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DEFENITION • It is defined as “A Predictable degree of uniformity and dependability at low cost and suited to the market” • ISO(Indian Standard Organization) is defines quality as the totality of features and characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy specified and implied needs • TQM. .Enhancement to the traditional way of doing business • Improvement of relation by maintaining good value and quality.

Definition of TQM • TQM – Is the Management approach of an organization .based on the participation of all it members and aiming at long term success through customer satisfaction and benefits to all members of the organization and society .centered on quality .

TOTA L TQM MANAGEMENT QUALITY Made Up of the Whole Degree of Excellence Managing Executing Controlling & Directing .

TQM • TQM – It is art of managing the whole to achieve excellence • Quality can be qualified as follows Q=P/E • Q is Quality • P is Performance • E is Expectations .

Inherent is defined as existing in something . as a permanent characteristics Characteristics – Quantitative or Qualitative .ISO 9000:2000 • It is defined as the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill requirements 1. Degree – Poor . especially. Good and Excellent 2.

human resource. It has become a question of survival in the intense competition environment. such as leadership. 2. revolution in information technology etc in quality management . Need for earning profit instead of making profit 4.IMPORTANCE The importance of TQM have been Realized of the following important reasons 1. Crucial role played by the organizational issues . Increasing customer consciousness all over the world 3.

AWARENESS • When a company can follow a TQM ? .

TQM • If they aware that when a particular product quality should be improved ? .

TQM-Awareness • Awareness comes when organization loses its market share . it also occurs if TQM is mandated by the customer • Management should aware and realize Maintaining the TQM will is the best way to run a business and compete in domestic and International .Market. • In a company the automation and other productivity enhancement might not help the help a corporation or company ? .

Customer Expectation 1. They Expect more quality Improving the quality increases the productivity . . Customer want Value 2.TQM-awareness • If it is unable to market its product or services due to poor quality .

Mission Statement 3.Quality – Statement • Three elements of Quality Statement 1. Vision Statement 2. Quality Policy .

Vision – Statement • A vision Statement is a short determination of what organisation aspires to be tomorrow • It is an ideal state that might never be reached but on which one will work hard continuously to achieve . • A Vision that provide a brief guide lines for decision making • It should be coined in such way that leaders and employees working in the organisation should work towards the achievement of vision statement .

VISION STATEMNT “To Continuously enrich knowledge base of practioners in mobility industry and institution in the service humanity “ “Society of Automotive engineers” .

.Mission Statement • It is a Statement is usually one paragraph describes the functions of the organisation. customers and suppliers • Who we are and Who are the customers . It provides a clear statement of purpose of employees . Concern for the employees – The most valued asset . What we do and how we do it .

Quality Policy • It is a guide for everyone in the organisation as to hoe they provide products and service to the customers • It should be written by the CEO with Feed back and approved by the quality council • It is Important requirement of ISO 9000 quality system .

BENEFITS • • • • • • • • • Improved Quality Employee Participation Improves Team work Working relationship Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction Increased Productivity Communication Improved Profitability and Market .

Obstacles – Problems & Difficulties • Lack of Management Commitment .

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