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Worker's Lralnlng and educaLlon

W @e quallLy of employees and Lelr

developmenL Lroug Lralnlng and educaLlon
are ma[or facLors ln deLermlnlng longLerm
proflLablllLy of a buslness lf you lre and keep
good employees lL ls good pollcy Lo lnvesL ln
Le developmenL of Lelr skllls so Ley can
lncrease Lelr producLlvlLy
W @ralnlng ofLen ls consldered for new
employees only @ls ls a mlsLake because
ongolng Lralnlng for currenL employees elps
Lem ad[usL Lo rapldly canglng [ob
urpose of 1ra|n|ng and educat|on
W reaLlng a pool of readlly avallable and
adequaLe replacemenLs for personnel wo
may leave or move up ln Le organlzaLlon
Lnanclng Le companys ablllLy Lo adopL and
use advances ln Lecnology because of a
sufflclenLly knowledgeable sLaff
W ulldlng a more efflclenL effecLlve and lgly
moLlvaLed Leam wlc enances Le companys
compeLlLlve poslLlon and lmproves employee
W Lnsurlng adequaLe uman resources for
expanslon lnLo new programs
esearc as sown speclflc beneflLs LaL a buslness recelves
from Lralnlng and developlng lLs workers lncludlng
W lncreased producLlvlLy
W educed employee Lurnover
W lncreased efflclency resulLlng ln flnanclal
W uecreased need for supervlslon
W Lmployees frequenLly develop a greaLer sense of
selfworL dlgnlLy and wellbelng as Ley become
more valuable Lo Le flrm and Lo socleLy
Cenerally Ley wlll recelve a greaLer sare of Le
maLerlal galns LaL resulL from Lelr lncreased
producLlvlLy @ese facLors glve Lem a sense of
saLlsfacLlon Lroug Le aclevemenL of personal
and company goals
dent|fy|ng 1ra|n|ng Needs
W @ralnlng needs can be assessed by analyzlng Lree
ma[or uman resource areas Le organlzaLlon as
a wole Le [ob caracLerlsLlcs and Le needs of
Le lndlvlduals @ls analysls wlll provlde answers
Lo Le followlng quesLlons
W Were ls Lralnlng needed?
W WaL speclflcally musL an employee learn ln
order Lo be more producLlve?
W Wo needs Lo be Lralned?
1ra|n|ng Goa|s
W @e goals of Le Lralnlng program sould relaLe
dlrecLly Lo Le needs deLermlned by Le
assessmenL process
W Coals sould lnclude mllesLones Lo elp Lake Le
employee from were e or se ls Loday Lo were
Le flrm wanLs lm or er ln Le fuLure
W SeLLlng goals elps Lo evaluaLe Le Lralnlng
program and also Lo moLlvaLe employees
1ra|n|ng Methods
W @ere are Lwo broad Lypes of Lralnlng avallable Lo
buslnesses onLe[ob and offLe[ob Lecnlques
W Ootbejob ttololoq ls dellvered Lo employees
wlle Ley perform Lelr regular [obs ln Lls way
Ley do noL lose Llme wlle Ley are learnlng
W nLe[ob Lecnlques lnclude orlenLaLlons [ob
lnsLrucLlon Lralnlng apprenLlceslps lnLernslps
and asslsLanLslps [ob roLaLlon and coaclng
W Offtbejob tecbolpoes lnclude lecLures
speclal sLudy fllms Lelevlslon conferences or
dlscusslons case sLudles role playlng
slmulaLlon programmed lnsLrucLlon and
laboraLory Lralnlng MosL of Lese Lecnlques
can be used by small buslnesses alLoug
some may be Loo cosLly
W ole ployloq ooJ slmolotloo are Lralnlng
Lecnlques LaL aLLempL Lo brlng reallsLlc declslon
maklng slLuaLlons Lo Le Lralnee
W oJlovlsool metboJs suc as Lelevlslon
vldeoLapes and fllms are Le mosL effecLlve
means of provldlng real world condlLlons and
slLuaLlons ln a sorL Llme ne advanLage ls LaL
Le presenLaLlon ls Le same no maLLer ow
many Llmes lLs played
1ra|n|ng your emp|yess |s |mportant
W apld Lecnologlcal lnnovaLlons lmpacLlng Le
workplace ave made lL necessary for people
Lo conslsLenLly updaLe Lelr knowledge and
W eople ave Lo work ln mulLldlmenslonal
areas wlc usually demand far more from
Lelr area of speclallsaLlon
W ange ln Le sLyle of managemenL
W uue Lo nonpracLlcal collage educaLlon
W Lack of proper and sclenLlflc selecLlon
W lor career advancemenL
W lor lger moLlvaLlon and producLlvlLy
W @o make Le [ob callenglng and lnLeresLlng
W lor self and developmenL
W lor employee moLlvaLlon and reLenLlon
W @o lmprove organlsaLlonal cllmaLe
W revenLlon of obsolescence
W @o elp an organlsaLlon Lo fulfll lLs fuLure
manpower needs
W @o keep ln pace wlL Llmes
W @o brldge gap beLween skllls requlremenL and
skllls avallablllLy
W lor survlval and growL of organlsaLlon and