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Karims is the best restaurant in Delhi, serving nonvegetarian food since 1913. Every food guide worth its name has voted it Delhi's best restaurant for many years. No one who has visited the restaurant will disagree.
As for us, we are die-hard fans. The original Karim's is bang opposite Jama Masjid in the walled city area of Delhi. It is close to a market known as Darya Ganj. Those visiting Karim's for the first time will be surprised at the location. Getting there is not easy, you will need to ask locals for help. .

Until the 1990s, Karim's did not have any branches, but they have now opened branches in Nizamuddin, Kailash Colony, Noida, Gurgaon with the latest in Kamla Nagar. The quality of food, however, has a long way to go before it matches the original Karim's

The Restaurant is divided into 3 seating halls, 2 of which cater on 2 floors. There is a space, which can be reserved for birthdays and gatherings There is a billing counter in every hall, to avoid delay in billing. As soon as you enter the compound, you are greeted with tasty aroma of Non-Vegetarian food.

Around 30 waiters are active at a time for efficiently serving customers. The Menu ranges from Soups to Roasted, Kababs to Curries, from kheer to shahi tukdas. There are 4 tandoors, baking Tandoori Rotis, Naans and Sheermals at the rate of Knots. 5 barbeques ensure that the supply of Seekh Kababs is as quick as the order arrives. Efficient and experienced cooks make sure that the visitors feel their taste buds blessed after having the meal.




Wash Basin

Cooking Area

Seating Arrangement`


Main Entrance

We entered the Restaurant on a busy Saturday night, with all the halls full. After waiting for around 20 minutes we could get a table for 4. We asked for a Menu and browsed through it. Zeroing in on Mutton Burra and Tandoori Raan, we placed the order The waiter said 30 minutes for Tandoori Raan, Sir. We knew it will take that long, so were not bothered by the delay. The order was served as promised and we had some delicious mutton on our table, waiting to be pounced upon!!

We had a great experience at Karims, and it really lived upto its reputation of one of the top 5 restaurants in Delhi. The service was quick, right expectations were set in the beginning itself and the taste of the food was awesome. As they say in their Tag line, we got our moods good, by tasting Karims food!!