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Training Administration

Lesson 4

Lesson Objectives
o How to prepare meaningful training objectives o Program Design o Transfer of Training ( overview)

Training administration involves:
• Communicating courses and programs to employees • Enrolling employees in courses and programs • Preparing and processing any pre-training materials such as readings or tests • Preparing materials that will be used in instruction • Arranging for the training facility and room • Testing equipment that will be used in instruction

Training administration involves
• • • • Having backup equipment should equipment fail Providing support during instruction Distributing evaluation materials Facilitating communications between trainer and trainees during and after training • Recording course completion in the trainees’ records or personnel files

Training Objectives
• Employees learn best when they understand the objective of the training program. • The objective refers to the purpose and expected outcome of training activities. • Training objectives based on the training needs analysis help employees understand why they need the training. • Objectives are useful for identifying the types of training outcomes that should be measured to evaluate a training program’s effectiveness

Training Objectives
A training objective has three components: • A statement of what the employee is expected to do (performance or outcome). • A statement of the quality or level of performance that is acceptable (criterion). • A statement of the conditions under which the trainee is expected to perform the desired outcome (conditions).

Program Design

Program design refers to the organization and ordination of the training program

Program Design
Four components of program design:  Objectives  Course parameters  Lesson overview  Detailed lesson plan

Course Parameters
Course title: Conducting an Effective Performance Feedback Session

Target Audience:
Purpose: Total time: Number of participant per session: Location: Prerequisites: Instructor:

Manager To prepare managers to conduct effective performance feedback session using the eight problem solving approach 1 day

20-25 Various None NAME

The eight steps for the performance apprisal feedback training program are: • Explain the purpose of the meeting • Ask the employee to describe what he has done that deserves recognition • Ask the employee to describe what he should stop doing, start doing or do differently. • Ask the employee for areas in which you can provide assistance • Give him your opinion of his performance • Ask for and listen to the employee’s concern about your evaluation • Agree on steps to be taken by each of you and agree to a follow-up date.

Features of an Effective Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Overview