Animation in Photoshop CS2

By: Jonathan Nunez


First off, I chose this project because I was not able to use all the major features that CS2 has to offer. My last project did not explore into more detail on the new tools that are available on CS2. This is why I decided to continue using Photoshop but in order to actually use features such as Animation. This was not available in Photoshop 7.0 so I decided that I wanted to learn how to make pictures animated and able to move be moved.

Research on Basics

The very first goal I put forth was to research the general basics and tools that are used in the animation feature. In order to do this I went to different websites were information was offered on animation. I then printed out the information and highlighted and underlined all the key points on using animation. This step took me about 2 weeks because I spent a lot of time testing out the tools on random pictures. Once I knew that I was capable of following a tutorial and creating an animation, I went ahead and did so.

Tutorial #1

Well, I wanted my first tutorial to be an easy to read beginner level one, because I did not want to get confused. I searched for a tutorial on different websites such as where I found one. I decided to do the Shooting Star tutorial because it is short, simple, and very easy to follow. I eventually completed it successfully and took screenshots of how I did it.

Steps on Tutorial #1

Steps on Tutorial #1

This Is What I Made…

Tutorial #2

After I felt that I knew how to work with the animation tool, I decided to do a longer, more complex tutorial. I then searched for one again and found the right one. I found the Lightning tutorial which was a little more difficult to do because it required downloading brushes, and placing them in different areas of the tutorial. I also managed to create this one as well, even though it was a little harder.

Steps on Tutorial #2

Steps on Tutorial #2

And I Came Up With This…

My Own Original Animation

After I noticed that I knew how to use animation really well I decided that I wanted to make my own animation where it used multiple animated objects, and words as well. I knew this was going to take much longer and require more concentration. I chose to do an animation on a sports team where the different players come into the screen, and the lettering animated too. First I had to look for different pictures of the players, the background, and fonts. I also had to learn how to make the words move. Once I had these, the process of cutting out the players, refining the pictures, and animating them began. Once I finished this whole animation required about 3 ½ weeks.

Original Animation Step #1

Original Animation Step #2

Original Animation Step #3

Original Animation Step #4

Original Animation Step #5

Original Animated GIF

What I Learned

At the end of my project I found that I learned how to use the animation in Photoshop CS2. I learned how to use the frames set, how to alter the time between frames for desired speed, how to move pictures and words. At first I was reluctant to learn how to use animation because I thought it would be too complicated and a waste of time. I came to realize that animation was actually much easier to work with than I thought because Photoshop CS2 has the animation feature well set up. I also learned that animation is very easy to work with, but it takes a lot of time, and patience.

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