“A market leader in Home Appliance Industry in Pakistan.

Dawlance is a well know home appliance company in Pakistan, which established in 1980. Its main aim, is to provide excellence and superior performance home appliances to its customers and it is bucketful in fulfilling their aims


to Middle Upper Class of Pakistan

OF EMPLOYEES •Management 600 Worker 900 Total 1500

warehouses all over the Pakistan



“ Why

DAWLANCE is DIFFERENT from its competitors?” of its UNIQUE products!”



This microwave consists of more than 250 recipes of Pakistani as well as international cuisines. This is the unique microwave oven, introduced by Dawlance in 2007. This is new to the market as well as new to the company and has no direct local competitor in home appliance industry.


refrigerator is unique because of its design and packaging

is the unique refrigeartor, introduced by Dawlance in 2006.
•Unbreakable •Thick

and Scratch free Glass

insulation allows retainabllity of cooling and freshness for longer periods even in case of power failures

Compressor from Matsushita of Japan, with 5 pipes oil-cool mechanism

shelves - can hold weight upto 60 Kgs


double deodorizer prevents bad smell from affecting your food and drink


new health watch split air conditioners equipped with FC technology, which prompts the users to clean the filters when it gets dirty.

helps in improving healthy environment and increases the performance of split AC.

New Health Watch series air conditioners is available in all three capacities 1Ton, 11/2 Ton and 2 Ton in beautiful colors like metallic gold, metallic silver and ivory white to match consumers' house interiors and hence to upgrade their lifestyles. (PR)


new kind of multi purpose AC, and it will act as AC in summer and as Heater in winter.

pressing “ Red Colored Button”, Nexus will turn on heating mode and by pushing “ Green Colored Button ”,


will bear only one time cost on the purchase of Nexus but they will enjoy the benefits of two products i.e. AC and Heater and two seasons


most attractive feature of Nexus will be the “ Time Setting” which enables the consumer to set heating or cooling modes for required time. This benefit is more specific for heaters because Normal Heaters doesn’t contain time setting option and a no. of people died each year in winter due to the over timings of heater. So, Nexus will reduce death toll also.

will be more suitable for extreme cold and extreme hot areas like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar.

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