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Marketing in Brief

Telectron, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Marketing in Brief Agenda

Introduction Micro and Macro Environmental Factors Segmentation Criteria Targeting Strategy Buyer Behavior Conclusion References

Telectron based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates Telectron is trading and engineering company involved in interactive voice systems, cables, solar power systems, industrial batteries, inverters, chargers, converters, power supplies that is uninterruptible, gas and fire detection and communication equipment. Telectrons business industry and areas is in electrical equipment, fire protection, instrumentation and engineering

Micro Environmental Factors

Customers are the survival basis for any organization. They should meet customer needs by offering benefits. Employee motivation is essential part and training will enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge. Suppliers relationship results in various benefits such discounts and delivery with care. Shareholders provides investment for development and growth so sometimes changing from private company to public is the best movement. Media creates attention attainment towards particular organization, which will be breaking or making the organizations image. Competitors is the main source for making differentiation so that customers will show potentiality.

Macro Environmental Factors

PESTLE conducts analysis of external factors for taking advantage from opportunities and minimizing threats. The analysis will include political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental. SWOT conducts analysis of internal factors, which is including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Market Segmentation Criteria

ROI potential increase Profit potential increase Needs similarities of potential buyers Needs differences among buyers Marketing action feasibility for reaching segment Assigning simplicity for potential buyers Assigning cost for potential buyers

Factors Affecting Targeting Strategy

Identification of correct target Analysis of product marketing effectively Generation of maximum profit Analysis of manufacturing and sales Analysis of product specification and description Identification budget and costs of target market Comparison and revision of resources available to supporting marketing in the target market

Buyer Behavior
The buyer behaviour in two different situations is different based on how company is attracting the potential buyer such as Telectron and the current competitor:
Telectron/competitor identifying their offering Searching information on both the companies offering such as quality, price, quantity, etc. Evaluating other potential alternatives before buying Making purchase Evaluating again before making actual purchase/payment

The above shows that buyer behavior will be positive and no attitude towards particular products offered. The positive behavior will result in making final decision of buying.

Buyer Behavior

Organizations should make careful analysis of segmentation, targeting and positioning in terms of needs, budget and profit/sales. The ineffective analysis will result in not obtaining the maximum. There are various tools and techniques to conduct these analysis and marketing professionals should make efficient use of it.

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