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Nurse Supervisor or CHIEF NURSE and usually holds a master’s degree in nursing. .Nurse Administrator can be a Head Nurse.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Nurse Administrators are responsible for the OVER-ALL management and direction of the Nursing Services at a major health facility. .

supervising and coordinating the work of nursing care services.Their work involves the following: The responsibility of organizing. . maintaining professional. legal and ethical standards of performance and the development of agency policies.

delegating. directing. . organizing.Their work involves the following: ADMINISTER the development of nursing service policies through planning. evaluating activities of the nursing service staff. coordinating.

Their work involves the following: participates in devising procedures essential to the achievement of objectives and in developing and evaluating programs and services. .

and reviews written reports submitted from designated individual areas.Their work involves the following: participate in formulating agency policies. . discuss individual area management. individual behavior.

Their work involves the following: develop and maintain a nursing quality ASSESSMENT PROGRAM by establishing standards. . criteria and measurements for nursing care and systems for monitoring the nursing care provided. objectives.

.Their work involves the following: Attend Meetings as representative of the nursing service.

.Their work involves the following: assess various programs. serves as a CONSULTANT in the training and orientation of professional and paraprofessional staff.

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