Chapter No.


Objectives and overview
 Define technical sketching

 Defines how technical sketching integrates into the

 

design process Identify and define two types of sketches Create a design sketch using pencil or computer Use grid paper to create sketches Layout a sketch using proportions Use sketch to draw lines, circles, arcs and curves.

Objectives and overview
 Use various sketching techniques, such as contour

and negative space sketching, to improve your sketching technique.

mechanical . Less feature demonstration.Technical sketching There are three methods technical drawing free hand. . Technical sketching produces rough

Technical sketching Technical sketching for personal use not understood by others. .

. This is the type of sketch which could be understood by technical people.Technical sketching Sketch understood by others.

.Technical sketching Technical sketch understood by others.

The remaining three are called pictorial projections.Technical sketching Four types are projection used in sketching. Multiview is used to show 2D picture of object of 3D. Trade offs are used for these projection that which is going to be used in terms of understanding for non technical person .

And there are times when you pencil paper sketching. .Technical sketching  Technical sketches are made for ideation.  On a large project hundreds of sketches are produced which help in detailing and provide more solutions to the design problem.  There are some CAD softwares where technical sketching could be done on 2D.

pencils. papers.Free hand sketching tools  Three components are used the eraser. No other instruments are required at this stage. .

. mostly one pencil is used. Passing line twice makes the line thicker. Middle range pencil should be used.  Mechanical pencils could be used.Pencils  Nor the harder lead should be used nor the soft lead should be used for technical sketching.

is used for correction mistakes. .Eraser  Is not used much. Preferable eraser are the gum eraser. Not for changes in the sketch.

.Paper  note book paper is used as well.  On the larger paper more sketches are drawn  For line guidance grid papers are used.

Paper Square grid paper .

used for different pictorial sketches .Paper Isometric paper.

Paper  Tracing paper is used on top of the grid paper for final line. This paper is bought on rolls and is used over different pictures and then those pictures are copied. Money saving as well. It is fast and efficient way of sketching. .

CAD sketching tools  A scanner is used to scan the sketch and send it to the computer as a raster image. along with dimensional constraints.  Constraints based 3D modelling where the rough sketch of the object is made and then constraints are put in the form parallel. perpendicular form. with the help of CAD operator it is transformed into vector image. .

Sketching technique  In the sketching technique. . circles and proportioned views. curves. with patience the skill can be acquired of lines.

After imaging we are suppose to sketch it down as represenation. .Seeng. representation . imaging. Seeing is the process where we gather the information . Imaging is the thin king process in our mind what ever we have seen and according to our interest we do imaging in our mind direction.

We different interpreted pictures . representation . imaging.Seeng.

Seeng. . representation It possible to sketch objects which could not exsists in reality. imaging.

Contour sketching  the technique of sketching the outline of the object is called contour sketching. .

Contour sketching Is mostly done by the beginners to get confidence in creating sketches. .

Contour sketching The method for contour sketching. .

Contour sketching For the second part .

. Below figure is known as negative space sketching.Negative space sketching The above figure is represented known positive space sketching.

. You able to create better sketch.Upside down sketching Is another method to improve the visualization and sketching skill.

.Straight lines Straight lines are drawn wihtout the help of instruments whereas the mechanical lines are drawn with the help of instruments.

Straight lines The straight line maybe drawn of the two to three passes of the pencil. And it is darker. . But firstly in segments it is drawn and in the final pass of the pencil there no segment directly drawn.

 orientation of the paper should be in the comfortable position.Straight lines  Palm of the hand should rest comfortably on the other edge of the paper. .

.Curved Lines Make a square and then make diagonal lines for the centre to recognised. for making cicle.

Made it to flat and curved .Curved Lines Not followed the rules.

.Ellipse Rectangular and trammel method.

Proportion and construction lines Creating the object with the help of construction lines. . Creating proportional sketch.

Proportion and construction lines With the help of diagonals finding the centre. . While using the construction lines.

Proportion and construction lines With the help of construction lines create proportional squares .

Proportion and construction lines Sketching Identical proportional squares .

. the first object. Pencil method for larger object. The second is poorly porpotioned.Proportion and construction lines Well proportional object .

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