Scouting In The LDS Church

The BSA & The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
• • • • • The core: It‘s about values, ethics, and character 400,000 LDS youth in the BSA, 180,000 Leaders 30,000 units. Scoutmasters and leaders have a tremendous influence in the life of a young man. • The Church adopted the Scouting after President Hinckley's father made a presentation to the church‘s First Presidency in 1911 • It was adopted as the official activity program of the church in 1913

―Where Scouting is available, please understand that this is not an optional program. Make certain priesthood leaders in your regions understand this. It is an economically, socially, and spiritually sound program. It builds men of character and spirituality and trains them for citizen and leadership responsibility. Scouting teaches a boy to take care of himself and stand on his own two feet. It is an inspired program for a demanding time. This is that time!‖ President Ezra Taft Benson‖
Regional Representatives Seminar

The Purposes for Scouting In The LDS Church
• Cub Scouting – The help fulfill the purpose of Primary • Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing – To help fullfill the purpose of the Aaronic Priesthood • For most, Scouting itself is the ―End‖ – For LDS Units, Scouting is the means to an end

* *With joy .The Purpose of Primary • The purpose of Primary is to teach children the gospel of Jesus Christ and help them learn to live it.

. – Families need to do things together.The Cub Scout Program in the LDS Church • A boy becomes a Cub Scout as a baptized member of the church – No Tiger Cubs – Age 8. Webelos is a one-year program. It is important to understand that Church leaders have considered all of these things and have made their decision. • The role of the parent is essential in the success of the program. – Time is a crushing issue in our lives. not two • Cub Scouting provides a wonderful opportunity for families to participate in activities and in the life of the young boy. Advancement in Church-sponsored packs is by birthday NOT by grade-level or other measures accepted by the BSA.



2002 . we will have a synergy that will bring great growth in the lives of the young men in the church."When we are using the full scouting program. and when we are using the full Aaronic Priesthood program. June 7." President Thomas S. Monson.


program is the LDS scouting program .What‘s Aaronic Priesthood Scouting? • It is the integrated use of Scouting to support and sustain the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood • Scouting is therefore the ―Activity Arm‖ of the Young Mens organization or the Aaronic Priesthood • In the LDS church. the A.P.

• They usually comprise a stand-alone New Scout Patrol • They camp enough to earn their First-Class rank and no more • 11-Year-Old Leader is an SA (sometimes still called the Blazer Scout Leader) • 11-Year-Old Scouts are functionally under the leadership direction of the Primary and a ward scouting committee .The Boy Scout Program in the LDS Church • Eleven-year-old Scouts meet separately from the "Deacon‘s Quorum Scout Troop" because they are not yet part of the quorum.

is ordained a deacon. and joins the ―rest‖ of the troop in his new quorum • The quorum comprises the majority of the scout troop • Led by a Scoutmaster and usually one SA and the troop falls under the leadership direction of the Young Men‘s program and a ward scouting committee • The Deacons Quorum Scout Troop should be part of the young man's family focus. a worthy boy receives the Aaronic Priesthood.The Boy Scout Program in the LDS Church • At 12. .

Advanced Scouting Programs in The LDS Church: Varsity & Venturing • Varsity Scouting focuses on the Teacher Quorum-age young man. 14-16 – It is a step above scouting and focuses on five areas of personal growth – Strong emphasis on purposeful Sports and High Adventure activities • Venturing focuses on the Priest Quorum-age young man 16-18 – Six areas of emphasis – up one from Varsity – It‘s not your father‘s Oldsmobile – Venturing ends at 18 in LDS units • It helps prepare young men for missions and life. .

Responding to the Call to Serve • Church members are taught to respond when a calling is extended • Like the BSA. all church positions are served by volunteers and lay clergy • Unlike the BSA. not everyone may have a burning desire to do scouting well • Turnover in scout calling can be frequent – Be patient and teach your units about the four Ts .

