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CHANAKYAs Management and his leadership ideas

Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research 20th September, 2011

India and China are emerging as key stories The West has reached the end of one life cycle in just 400 years India is already on the ascendancy after hitting its trough in under 200 years (success lasted several millennia)

World is looking to us for solutions carries a lot of responsibility Science from the West and Spirituality from the East But most Indian Philosophers were great scientists Frugal manufacturing is Indias offering to the world We are not developing .. We are only regaining

Born in 3rd Century B.C. Vishnugupta Kautilya - Chanakya Vowed to Pull down Nanda Dynasty Chandragupta Maurya King Maker Responsible for the defeat of Alexander in India Ashoka Indias first global emperor Wrote Kautilyas Arthashastra & Chanakya Niti

Kautilyas Arthashastra
Known as a Book of Economics, state craft, punishments, warfare, strategy. Its a Book of Total Management Written in Sanskrit About 6000 sutras 15 books, Foreign 150 chapters Fundamentals of Economics Law War Management Policies 180 sections Describes specialised sciences like Gemology, Ayurveda, Architecture, etc Survives the Test of Time as the book has been worked on based on the psychology of Human.

What is Management?
1. The means of starting undertakings (assignments/ projects) 2. The excellence of men and materials 3. Deciding suitable place and time 4. Provision against failure 5. Accomplishment of the work

Definition & basic elements of management

The means of starting undertakings, the excellence of men and material, (suitable) apportionment of place and time, provision against failure (and) accomplishment of work this is deliberation in its five aspects (1.15.42)


Management & Leadership

One Arrow may or may not kill the enemy, But a man using his sharpened intellect can destroy the king along with his whole kingdom

There is a difference between worrying (Chinta) and Thinking (Chintan)

THINK about your challenges not worry about them

Chanakya On Power
Power is of 4 types 1. Intellectual power 2. Money power 3. Man power 4. Power of Enthusiasm


Wealth is not only what is with you but is in you !!!


Be always active, without activity current and future prosperity are destroyed

Do your calculations first

All undertakings are dependent first on the treasury. Therefore, he (the leader) should look to the treasury first (2.8.1-2)

Listen to the opinion of every one

He should despise none, (but) should listen to the opinion of every one. A wise man should make use of the sensible words of even a child (1.15.22)

Teaming up to succed
Let us two build a fort. (7.12.1) Four Important points to be remembered: (1)Discuss The Project Before you start (2) Direct and walk with the team (3) Do not lose Focus (4) Enjoy Together

If the king is energetic, his subjects will be equally energetic. If he is slack (and lazy in performing his duties) the subjects will also be lazy, thereby, eat into his wealth. Besides, a lazy king will easily fall into the hands of the enemies. Hence the king should himself always be energetic (1.19.1-5)

Attitude of a Leader
In the happiness of the subjects lies the benefit of the king and in what is beneficial to the subjects is his own benefit. What is dear to himself is not beneficial to the king, but what is dear to the subjects is beneficial to him (1.19.34)

Consult and then start

All undertakings should be preceded by consultation. Holding a consultation with only one, he may not be able to reach a decision in difficult matters. With more councilors it is difficult to reach decisions and maintain secrecy (1.15.2,35,40) Therefore sit and counsel with those who are matured in intellect ( 1.15.20-21)

Act with Tact

He should hear (at once) every urgent matter, (and) not put it off. An (affair) postponed becomes difficult to settle or even impossible to settle (1.19.30)

Sharpen your skills

(From) Continuous study ensures a trained intellect, from intellect (comes) practical application, (and) from practical application (results) self- possession (1.5.16)
- Keep learning Apply the Aanveekshikee in your thought process

Before the challenge we are wise, after the challenge also we are wise. But during the challenge we are OTHER WISE
- Swami Chinmayananda - Keep a cool mind

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