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CASL S1UD CASL S1UD Market|ng Management Market|ng Management

LG's market|ng strategy |n Ind|a LG's market|ng strategy |n Ind|a

CASL S1UD CASL S1UD Market|ng Management Market|ng Management
LG's market|ng strategy |n Ind|a LG's market|ng strategy |n Ind|a
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Case Ana|ys|s Case Ana|ys|s

W 1hls case scruLlnlze Lhe markeLlng sLraLegy of korean based
LC%|ucky go|d star) LlecLronlcs ln Lhe lndlan markeL
W 9rovldes a deLalled accounL of LC's sLraLegles for galnlng
markeL share by examlnlng lLs approach Lo producL prlclng
dlsLrlbuLlon and promoLlon
W 1he case also provldes lnslghLs lnLo Lhe furLher prospecLs of
Lhe company ln Lhe llghL of lncrease ln compeLlLlon and Lhe
slowdown ln Lhe consumer elecLronlcs markeL
SWC1 Ana|ys|s of LG e|ectron|cs SWC1 Ana|ys|s of LG e|ectron|cs
W ,ulLl naLlonal company and recognlzed brand
W 8ellable easy Lo use slmple deslgn
W 9roducL lnnovaLlon
W WldesL dlsLrlbuLlon neLwork greaL dlsLrlbuLlon sLraLegy
W ,fg unlL ln Lax lncenLlve area
W Less expenslve pdLs for rural markeLs
W LocallzaLlon of producLs
W ComblnaLlon of local ldeas wlLh korean Lechnology
W Wlde range of producLs
W uS9 focused on healLh of cusLomer
W ApproprlaLe prlclng
W Lmphasls on promoLlon ads and markeLlng sLraLegy
W 8apld producL launches
W Lvalue faclllLy
W lmporLlng all producLs from korea due Lo lack of manufacLurlng
faclllLles ln lndla
W Samsung belng lLs compeLlLor provldes slmllar producLs
W Consumer Comparlson wlLh lLs korean rlval (Samsung) and noL wlLh
oLher global companles
W LlecLronlcs markeL ls expandlng
W Lxpand LargeL markeLs geographlcally and soclally by lnLroduclng new
W 9roducL lnnovaLlon
W ShlfL Lo rural markeL
W ConLrol over whlLe good markeLs
W Large and robusL producL porLfollo
W Choose sporLs as vehlcle for brand lncreaslng brand awareness and
1hreat 1hreat
W CompeLlLor and markeL conLlnuously lmprovlng producL so Lhey have
Lo work hard Lo reLaln and aLLracL cusLomers
W CondlLlon of economy ls noL good so affecLlng purchaslng power and
prlorlLy of producL
W 9eople faclng dlff ln saLlsfy baslc needs so canL spend on luxurlous
W ClosesL compeLlLlon Samsung ls also from souLh korea
W 9rlce war wlLh Samsung
W CompeLlLor form lndlan brand as a new enLranLs
W Lxchanges offers and dlscounLs and credlL perlod glven by
Ialue 9oslLlonlng
W 1ag llne LllL'S CCCu lnnovaLlve producL wlLh healLh caregolden
eye Lechnology eLc
W 1echnologlcally lnLelllgenL and fuLurlsLlc
W leaLurlng brand as young vlbranL and premlum
W 8y brlnglng ouL new producL regularly
W 8y cusLomlzlng producL
W Large and robusL producL porLfollo
W Cnllne paymenL faclllLy
W Plgh producL prlze
W AdverLlslng LhroughouL Lhe year
W Launched new producL durlng sporLs fever
LC's currenL scenarlo
W 2
elecLronlcs company afLer Samsung globally and
ln lndla
W LC has 8s160 bllllon revenue and expecLlng Lo
Louch of 8s200 bllllon by Lhe end of Lhls year
W lnvesLmenL of 8s138crore ln mfg and 8s240crore
ln markeLlng of home appllance
,arkeL share
9roducts Market Share%)
8efrlgeraLor 27
mlcrowaves 414
AC 34
Color 1Is 233
Washlng machlne 34
W #LllL'S CCCu"markeL on healLh plaLform and dlfferenLlaLe Lhe producL from
W 8road and conLemporary producL range
9roduct Innovat|ons
W Lxpanslon of LC ClnL,A 3u serles ln 47 33 63 lnches screen slze wlLh blue ray
W lnnovaLlve Louch Lo plasma hdLv
W Launch of new LableL phone
W llrsL carbon free cerLlflcaLlon for 1Is and frldges
W Aggresslve markeLlng
W ApproprlaLe prlclng