The Four T‘s for LDS Scouters • ‗T' of Testimony: • Develop a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and share it with the young men. • ‗T' of Training: • There is wonderful training available within the organization of the Boy Scouts of America which provides skills and attributes. See each other eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart. . • T' of Time: • Scouting takes time. Bear testimony around the campfire and on the trail. Look at the six principles of the Aaronic Priesthood mission and apply them in Scouting. We are not to neglect our duties and family but Scouting takes time. • 'T' of Tenure: • Plan to stay in the Scouting calling a lengthy period of time.

(No blending of units or quorums) • ―Bishops can't abdicate or delegate their priesthood duties to another bishop.he is the presiding authority in our stake. Philmont 2000 . We have relatively small troops.‖ K. It is important to keep the identity of the quorum. • ―This is the stake president . troop. If he needs to be corrected. You follow him.Things for LDS Wards & Scout Programs to Consider • ―We use Scouting in the Church as quorum activity. Hart Bullock: LDS Week. • ―Every ward should charter a pack. Trust in the servants that the Lord has called. team and crew. the Area President will take care of it.

We have to change our mind.Things for LDS Wards & Scout Programs to Consider II • ―Get the water to the end of the row! We have to make some changes. • ―We need to commit ourselves to the combination of the Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting. Elder Hammond: Philmont 2000 . We must save our youth. We want you to do things. We want you to go out and do more things. • ―Get people excited in your units.set. our energy levels.

Then they go camping and pass them off. you should be able to get this done for every boy in just three trips per year. That's it. This is simply how it is.‖ Source unknown. If there is a regular calendar. the adult leaders should practice. practice and practice the skills that need to be passed off.Q&A: What about Overnighters & JLT for 11-yr-olds? • Run JLT in your new scout patrols and do annual program planning too! • ―The 11-yr-old boys go camping three times. They need those three campouts to pass off the skills required for the First Class Rank. BUT the boys who have already been three times do NOT go. Philmont 2000 . • ―Prior to those campouts. LDS Week. • ―You might need to schedule a fourth campout each year.

not later. • You can help make sure effective leaders are called for those Cub Scouts. on up .How vital is a well-run LDS Elevenyear old program? • 85% of LDS scouts who achieve first class-rank by their 12th birthday go on to achieve Eagle Scout Rank • 94% of LDS Eagle scouts serve full-time missions • Conclusion: Effective & successful scouting starts early. Eleven-year old Scouts.

• Not everyone has read the manual • Those that have are entitled to inspiration for their area of responsibility • Sometimes a bishop or stake president will offer to clarify an issue but not always. you may need to ask or counsel with them • Stake presidents can clarify on matters with the Area Authority • Follow the SP and Area Authority Q&A: If the manual says one thing. why do wards and stakes sometimes do another? .

Misc Items • The Stake is to see that all boys are registered. • The Stake Executive Secretary can help the Stake YM/Primary Presidents with Re-Charter and Membership Inventory • The Troop Committee/Ward Scouting Committee – All bishops should be involved (counselors. The committee will help the scoutmaster (and other leaders) so that they won't get burned out. – We shouldn't cheat the boys and the Lord by not providing the program that the Church has already paid for and use it to bless their lives. . too).

Items II • The Church is behind the BSA in protecting the rights of free association. In some councils.Misc. • The national boards and leadership are firmly behind scouting maintaining its right to determine what constitutes moral behavior among its leaders. important decisions are made. .

• If there are issues that are of concern at a local level. . it's not part of the Church calling. The District Executives should recruit stake leaders to fill key volunteer positions. • Stake leaders are encouraged to be involved on District and Council committees. They serve as volunteers.Misc Items III • Every ward has a Charter Organization Representative (usually a counselor in the bishopric) that has a vote on the Council Executive Board. make sure that the CORs (Bishopric members)are informed and vote to protect the local interest of the Church.

Things You May Encounter with LDS Units • • • • Under-trained adult leaders Low numbers of Quality Units Higher-than-normal turnover Troops. Popcorn. Camporee. FOS • What‘s Venturing? – Isn‘t that optional? • Adults that run the troop/team/crew . and Crews who do mostly sports or just advancement • Weak district or council support: JLT. Teams.

