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specifically made to cater to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’  Small sized Refrigerator-43 Litre capacity. of individual parts=20(Normal refrigerator has upto 200 parts). Weighs 7. Can run on Battery(55 Watt).What is Chotukool??  Godrej’s innovation product.8Kgs  No.  No compressor. .  Top Loaded.

250.  The size is small and the number of parts in Chotukool has been reduced to just 20 instead of 200 that go into regular refrigerators.  Priced at Rs 3.USPs of Chotukool  The operational cost is low: the refrigerator consumes half the power consumed by regular refrigerators. including pricing and Color.  Godrej has chosen to involve villagers’ right from the design to selling of the product. it costs almost 35 % less than the cheapest category of refrigerators available in the market today.  The product has gone in for several alterations after every little detail. .

 Godrej is also focusing on village girls as sales persons who will be appointed at a commission of Rs 150 per product sold.  Godrej considers Chotukool to be a new product segment. .Godrej Chotukool  Focus on rural market. the Godrej group has junked the traditional model of a proprietary channel with a sales force and a distributor-dealer chain and has joined hands with micro-finance institutions.  For Chotukool. which will evolve gradually.  Godrej looks to use Chotukool as a spring board to overtake LG & Samsung in this sector.

 Chotukool should be projected as a part of expedition kits for adventure groups. and small Health care centres. to promote product recall. They should extend the distribution to other states as well.How can Chotukool achieve greater success?  Currently Chotukool is being made available only in Maharashtra. and make it available for Village Pharmacies.  Godrej should consider B2B opportunities like Indian Railways.  Godrej should promote the use of Chotukool in small shops. Gujarat. and Andhra Pradesh.  Godrej should customize Chotukool. State Road transportations.  Chotukool should develop a tag line. where using a refrigerator is not practical. .  Godrej should carry out product promotional activities in various villages across different states in India.

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