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Cross functional team

A tool for improved performance

-By Nithin Prasad R S

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Introducing Cross Functional Team [CFT] Defining CFT CFT formation Introspection of CFT When? Purpose of existence Why? Working of CFT How? Advantages of CFT Inference & Conclusion

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Effectiveness of the Cross Functional Team (CFT), as a tool for improved performance.


Literature study on cross functional team. Understanding the necessity and working of CFT. Analyzing the effectiveness of CFT.

Organizational Behavior


Cross Functional Team - CFT

Cross-functional team is

Group of people. [outside and within organization] Different functional departments. [from R&D to till after sales services depts.] Common goal. [A clear charter and purpose]

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Cross functional team can be defined as a group of people with different functional expertise communicating, coordinating and operating across the organization towards an expected objective. The objective being the Achievable & noticeable end result.
Eg: Task forces, Committees..

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Employees from different levels & functional departments of the organization

Top Level

Tacticle Level

Cross Functional Team

Operational Level

Achievable purpose or objective.

Schematic representation of CFT formation

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Introspection of CFT
When can a CFT be used?

Clear & Common purpose.

Job requirements. Sufficient resources are available. Authority to manage and change.

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The Purpose/objective
Why CFT ? It can be formed with a purpose of Enhancement and expansion into new products/ services or new area. [widening the market] Specific to problem or any issue. [task oriented] Re-engineer / re-structuring the work process within the organization. The need for faster and precise decision on any issues.
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Working of CFT
How does CFT work ?

Scaling the work force and work into modules/tasks force. [Forming]

Monitoring the modules. [Storming]

Interdependency in team. [Norming]

Integrating the evolved work modules.

Finalizing. [Performing]

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Director of Project Delivery

Project Development Engineer

Technical Services Engineer

Construction Engineer

Highway Design Managers Project Manager Highway Designer

Environmental Manager

Quality Control Manager Quality Specialist

TSB Functional Managers Team Member Construction Operations Engineer Construction Operations Engineer

Functional Team

Environmental Protection Specialist Environmental Protection Specialist

Project Manager

Highway Designer

Team Member

Cross-Functional Team

CFT of Western Lands Highway Development organization

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Advantages of a CFT

Affects pattern of thinking. [positive team thinking] Better and faster solution to problems. Eliminates comparison and complacence. [everyone works on task] More enthusiasm in work. [work will be as natural as daily activity] Increased scope of learning. [knowledge is gained by each interaction on task]

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Advantages of CFT


Cross-functional skills help employees explore other avenues in performing task. [beat monotony at work] Provides better insight to the problem & in managing teams. [manager is benefited] Better control over the flow of execution of a project as the tasks are well distinguished. Dealing with different kinds of people and with different situations that are not common in normal terms. [maturity is seen, culture is developed and valued by all members]

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Inference and conclusion

Team work ensures not only that a job gets done but also that it gets done efficiently. Therefore, Successful team work can often make the difference between the profitable & the unprofitable operation of an organization. An effective work team tends to be informal & relaxed, with no obvious tensions. People are involved, interested & anxious to participate in solving work-related problems. An effective work group also clearly understands the goals & objectives. Thus, indeed the Cross Functional Team is an effective tool for improved performance.

Organizational Behavior


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Organizational Behavior

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Thank you
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