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McDonald’s Product and Target Market

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For example. in this slide show. The result is Mcdonald’s products which is not available in other countries is only exclusive to a particular country. . that is Malaysia. Mcdonald’s offers regionalized products in its menu. we will discuss products in three different countries in Asia.4/30/12 In order to satisfy the palate of the local population of a country. India and China.

v. On top of that. Malaysian has a culture of having rice as their main source of food. Prosperity burger during Chinese New Year GCB burger Nasi Ayam McD and many more Even.For example. McDonald’s products at Malaysia are free from pork items since majority of the population here consists of Muslims. menus at Malaysia are also tailored following the culture of the society here. McDonald’s Malaysia introduces Bubur Ayam McD in their menus list. McDonald’s Malaysia introduces special products during a particular season. McDonald’s Malaysia has a very catchy and easy to remember McDelivery service number. 4/30/12 . that is 1300-13-1300. v. v. v v 1. 2. 3. Besides that. McDonald’s Malaysia has special offers during the Ramadhan month for sahur and breaking fast. therefore.McDonald’s At Malaysia v All McDonald’s products at Malaysia are certified Halal.For instance.

with a horoscope of the twelve zodiac animals of Chinese astrology and traditional "red" packets. as the Chinese pronunciation of 517 is “wu yao qi “ which sounds similar to “wo yao chi” which means "I want to eat".the delivery number within China is 4008 517 517. McDonald's offers a delivery service in most major cities. the Chicken McNuggets come with the traditional BBQ. Sweet & Sour. for monetary gift giving as good luck. although in several cities where motorcycle bans are in place. and 6 pieces. There is also a seasonal Chinese New Year meal available. a conventional courier bicycle is used. 4. including Grilled Chicken Burger. Deliveries are taken 24 hours a day via a call centre to anywhere that is within 5 km of a restaurant (3 km in several cities). • • • • • 4/30/12 . or gift bags. What is also interesting to note is that in china. but there is also a chili garlic sauce which is very popular in China. They also include crispy chicken wings called McWings on their menu.McDonald’s At China • In China. and Honey Mustard sauces. which comes in 2. Food is normally carried in a large insulated backpack. curly fries. Deliveries are usually made by electrically powered scooters.

Mcdonald’s even dropped mutton items from their menu. meat and vegetarian meals are prepared in separate areas of the restaurant because of religious laws about preparation of food for 4/30/12 vegetarians and meat-eaters. q q q 1. Some of McDonald’s menus offered at India includes : Vegetable McCurry Pan Chicken McCurry Pan Maharaja Mac which is the Indian version of Big Mac McVeggie which is a vegetable burger and many more Pork and Ham meats were against the religious beliefs of the Hindus and Muslims in India. q. 4. .who made up most of the Indian culture fabric. In 2006. decided to remove away with the pork and beef items from their menu. Mcdonald’s for the first time in their history.As a result.McDonald’s At India q India is the only country that offers vegetarian menu. beef and mutton burgers from the menu. 3. Also. 2.Mcdonald’s also re-engineered their operations to ensure that the cheese and cold sauces used are absolutely 100% vegetarian. It dropped ham. Even the sauces and cheese used in India are100% vegetarian. In India.