seek refuge from debt. when he promises he disobeys”. Means : O Allah. when he speaks he lies.

narrated by Abu Huraira. “whoever takes the money of the people with the intention of repaying it. Allah will repay it on his behalf. Means : The prophet said. and whoever takes it in order to spoil it. then Allah will him”. .

. narrated by Muslim. Means : “Forgiven all the sins of the dead who died martyred unless it had a debt (to the people)”.


accurate and trustworthy. In order to make the transaction fair. However.  Financial records must be made in a fair. To record financial transactions and other matters related to the business or muamalat.  Writer must have the skills and know the law of jurisprudence. depending only on knowledge is not enough because a lot of harm has been caused by those who are knowledgeable but do not have a fair and honest nature. . it requires the writer who is obey to Allah.

. not even a little.  Note must be made regardless of small or large transaction. systematically and without reducing the rights of anyone. The transaction should be recorded accurately.  Provide witnesses and evidence that explains the transaction.

Fatin Syazwani Bt. Hani Nabilah Bt Mazlan Ali 201105 2. Siti Rahmah Yunita Bt Abd Rahim 201210 . Safiyuddin 201045 3.Presenters: 1.


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