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Before you begin, take note
• Mozilla Firefox is the most compatible browser with the Create Website.

• User to launch Create eBook Store before launching VitalSource. • Use the same username and password for Create eBook Store and VitalSource account.

HOW TO ACCESS YOUR CREATE eBOOK DESK COPY Go to 1.mcgrawhillcreate. Key in Title or ISBN and press ENTER . Choose country 2.

Enter access code and click “Go.” Access Code Card Key in Access Code No. .

Please register if you are a first-time user. 1st Time User Click here to register .After keying in your access code. you will be prompted to sign in.

Creating of Account in CREATE 1. Check on “I Agree” Click Submit NOTE: •Do not use symbols and characters (e. 3. Use a valid email address Use only lower case letters and numbers for creating email address and password. instead use #. •Username and password should be set using only lower case letters.g. Do not use upper case or a mixture of upper and lower case letters e. :. . 2. 4. ! etc) when creating username and password – please use alphabets and numbers only. MaryLee@gmail.

return to Create eBook Store Webpage. Once you are able to view your online version of your eBook.” 1. 2.Ebook Successfully Redeemed Your receipt and bookshelf will appear. Proceed to install VitalSource Bookshelf. You will be able to download the VitalSource bookshelf by selecting “Download to your computer. You will receive both an online eBook and a downloadable eBook. • Online viewing is permitted to multiple users on the same computer. NOTE: • Your pop-up blocker may need to be disabled since the eBook will open in a pop-up window. To download eBook. Click on VIEW ONLINE to ensure that ebook has been redeemed. . • Downloading is not permitted to different users on the same computer.

VitalSource is the 3rd party vendor that provides the software necessary to view your eBook.mhhe.FAQ IMPORTANT: If you receive the 24 hr error below when trying to view you online eBook. This will send our Engineers and email and they will work on fixing the account within 24 hours. you will need to wait 24 business hours in order for the account to be fixed. Reason for Error: When you purchase a McGraw-Hill Create so we can escalate the case. If you already have a VitalSource account prior to registering for your McGraw-Hill Create eBook. it tries to register you for a VitalSource account. please contact us at www. If the account is not fixed after 24 hrs. this will generate the error above. .

Click on this email . including your VitalSource eBook Password. Please retain this Vitalsource eBook Password for the installation of your downloadable eBook. check email for VitalSource Password.Retrieval of VitalSource Password for Downloading of eBook To download eBook. IMPORTANT! You'll receive emails from McGraw-Hill containing information on how to view your eBooks.

•Printing of the book has to be triggered from the download function and not from online view/iPhone/iPad to ensure a clear image. .Retrieve and Retain of VitalSource eBook Password from email under EMAIL HEADER: Steps to view your eBook from The McGraw-Hill eBookstore VitalSource Password NOTE: •The eBook has to be downloaded onto a computer first before it can be accessed on an iPhone/iPad.

VitalSource Bookshelf .

You will first need to install a third-party application called VitalSource Bookshelf.Net 3.HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR eBOOK TO YOUR COMPUTER Click the button.5SP1 •Mac OS 10.0 gHz or greater processor •512 MB of RAM or greater •1024 x 768 resolution monitor / display or greater •Internet Connection for registration and downloading or eTextbook STEP 1: Choose your platform and install or launch bookshelf if you already have the application.4 or greater Hardware requirements: •1. VitalSource Bookshelf System Requirements Software requirements: •Windows XP SP2 / Windows 7 •Windows users are also required to install Microsoft. Click here .

” .STEP 2: Run the installer. Once installation is completed. Follow through the installation process as instructed by VitalSource. return to Create eBook Store Webpage to “Launch VitalSource Bookshelf.

Key in email used in CREATE eBook for additional assistance. you may be asked to enter your email address and password. Click on Download .STEP 3: Launch VitalSource Bookshelf.vitalsource. Please refer to the email that was sent upon purchase for your VitalSource password. Questions? Please go to http://support. Key in VitalSource password retrieve from email. Click here STEP 4: After launching VitalSource bookshelf.

STEP 5: If your eBook does not download. please select "Account." and then select "Update Book List .


How to MAKE HIGHLIGHTS within the online eBook.HOW TO VIEW YOUR BONUS ONLINE eBOOK How to NAVIGATE through the online eBook. .

NOTE: Printing of the ebook from online view/iphone/ipad will not be clear. You can print one page at a time from the online eBook. right-click your mouse and select PRINT PICTURE.How to ADD NOTES within the online eBook. While your mouse is over the text. . How to PRINT PAGES from the online eBook.

HOW TO VIEW YOUR DOWNLOADED eBOOK How to NAVIGATE through the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) .

How to CHANGE PAGE VIEW on the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) How to ENLARGE THE TEXT on the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) .

then name your new highlighter. How to ADD NEW HIGHLIGHTER within the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) Click on “New Highlighter" to add a new highlighter. Click the "Highlight" button to highlight the text. then select the highlighter you want to use from the dropdown list in the book window.How to MAKE HIGHLIGHTS within the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) Select the text as if you were going to copy and paste. you can change the highlighter color. New Highlighter Name Highlighter Choose the Color .

How to SEARCH within an eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) .How to TAKE NOTES within the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) Select the text and click on the "Make a Note" button to make a highlighter. To save the note. This will bring up a window to add a note with the highlighter. simply close the window and the note will be auto saved.

How to PRINT PAGES from the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) .

If you are finished.” This will allow user to share or subscribe by friend/anyone. (Note: the person you are adding must have an account with VitalSource Bookshelf). need to check the “Share this highlighters” checkbox at the bottom of the page. add another friend. Check the box •Friends must be added in order to subscribe to friends highlighters. •Go to Edit menu> Preference>Friends tab. . •Enter the user's name and email address and click the "Add friend" button. •Choose “Anyone or Friends only.How to SHARE HIGHLIGHTERS from the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) •For highlighters. close the window. •Once your friend has been verified.

click on the Subscribe button.How to SUBSCRIBE TO ANOTHER USER NOTES & HIGHLIGHTERS from the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) •To subscribe to another users notes and highlighters. •Beneath your highlighters will appear the highlighters of the user you just subscribed to. Subscribe The ‘little’ man show that the note is shared by friend . •Enter the users Bookshelf ID (the email address they registered with VitalSource) and press subscribe.

” . STEP 2: After right clicking. 'Ctrl +A' is to select all notes and highlighters. then click on the note that you want to print then click on 'Ctrl' and right click.How to PRINT NOTES TAKEN from the eBook download (VitalSource Bookshelf) STEP 1: •Click on the NOTES tab •Click on 'Ctrl +A"' button on your keyboard. •If you want to print selected notes only. choose “Export Selected Notes and Highlighter.

STEP 4: You will then be able to open up the file in MsWord document and print.STEP 3: Save the files into your harddisk. .

we accept US Dollar and Credit Card payment • Net price of this eBook is US$ 30 net • Please contact Ms Sarah Tsai by e-mail at sarah_tsai@mcgraw-hill.• To order eBook. .com or by phone at 21723586 to order this book.

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