• China Mobile Communications Corporation also known as China Mobile or CMCC.

• Officially established on April 20th, 2000. • Currently, in terms of its market value, China Mobile Limited is the largest among all the overseas listed Chinese companies and among all the telecom carriers in Asia. • China Mobile is the largest company registered in Hong Kong and it is headquartered on Queen's Road.


China Mobile Pakistan
• China Mobile also owns Paktel in Pakistan. • So far CMPak has invested more than US$ 700 million in the telecom sector in Pakistan and an additional US$ 800 million will be invested till the end of year 2008. • Islamabad, April 05, 2008, launched its first international brand ZONG.

• The HR managers are in continuous process to provide better ways to enhance the performance of their employees as well as the company. • Group made further efforts to: • optimize the organizational structure • to advance and deepen its human resources enhancement project • to proactively explore a new system for its staff selection and utilization

• to improve the development of its human resources management information system • to advance its market-oriented operations and to improve the level of its professionalism • These Efforts Resulted: • a worldwide leader in telecommunications achieving evolution from excellence.


• The Group employed a scientific appraisal methodology, selected essential appraisal indicators and enhanced the linkage between performance and competence, leading its performance management to become more standardized, scientific and marketoriented. • Group continued to increase its efforts in human resources exchange and training (through internet), and implement its strategy of enhancing employees’ competence.

Competitors of China Mobile:

Competitors in Pakistan

Brand & Products
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Future strategies
• Develop the growth potential. • Competitive advantages in terms of operation, networks, support system, brands, marketing and sales channels, and provision of service. • Bring innovations management . in business, technology and

• China Mobile is not only a profitable company with robust financial performance and stable cash flow, but also the one with growing potentials and prospects.

• Becoming a worldwide telecommunications world. • “Responsibility Makes Perfection”.




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