Why doesn‘t Scouting work as well as it should in the LDS Church? • We don‘t read the BSA literature and use their resources • We seldom think outside the box or look at the big picture (mission. methods) • We are obsessed with Advancement (one of the eight methods of scouting) – We measure success by one standard – What is the first question you ask your son when he returns from Scout camp? . aims.

What Are Successful LDS Units Doing? • • • • Advisors with attitude: ―We can do this!‖ Getting ―Trained‖ and attending roundtable Using Council resources to make their programs fly Quorum Leadership equals Troop/Team/Crew Leadership • Organizing a one or sometimes two.year calendar with Summer camp. So teach & lead Reflection . or one High Adventure and one Super High Adventure • Use Refelection to help Scouts understand their expereicences – Activities are designed to be revelatory experiences.

It‘s not your little brother‘s Scouting program! .

‖ . challenging activities. well-rounded. flexible. tailor-made for teenage youth.How to ―Sell‖ LDS Units on Venturing? • ―It‘s not a box or a package we present.‖ • ―It is focused resources designed to help a community organization provide wholesome.

Priest Duty to God & Venturing Help your units to understand that Priest Quorum Duty to God requirements will satisfy recognition elements in the Venturing program .

This is how easy it is… Bronze Earn On My Honor Award Gold Serve in a leadership position Silver Complete Leadership Course Serve in a leadership position Ranger Research Church history Present your research to a Cub or Scout group Plan and lead a service Set and meet project goal for scripture Attend a reading youth conference Plan and implement Crew activities Help teach an Complete a ethics forum course in How to communicate .

Utah • We want every young man to earn his Aaronic Priesthood Duty to God Award and we want every young man to earn his Eagle Scout Award.Elder Spencer J. 2001. • We want to re-enthrone Mutual in the Church • Scouting is here to stay • The youth program of the Church needs to have more sizzle in it • Our youth are out running their spiritual supply lines • All Priests should be registered in a Venturing Crew . October 25. Condie 2nd Counselor in the General Young Men‘s Presidency. Logan.

Is Venturing Optional? ―If I were a Bishop. but we have yet to see anything better on a consistent basis. I see a (Venturing) program with a different name attached to it. Backman . We must realize that Scouting is an activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood. I would no more consider not having a (Venturing Crew) than I would think of not having a Priest‘s Quorum. or even more often. better program. and that Priesthood leaders are also Scouting leaders…Our present policy is that Stake Presidencies may approve a program other than (Venturing) if it is a fully developed.‖ -Elder Robert L. I see unsupervised basketball. Each time I look into such ―better‖ programs.

Dellenbach First Quorum of Seventy ―There‘s a new program in Scouting called Venturing. high adventure.Elder Robert K. opportunities for learning about citizenship and sociability. It is a great program for Priest-age boys in the church. 1999 LDS Church Video on Scouting . ―Venturing provides wonderful outdoor activities. The scouting organization has taken the old Exploring program and completely renovated it. but held onto many of the fine and wonderful attributes that it contained.

Stake Presidents> to look very carefully at sponsoring a Venturing crew in their ward or branch.Elder Robert K. we see in Venturing many attributes and skills that help prepare him for a mission and life. Dellenbach First Quorum of Seventy [Continued] ―While the Venturing program is an optional program in the church…as we look down the training path of a young man. Therefore.” [italics added] . we encourage our priesthood brethren <Bishops.

promote. Invite Be patient! . and Invite. Invite. Young Men‘s President – Stake Primary President • • • • Hook up with your Council LDS Relationships Committee Ask them to counsel you on how to help Educate.How can I Help My LDS Units? • Meet the Folks: – Bishop. fellowship. – YM president – Primary President • Meet the Folks II: Stake President – Stake.

‖ President Ezra Taft Benson The Teaching of Ezra Taft Benson . Our great need is to provide the leadership to meet the demands of the boys. we can teach them cooperation. we can help them develop qualities of leadership. we can teach them the value of staying power. Our boys want scouting.WHERE‘S THE PROBLEM? ―Ours is not a boy problem. Though scouting we can help them develop real character. Our problem is leadership. it is a man problem. we want them to have it.

