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Matamata Intermediate School Key Goal

The challenge of the NZC is for us to develop confident, connected, actively involved life long learners

We believe all teaching practice @MIS need to be based on solid pedagogy and should result in improved student outcomes.

Excellent education Motivated learners Personalized learning 2b One‟s self World awareness Ethical – virtues strong Rich relationships .

Students were asked to create a visual representation of learning at our school. .

• use data formatively • plan to meet the learning needs of each student • are confident with how students learn and scaffold learning in the correct sequence .

• are engaged in their learning • have a voice in the learning content and context • co-construct success criteria • become confident in assessing work against success criteria • are involved in creating their own next steps. based on their achievement data .

I guess. Realised that sustanined change will occur when teacher pedagogy changes rather than when teachers gain skills.” . I „believe that we are now learning and not just doing „fill-in or busy‟ activities. “I realised that I need to trust my students and myself. that together we can do a good job.1. These are now activities that are strengthening student knowledge and current learning.

2. I have found the discussions are getting more views and more time spent on them as opposed to when students do them in their own books.” . For boys who weren‟t that interested in the wiki. The more that students get into it. For example of Term 1 reflection discussion has had 141 views with students spending time discussing with others their highlights / challenges of the term.. Teacher pedagogical inquiry * “The difference in my practice is that I am planning effectively for three groups ……. My students learning to date has been clearly very pleasing with data collected showing major gains in nearly all groups” * “The wiki is now well and truly the hub of all our learning with homework sheets and weekly tasks uploaded……. this was huge progress. the more I find I want to edit. Finn and Brandon creating the whole term‟s PE page and the 2 discussions about sports to go with it. I am also encouraging students to take ownership of it with Jacob. update and add to the wiki.

Learning Pathway Clarified .3.

4. Increased the freedom of teachers to choose the contexts for learning 5. Provided reliable infrastructure and access to hardware to facilitate e-learning . Enabled a small number of teachers to explore possibilities and make changes 6.

Students are not restricted by time lines and waiting for others to finish. Certain things are timetabled in like tech and assembly. it now runs itself. Gathered data mid year to check if on track for reaching targets 8. as well as reflections and comments about their progress. Students have a set amount of required must do tasks. Students track their learning using a passport (notebook) where they record what they are doing when. but for most of the rest of the time students can timetable their own day. We set up this system using a powerpoint with hyperlinks to students‟ group work. Students are more involved (than ever) in planning and constructing their learning including selected reading materials and follow up activities as well as finding maths activities that fit their next learning steps.” . each day and each week.7. This allows me more time to work with one or two students and small groups. These can be done in any order they choose. While this took us awhile to set up. Gathered data at the end of term 3 and focused on filling in the gaps in term 4 “No longer do we have everyone doing reading or maths at exactly the same time.

Modelled to other staff via observation and sharing using: • • • • Collaborative learning teams ICT Facilitator Visits to other schools Teachers sharing learning highlights at the end of each term .9.

The other major positive for us has been her understanding of exactly where she is at.• Increased student engagement Teacher Perspective “I have found that children are in class early and they „want‟ to work.g. as students want to get a head start on Monday – their keen-ness/motivation is amazing. They are powering through their basic tasks (e. especially with her maths.” . We have seen evidence of this in other aspects of her life. decision making and planning. He enjoys being involved in planning the learning and is definitely keen to continue this out of school hours using things like the wiki. organised before Monday. handwriting). I must have spelling words.” “The way learning is set up has really suited him. The choice within structure has helped him build independence and self-management. and what she needs to work.” Parent Perspective “I think it helps towards their organisational skills. quiz etc.

• Improved student achievement results .

Entry Exit Red and yellow are below expectation Green and blue are at expectation .

What changes did we see? See video with teacher interview .

What changes did we see? .

Wow this is so powerful – that a child has acknowledged he needs guidance or monitoring. I used to do these isolated units such as pirates and we would write about them and at first I wondered what we would write about – now there is everything to write about and we didn‟t even get to do the London riots last week” “He has of his own choice chosen to sit where I will monitor him – to help keep him on track. – This has also been for both my self and the students – we have been students together.” .What changes did we see? “I could never go back to the old way. broadening existing knowledge and learning new skills. It‟s not a weakness – but strength!” “I now facilitate shared learning and provide a supportive learning environment where I have learn alongside my students. While I have been the teacher in some situations in others students have been the facilitators to learning and I have been the student. We have made connections to prior learning and experience.

What changes did we see? .







What changes did we see? Over 10.000 hits in 3 terms e-learning is about students choosing and using the best 'tool' or plan to facilitate their own learning. Children develop their own learning pathways and journeys. Children document their own learning which ends up as digital portfolio. .

• Increased e-learning Article Nov 2011 “What goes on in Room 7 MIS” We use e-learning in 4 ways • delivering the programme • formative assessment • activities to support new learning • sharing of outcomes .

• How are we developing the other Key Competencies? • How to we strengthen 21st learning environments in other classrooms? .

• How do we cope without our Facilitator and the motivation from the ICT cluster? .

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