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 Short-range communication technology intended

to replace cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices,maintaining high levels of security.

 Key features-Robustness,low power,low cost.
 Global acceptance  Connect and communicate through short-range ad

hoc networks called piconets.

0+Enhanced Data Rate. .Nov 2004 Version 1.  Core specification Versions Version 2.2 .supporting data and voice applications. Ability to simultaneously handle both data and voice Nov 2003  Gives link layer and application layer definitions.

How Bluetooth Technology works?  Core system consists of RF Transceiver.  One device providing synchronisation reference known as master. .synchronised to common clock and frequency hopping pattern.The others are slaves.baseband and protocol stack.  Physical radio channel shared by devices group.

 Is omni-directional and does not require line-of- sight postioning of connected devices.4 GHz spectrum.  Able to penetrate solid objects.depending on Bluetooth device class.Characteristics of Bluetooth Technology  It is geared towards voice and data applications.  Operates in unlicensed 2.  Operate ver a distance of 10 meters 0r 100 meters. .

 The cost of Bluetooth chips is under $3. distance.gather data on heart rate. speed. Security always been a priority in development of Bluetooth specification. acceration. .  Next step in evolution of Bluetooth technology is “Ultra low power Bluetooth Technology”  Sports n Wellness-Sports watches can connect to sensors located on body .

PC or fitness equipment for monitoring.This data can then be sent to mobile phones.  Entertainment-Devices like remote controls.glucose level to mobile phone or PC of patients and and gaming interact to enhance capability creating interactive experience.  Healthcare-Monitoring equipment n sensors send vital data like and further processing. .

. Office n Mobile Accessories-Benefit from small size and ability to extend battery life.  Watch-Watches and wrist-top devices manage to work in new ways connecting them to mobile phones and accessories.

built-in security.portable computers.stereo headsets. -Now available in fourth version with inherent strengths viz small form factor radio.robustness. -Globally available standard that wirelessly connects mobile phones.Benefits of Bluetooth Technology  Why choose Bluetooth technology? -Simple choice for power.ease-of-use n adhoc networking .MP3 players etc. short-range communications technology.wirefree.low cost.

make seamless connections.  Range of Devices-Available in unprecedented range of applications from mobile phones to medical devices. .Many manufacturers implement this technology to reduce the clutter of stereo-audio transfer of data or carry voice communications.industrial markets. Globally available-Available all around the globe.enterrises and more.

Built-in security consists of 128bit encryption and PIN code authentication.  Globally accepted Specification-Most widely supported versatile.and secure wireless standard on the market today. . Ease of use-An ad hoc technology that requires no fixed infrastructure and simple to install and set up.  Secure connections-Robustness was built-in from the beginning.In AFH.the signal “hops” and limits interference from other signals.

 Turn the Bluetooth functionality ON-Many times the Bluetooth is not turned on when received.hence first it should be turned on. .Connecting with Devices  Charge the devices-New devices should be charge before they connect or turn on.  Power-Up the Devices-Power up the devices to be paired.

For pairing process the devices should be visible to discover each other.bluetooth turn on. .  Place both devices in connection mode-After both devices are charged.hidden n On.comunication session initiates. Make the Devices Visible-For security measures some devices have options as off.powered up.

. Enter the passcode-After the two devices discovered one another.  Deleting/Disconnecting Trusted Devices:If Bluetooth device is lost/stolen that device should be unpaired will all devices it has previously paired.the user will be prompted to enter passcode any one device.

. SPECIFIC PAIRING SCENARIOS -Bluetooth Headset to Bluetooth Mobile -Bluetooth PC to mouse or Keyboard -Bluetooth Stereo Headphones to Bluetooth Mobile Phone -Bluetooth mobile phone to Bluetooth PC.

Utility of Bluetooth Devices  At Home- -With respect to modern home. -Bluetooth enabled devices do not just make working from home easier. .people are now extending technologies from domestic office to home.but also entertaining by allowing users to change music selection without even leaving the guests.

work and other destinations this technology provides personal connectivity to access imp. . Info -Bluetooth handsfree system in cars allow drivers to make call directly through speaker systems with both hands on wheel and both eyes on road. In Motion -While travelling between home.

in airport or sitting in living room.meeting new people. At Play -Playing games. -Gaming devices with Bluetooth allow a spirit of competition to take hold in any location. . on subway.sharing photos with friends all fun activities are accomplished by users effortlessly and instantly which makes wireless fun a reality.listening to music.

Security  Implementing Security -There are three modes of security Security Mode1:non-secure Security Mode 2:Service Level enforced security Service Mode 3:Link Level enforced security -Device Security Levels Trusted Device/Untrusted Device -Services have three security levels That require authorisation n authentication That require authentication only That are open to all devices .

this will not affect functionality.Do not install or download suspicious software. General User Guidelines -Let’s swap:Do not accept files transmitted from unknown or suspicious entities.If prompts for security warning ensure whether to continue intallation further. -Can you see me now?-If your phone is vulnerable to bluesnarfing or bluebugging put your phone on hidden mode. .

-Keep the Bugs Out-Smart phone and PDA users are recommended to intall anti-virus software to be safe from viruses.-What’s in a name?:New devices are often assigened self-identifying names that are visible in discoverable mode. worms trojan horses.The name can be changed to anonymous or as cool as one wishes. .

security patches can also be taken from phone’s manufacturer. .-Keep Up to Date:Similar to security updates for PC’s. -Knowledge is Power:Read the manual of Bluetooth device and understand how to operate it.

you should delete the same from the paired devices list of other bluetooth enabled devices. .-Let’s get together-While pairing do not pair with unknown devices -Managing Bluetooth Devices family-When one bluetooth device is lost.

 To provide a convenient technology having key features as robustness. Bluetooth Communications Technology primarily invented to vanish the clutter of cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices.SUMMARY  In short. .low power.low cost.


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