How You Can Help Units To Call the Right Leaders to Success Training • At the time of the call should be given: – Fast Start Video – Application – Handbooks & resources • Attend Basic Training within 90 days: • Wood Badge in 2 years Experience .(Ideal) • Returned Missionary • Parent of a Cub. Scout. or Venturer • Outdoorsman Attributes • Personal interest in boys • Enthusiastic • Positive Example .

I held out the piece of paper I had brought and asked.” It left an impression on me that I have never forgotten. ―Will you sign this for me?‖ He signed the piece of wood and wrote a short message on the paper. ―I waited until I left the cabin before looking at the wood and the paper. “The pathway of righteousness is the highway of happiness. ―Maybe you should ask for his autograph. ―You are a great Scout. ―George Albert Smith—Scouter. ―When I got to my friend‘s cabin. dated 3 August 1946. I began whittling it as I walked. “Lesson from a Scouter. ―The next day. Before I left.A Piece of Wood and Paper ―I told them what a great Scouter my friend‘s grandfather was and that I wanted to be just like him. Picking up a piece of kindling wood.” The Ensign. On the wood was written. Then I thanked him for the wonderful day in the forest. My mother got me into bed by promising that in the morning she would make rolls and that I could take them over to thank him for such an exciting day. read.‖ Karen Scalley Maxfield. my mother told me my friend‘s grandfather was someone important in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.‖ she said. Don’t lose your way. I grabbed a piece of paper and stuffed it in my pocket as I left the cabin.‖ The message on the paper. 1999 .‖ I said. his grandfather greeted me with a smile. before I left with the rolls.

‖ Spencer W. everyday. to hike and camp with them. Kimball . to feel close enough to them to ask questions and to talk things over man-to-man with them. They need to meet them on the street. down-to-earth situations.―Boys Need Heroes Close By‖ ―Boys need heroes close by. to see them in closeto-home. personally. They need to know some man of towering strength and basic integrity.

Scoutmasters and coaches are on trial. the advisors. Cub Scouting. nor is Boy Scouting.‖ ―The program will work if they will work and become trained and put into effect the things they have been trained to do. Featherstone . or Venturing.‖ Elder Vaughn J. But rather it is my firm belief that Bishops. and the ward leaders.Is Scouting on trial in the Church? ―I do not believe that Varsity Scouting is on trial in the Church.

They develop confidence when they‘re allowed to ―fly solo. • Adults. Friends help in the transition from home to the outside world. . a teenager cannot develop a sense of trust.‖ • Friends. self-worth. to make mistakes. and empathy. Every teenager needs limits to learn how function in the real world. M. a school counselor.D. • Limits. another relative. This person could be a parent. Meeks.What Teenagers Need Most • Unconditional Love. to think. Rules also provide a base and security. They offer comfort. • Space. a teacher. safety. By John E. to learn. or confidence. or a religious leader High Times Low times: How to Cope with Teenage Depression. Teens need a role model who is accessible and understanding – someone to turn to when the going gets rough. Teenagers need room to grow. Without it.

LET THE YOUTH LEAD • Adult shadow leadership • Hold periodic planning sessions to fine tune the annual plan • Always have a three month calendar • Hold regular presidency meetings • Train the youth about leadership • Meet in advance with the youth leader • Ranger and Silver Awards require Venturer to share what he‘s learned with others .

. schools. states.―A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started. and nations. universities and corporations. He is going to sit where you are sitting. but how they are carried out depends on him.‖ Abraham Lincoln . and. the fate of humanity is in his hands. He is going to move in and take over your churches. You can create all the policies you please. when you are gone. attend to those things which you think are most important.. He will assume control of your cities.

Can the wants and needs of the young men in your Quorum be met with no planned mutual night activities? Is the current program in your priesthood Quorum. meeting the needs and wants of the young men better than Scouting can? Can we afford to delegate the responsibility of meeting the needs and wants of the Quorums to any other program or plan? .

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