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Eliminating Downtime in No Time.

True High-Availability for the

Microsoft Technology Platform
Cluster-class availability without the cost and complexity
Why you need a high availability solution

Sustaining high levels of system availability continues to be a key issue and

concern for many organizations. Gartner

Each messaging [Exchange] downtime hour in a 500-person organization

amounts to $8,600 in real productivity losses – costing more than $400,000
annually. Alinean

93% of all companies that experience a major loss of data are out of
business within five years. Gartner

When asked about their priorities, many people, without thinking, quickly
respond that protecting data and maintaining uptime are equally important. 2
The Neverfail Group

The Neverfail Group is a leading global software company providing affordable,

“cluster-class,” high application availability and disaster recovery software
solutions for the Microsoft® technology platform.

In business over 10 years, with experience in Business Systems availability

• Migrated from Disaster Recovery Consulting Firm to Software Company

International Presence
• United Kingdom – Headquarter and Partner Network
• North America – US Office and Partner Network
• Europe – Distributors
• Asia/Pac – Distributors

Strong Technical Pedigree

• CTO and lead Development team have decades of experience at Tandem/Compaq/HP
High Performance Research Center 3
Achieving True High Availability
True High Availability

High Availability cannot be achieved by simply
installing failover software and walking away
Evan Marcus, Blue Print for High Availability

Reliability Resilience
(Foreseen problems) (Unforeseen problems)
Consulting Clustering Reliability $
Domain Storage
Configuration Monitoring
Management 4
Achieving High Availability
True High Availability

Neverfail for Exchange
Neverfail for SQL Server
Neverfail for File Server
Neverfail Heartbeat
Neverfail for Blackberry Reliability $
Neverfail for Internet Info Svcs

Neverfail SCOPE
$ 5
Other Technology Options
Reliability - there is no competitive offering to address server reliability

Resilience Directly addresses: • Shared architecture =

• Data loss single-point of failure
• Application failures • No site protection
• Performance • Very expensive
• Hardware outages • Very complex

• Only protects data,

Directly addresses:
sometimes hardware
• Data loss
• Very long recovery
• (Hardware outages)
Replication • Just delaying outage

• Data stale / outdated

Directly addresses:
• Very long recovery
• Data loss
Backup • Only protects data

Benefits Shortcomings Cost Complexity 6
The “Ideal Solution”
All of the benefits, none of the shortcomings
Reliability Resilience
• A solution that addresses: • A solution that addresses:
• Lack of knowledge • Data loss / Corruption
• People mistakes • Application failures
• Process mistakes • Performance degradation
• Hardware outages
• Which is: • Network outages
• Automated • Site outages / Disaster
• Unobtrusive
• Easy to maintain • Which is:
• Intelligent • Free of single points of failure
• Knowledge is never “lost” • Inexpensive
• Simple to use

Cost Complexity 7
Product Overview 8
Neverfail SCOPE
Server Check, Optimization, and Performance Evaluation

• Automatically collects configuration

and environmental information
• Unobtrusively collects detailed performance
• Validates configuration information and makes
change recommendations
• Analyzes Server workload characteristics
• Analyzes Bandwidth usage
• Allows network “what if” modeling 9
Neverfail Heartbeat
Core Clustering Technology

• Full data & server protection

• Seamless Server Switch-over, Fail-over
and Switch-back
• Integrated LAN/WAN support
• “Shared nothing” Architecture
• Hardware agnostic
• Zero downtime maintenance
• Network connectivity monitoring 10
Application Modules for
Exchange, SQL and File Server

• Automatically identifies and fully supports

designated applications – out of the box
• Monitors all key application services
• Monitors all key application performance
• Provides Pre-emptive failover avoidance
• Seamless switchover, failover and switch-
back of application workload
• Support and protection of additional
applications such as Anti-virus 11
True High Availability - Achieved
True High Availability

Resilience Resilience
• Network
• Hardware
• Operating System
• Application
Reliability • Configuration “Best Practices”
• Environmental Analysis
Groundbreaking price point
• Complete solution
$ • Starts at $6,000 12

True High-Availability
• Reliability (foreseen, predictable)
• Resilience (unforeseen, unpredictable)
• High Availability is more than just failover software

Neverfail – a complete solution

• Neverfail SCOPE
• Neverfail Heartbeat + Neverfail for Exchange,
SQL and File Server
• Inexpensive, Simple to use (solutions starting at £3000) 13
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