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Three decades of its evolution

Visionary companies built compilers and application software for local 4/30/12 market requirement.

India excels in bankingspecific products.

More than 300 startups in the last 4 years.

Last Year Fact Indian Software Product Market Landscape.8 per cent in 2007-2008 Note: * Includes overseas acquisition led revenue growth Source: Zinnov Analysis USD billion Global Companies Selling Software Products in India Indian Software Product Companies Selling Outside India 4/30/12 BLUE:DOMESTIC RED:EXPORT .7 billion USD 23.84 billion USD 40.4 per cent of India’s GDP in 2008-09. FY2008 Indian Software Product Businesses Revenue Indian Software Product Companies Selling in India USD 11. an increase from 4.3 billion IT/ITeS sector contributed to over 5.

retail. Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) vertical continues to account for the largest share of exports at 31 per cent.Market Overview • • • Banking. Other verticals such as manufacturing. Telecom vertical accounts for second-largest share of the pie at 19 per and healthcare are rapidly gaining pace REVENUE 4/30/12 .

General Motors awarded Wipro a five-year contract of the value of US$ 300 million. 4/30/12 . SABMiller gave project to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of its in-store shopper marketing campagins to Infosys. TCS and Satyam together signed a seven-year contract worth US$ 145 million with Qantas Airlines.Some Major On-Going Project q q q q q British Telecom awarded US$ 1 billion contract to Tech Mahindra. Infosys and Patni. ABN Amro awarded a US$ 500 million five-year contract to TCS.


Moving Up The Value-Chain WIPRO.TCS. INFOSYS AND MINDTREE CONSULTING 95% Of Revenue 4/30/12 .HCL.

Low End And Low Risk Job 4/30/12 .

Gives Promotion and Global Exposure to Indian SME’s THEME THIS YEAR: “Survival & Growth Strategies for Indian IT SMEs”. NAC 4/30/12 .NASSCOM Initiatives • • • • • National rollout of skill certification through NAC (NASSCOM Assessment of Competence) Carter of more then 1200 Firms Help in Technology Innovation.

Government Incentives q q q Telecom sector deregulation Sector deregulated in the mid and late 1990s to allow private sector and MNC participation Regulatory reform to allow adoption of new technologies Enable benefits of free market competition Improved service quality and declining tariffs 4/30/12 .

Government Incentives Software Technology Parks of India(STPI) are set up to provide: q q q Fiscal benefits like tax holidays to attract Investment into the industry Basic Infrastructure Single-window clearances for setting up 4/30/12 .

Top Ten Indian Software Company 4/30/12 .

Why Indian Software Industry is On Hype??? 4/30/12 .

High quality telecom infrastructure with cost of connectivity declining rapidly and service levels improving significantly. 4/30/12 . Cost of an engineer is about 20 – 40 per cent of comparable cost in EU and near about 60% of USA.000 Software Engineering per year. India offers technical and language skills with supportive government policies. More than 70.Points In Favor Of Indian Software Industry q q q q q Host to more than 55 per cent of global SEI CMM Level 5 firms.


Challenges Faced…. 4/30/12 ..


BRANDING STRATEGY q q q q q So far. mass media driven corporate branding campaign TCS:“Experience Certainty” 4/30/12 . INFOSYS:“winning in a flat world” in all investor and media communication from mid-2006 HCL:adopting a high pitched. product meets and their own websites to get in touch with potential clients. companies have relied more on vendor events. Increasing use exhibitions and trade shows to showcase their products and create brand awareness.

What Is The Future Of Indian Software Industry??? 4/30/12 .

com. etc) qYahoo and Microsoft have their R&D centers in In Search Engine… 15 local search engines have emerged in the last 2 years in the Indian market (Justdial. qPercept Knorigin acquired Searchsize in 2008 and ByIndia. get advantage of Indian Talent/ Domain Expertise. Zatka. mapmyindia. Guruji. was acquired by Web2 Corp in 2006 q 4/30/12 .com.

Future in BFSI sector… q q q BFSI sector specific software products from Indian companies such as TCS. 4/30/12 . Lasersoft. Nucleus Software. Polaris. Oracle’s acquisition of I-flex is one of the key examples to highlight the rising BFSI expertise from India. i-flex. Total VC Funding (Since 2004): USD 71 million. Infosys. Omnesys. Mindmill are preferred by customers globally. 3iInfotech.

4/30/12 .

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