Profile and Initial Discussion Document for Lifestyle Stores

have rated our performance as outstanding in their vendor evaluation for several years Obeetee has a state of art design facilities.2 COMPANY PROFILE  Founded in 1920. quality control processes and a manufacturing plant in Gopiganj (UP) that is the largest in the industry Our social accountability and environment policies are industry leading    . Obeetee is the largest manufacturer of handmade carpets in India Our main customers. such as Pottery Barn and Room & Board.

 Received “America’s Magnificent Carpet Award” for several years  Awarded for exceptional export performance for several years .3 Trade Distinctions Woolmark Licensee Wools of New Zealand SA 8000:2001 Certified America’s Magnificent Carpet Award  First “Woolmark” licensee in the world for handmade carpets.  First handmade Carpet Manufacturer to qualify for SA 8000:2008.  First brand partner of “Wools of New Zealand” in the world for handmade carpets.

CATALOGS AND LIFESTYLE STORES Major Clients              Reasons for doing business with Obeetee  Understands design aesthetics of the consumer base and can evolve designs based on mood boards and translate them through new colors.4 OBEETEE HAS HISTORICALLY FOCUSED ON MAJOR INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE CHAINS. textures and designs Reliability on product quality Socially conscious and environmentally friendly Responsive management Competitive pricing Pottery Barn Pier One Room & Board Home Depot (HDC) Pottery Barn Kids Cost Plus Ballard Designs West Elm Grandin road Pottery Barn Teens Sam’s Club ABC Carpet and Home Zara Home     .

In India Obeetee has several marquee clients which demonstrates the 5 recognition that Obeetee has as a quality manufacturer Major Clients  Rashtrapati Bhavan Reasons for doing business with Obeetee  Recognized as the leading Indian carpet manufacturer    Vigyan Bhavan Oberoi Group Imperial Hotel  Lok Sabha .

000 but higher end consumers exist Manufacturer with established credentials  Wooden or laminate flooring  Expats and returning NRIs acquiring  the same products as purchased in the international markets .6 In our opinion retail market of high quality carpets will take off in India due to the following macro factors Macro Factors  Enhanced spending on housing  Increased penetration of airconditioned home and office spaces Key Attributes of the Market   Design – a combination of Persian and modern designs Pricing – entry category around Rs 15.

textures and price points. construction.   Responsive Management: Adapts and caters to its customer’s needs very quickly in the most professional manner.7 WHY OBEETEE?  Knowledge of Furniture Chain Market: We are the largest indian manufacturer serving top tier furniture and lifestyle stores internationally  Design Strength: Our design capability is focussed on bringing cutting-edge design to home furnishing chains. Best Value for Money: Obeetee offers very competitive prices and has the ability to reengineer the products to fit to customer’s price points. Green and Ethical Company: Obeetee maintains the highest standards of Social ethics and Environmental friendly practices. High Quality standards: Outstanding rating from major US home furnishing chains. Timely Delivery: Obeetee has an outstanding on time delivery record acknowledged by majority of its customers.*    Variety in Products: Operates in a wide gamut of products.* Production capacity: Has the largest capacity in the industry & is capable of scaling it up to meet the customer’s requirements. For this we have invested in the largest design infrastructure in the industry and recruited leading Indian and US designers. *See more in annexure .    Packaging Solutions: Offering Innovative and customised solutions in packaging.

8 ANNEXURES    Design Strength High Quality Standards Packaging solutions   Social Compliance Environmental Awareness .

 Have the ability to create a collection of rug designs based on mood boards or tear-sheets.9 DESIGN STRENGTH  Largest design Studio with 50 designers working on state of the art CAD system based in India and US. .  Produce more than 5000 new designs every year.  Designers engaged from some of the best schools in US and India capable of creating the most traditional to the most contemporary designs. .  One of the largest archives in the world of designs and different qualities and constructions.

. Weaving.Dyeing. Finishing and Final Inspection & Dispatching.10 HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS       We are known for the highest quality standards in the Industry. In-house Testing Laboratory checks every incoming and outgoing raw materials. Our motto “if in doubt. We use the best raw materials and highly skilled artisans which distinguishes our products. Stringent quality checks at every stage of production. We have a very modern & one of the largest inhouse dyeing facility.Reject” has resulted in a very strong record of negligible customer complaints.

Enhances the look of the product.Display Solutions       Obeetee has the ability to package its products in PDQ which and can be shipped directly into the stores and are ready to display. WOOL HEARTH RUGS COTTON CANVAS RUGS WOOL HANDTUFTED RUGS . Saves Space. Easy to handle at DC and Store. Create an appeal to the customer.11 PACKAGING ADVANTAGE. Minimal manpower required.

0” 43. Total:10x2=20 pallets / container i.5” 68. Total 20x20 = 400 rugs/ container 4/30/2012 .5x8 ft Tufted rugs on Iron wood PDQ Pallet 12 Pallet Matrix.0” 2 pallets placed in a row.4x5 (4 designs x 5 pcs /design) Pallet size Depth (L): Width (W): Height (H): 44.e. 10 rows in a 40 ft HC container.

13 Accent / Scatter rugs in PDQ Rug Size:.5”.21”x34” Carton Size :.5”x22.22.00 Kgs (Apx) .30.5”x22. Gross Weight .

14 Hearth Shape rugs in PDQ .


 Social Accountability cell: A separate department works independently to monitor child labour and other social compliances within the factory and in all production centres. . paid at least the minimum wages.  Regular audits and continuous improvements  No Child labour.16 SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY & COMPLIANCE  Ensuring compliance with all the laws of land in letter and spirit.  Safe and Healthy work place environment provided.  All workers.  SA 8000 certified since the year 2004.  Continuous efforts to minimise work related risk to health & safety.  Workers provided all legal benefits & amenities. including contractors.


 Project Registered with UNFCCC* under Clean Development Mechanism.18 ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY CONSERVATION  Power and steam generation  Power generation by Gasifier plant using biomass saving fossil fuel.  Safe Dyes –  Use of safe dyes.  Biomass also used for steam generation reducing carbon emission. Certificates obtained from suppliers.  Energy conservation –  Condensate recovery for boiler feed water.  Dyes tested by independent laboratories for banned amines and heavy metals. * UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE .  Effluent heat recovery for pre-heating Dye House process water.

 COD & BOD regularly tested in the in-house ETP Laboratory.  Boiler emissions filtered through multi-cyclone plant.  Regular compliance of the pollution control norms.  Hazardous waste disposal through Government approved unit.  Noise pollution measures at Power Generation Plant.19 ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY CONSERVATION  Control of Pollution -  Effluent discharged only after treatment through BioChemical Plant (ETP). .

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