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Banking Management System

Project on Banking Management System

Project Overview
Software Requirement OOP Approach Main Menu New Account List of accounts Ind Account

Daily Transactions
Monthly Report Edit Account

The software should perform following operations Account Opening Form Deposit Withdrawal Searching Transaction Transaction report Monthly report Modify accounts 3 4/29/2012 .Introduction          The main aim of this project is to develop the software to perform different operations in a bank.

Project Overview Objective is to Design and develop an Banking System  Implement BMS as standalone system  Database design as data storage  Extensible system for future enhancement & maintenance  Object oriented approach  4/29/2012 4 .

Software Requirement Language: Turbo C++  Store Information: File or Database  Platform: Windows(Windows XP )  4/29/2012 5 .

OO Approach: Fundamentals Procedural Vs Object Oriented Approach  Why use OO Approach  OO Overview  Object Oriented Principle  4/29/2012 6 .

Module N Program 1 Program 2 Program N Function 1 Function 2 ……… Function N   Developing an application using the procedural approach would involve  Identification of modules  Programs inside each module Every program would contain several functions and data  The data would be the information necessary for the program and its functions 7 4/29/2012 .Procedural Approach APPLICATION Module 1 ……… Module 2 ……..

By simply including the file. a program responds to messages when its functions are invoked. OBJECT   An object is a thing in a computer system that is capable of responding to messages. the functions can be invoked and invocation requires nothing else 4/29/2012 8 . An object has to be created from a class so that it can be used OBJECT OBJECT OBJECT Do this Do this Do this  OBJECT OBJECT  The procedural approach views systems and programs as a collection of interacting FUNCTIONS  In the procedural approach.OO Approach  An Object oriented approach views systems and programs as a collection of interacting OBJECTS.

while object-oriented programming starts from isolating the classes.Procedural vs. Procedural programming separates the data of the program from the operations that manipulate the data. and then look for the methods inside them. and unit in object-oriented programming is class Procedural programming concentrates on creating functions. Object-Oriented Programming  The unit in procedural programming is function. while object-oriented programming focus on both of them   figure1: procedural 4/29/2012 figure2: object-oriented 9 .

Why choose the Object Oriented approach?  The OO approach  Deals with classes as the building blocks  Allows Real World Modeling  The idea of OOP is to try to approach programming in a more natural way by grouping all the code that belongs to a particular object—such as an account or a customer — together Project * * ProjMgr 1 1 * ProjLead *   Raise the level of abstraction  Applications can be implemented in the same terms in which they are described by users Easier to find nouns and construct a system centered around the nouns than actions in isolation Employee Manager 1 * Salesperson   Easier to visualize an encapsulated representation of data and responsibilities of entities present in the domain The modern methodologies recommend the object-oriented approach even for applications developed in C or Cobol 10 4/29/2012 .

Main Menu New Account  List Of Accounts  Ind Account  Daily Transactions  Monthly Report  Edit Account  Exit  4/29/2012 11 .

Main Menu 4/29/2012 12 .

 While creating new account .  Address of person. the software asks following information  Name of person.New Account This option allows the creation of new account in the bank.  Name of verifying officer.  Initial Deposit  4/29/2012 13 .

New Account 4/29/2012 14 .

4/29/2012 15 .List Of Accounts  It provides the list of all the accounts in the bank with particular’s address and balance.

Ind Account  It provides the global report of particular account. 4/29/2012 16 .

Daily Transactions  This allows the user to make transaction in a particular account i. deposit or transaction either by cash or cheque. 4/29/2012 17 .e.

4/29/2012 18 .Monthly Report  This option provides the monthly report of particular account with details of previous month as “BF”(Brought Forward).

 Close account  Quit  4/29/2012 19 .Edit Account  This function allows the editing in account. It provides two options: Modify account.

Modify Account  This option allows to modify the information of a particular account. 4/29/2012 20 .

Close Account.  This function allows to close a particular account. 4/29/2012 21 .