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1.) Columbus was born in Italian port city of Genoa, on the Ligurian Sea.

2.) His name in Italian was Cristoforo Colombo, which is translated into
English as Christopher Columbus, into Spanish as Cristóbal Colón, and
into Portuguese as Christovão Colom.

3.) Columbus’s father was Domenico Colombo, a wool weaver who was
also involved in local politics. His mother was Suzanna Fontanarossa.

4.) Columbus was the eldest from his three brother and one sister.

5.) Columbus was interested in sailing from his boyhood and he went to
sea when he was only fourteen.
This lesson deals with the adventures of Columbus written by C.W. Hodges.
The idea of reaching India grew in him. In year 1491, when king of Portugal
rejected the idea of Columbus, He makes an application to the king and queen of
Spain for permission to look for a undiscovered land.
King of Spain

The King sets a commission to check whether Columbus’s plans was

examined before. Chief padre of Granada was in charge of the

commission. Columbus has no fresh evidence except some traveler's

story and other reports from various sources. The king rejects the

Columbus's proposal. But Queen of Spain was in favors of Columbus.

She made a request to The king for the second hearing of Columbus’s

case. The king agrees. In second hearing Columbus hold the promise that

Spain will become as wealthy as she is victorious now. He describes the

riches that he will bring from the Indies. The king impressed with

Columbus and told the council will discuss matter.

Before go on the voyage, Columbus has some demands. Columbus wants a
knighthood and the titile of First Admiral. He also wants the hereditary of all the
lands he discovered. He would also like to receive a tenth part of the revenues
obtained from them. People of Spain make a fun of Columbus’s demands.
Columbus feels disappointed. He understand his proposal is not going to accept and
he also decide to leave Spain for ever.

A letter from
Columbus to
Queen of
Father Juan requests Columbus not to leave Spain and wait for some days
because queen still favoures him. Columbus is bent upon leaving Spain. The scene
plays changes. The courier den perdo and enquires about Columbus and learns that
he is leaving Spain. He once go to Columbus and requests him not to go. He has the
queen’s ring with him as warrant. The courier tells the Columbus that all your
demands have been accepted by the king and you could sail whenever you like.

road map
So at last Columbus starts his journey or voyage of discovery on 3 august, 1492. He
was made admiral before he started and his flagship was called Santa Maria. Two
other ships, the Pinta and Nina was joined him.
Till the first week of September everything went smoothly. For more then
month they sailed without seeing any sign of land. The members of Columbus’s
delegation become impatient. They compels and pressed the Columbus to sail
back. A deal was made between them. They agreed to go for another three days
on one condition if they did not see land Columbus would have to go back.
Columbus accepted this condition.
They were able to see land before time. Columbus and his sailors saw a green leafy
branch on the sea, then a bird and finally land. Now Columbus was able to go
further. Finally Columbus reached at his destination.

That is the end of a great and courageous voyage of discovery.