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Jacobsons Direct Marketing Services LLC

Marketing in Brief Induction Training

1. Introduction 2. Company Profile 3. Marketing in Brief 4. Conclusion

Jacobsons Direct Marketing Services LLC is advertising and marketing firm.
Attracting young and dynamic professionals. Providing latest marketing solutions and products. Operating in dynamic and creative working environment. Training and developing employees. Acting as marketing representative for other firms.

Jacobsons Direct Marketing Services LLC

Operating in Dubai Providing direct marketing products Offering services:
design & production mailroom web site design mailing and prospection lists response management & fulfilment telephone marketing client database creation CD design and development

Macro Environmental Factors

Macro Environmental Factors Political Economical Environmental Jacobsons Direct Marketing Services LLC Social Legal Technological

PESTLE Analysis
Political Economical Social Technological

Stability in government Shaping policies

Trends in GNP Money supply Unemployment Inflation rates

Population demographics Changes in lifestyle

Innovation process Revolution in technology



Employment law Health and safety laws

Work environment Recycling materials from marketing

Political changes decision-making Economical boosting or turndown decision-making Social and cultural decision-making Technological improvement and development decision-making Legal and law enforcement decisionmaking Environmental decision-making

Segmentation Criteria

Criteria 1

Criteria 2

Substantiality: Product Direct Marketing

Identifiably: Service Website Design

Factors Affecting Targeting Strategy Internal Factors

Marketing Goals

Mix Strategy Marketing Objectives

Marketing Costs

Factors Affecting Targeting Strategy External Factors

Nature of market and demand Natural disaster

Other environmental factors (economy, and government)

Marketing Diagram
Buyer Behavior





Buyer Behavior: Perception and Preference

Perception in Direct Marketing

Buyer interested Meeting buyers goals Meeting buyers objectives

Preference in Website Design

Layout Design Contents

Marketing in Brief Induction Training

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