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Aromatherapy: History and Term “Aromatherapy” Unique composition Carrier Oils Essential Oils in Use: Methods Popular Uses Caution! More about Aromatherapy.. .

History and Term Ancient Egyptians – 6000 years ago China – 2700 BC : “Shen Nung’s Herbal Book” – medical book about plants and herbals India – Ayurveda.Greece – aromatic oils “Aromatherapy” – 1928 – chemist Rene Maurice Gottefosse .

käsitööd tegema . craft . tüvi) -flowers or bark (est.plant leaves (est. which are distilled from: . juur) -stems (est. lehed) . puukoor) are used for inhalation/application in carefully crafted blends.Unique composition nearly 150 natural plant extracts known as essential oils.roots(est. Voc.

aurustuma .almond For using es.: dilute – lahjendama evaporate . from fatty parts of the plant by coldpressed method carrier oils are not evaporate and not concentrate Voc.oils must be diluted to the range of 1% to 5% in Carrier (=Base) Oil are made from vegetable oils.Carrier (Base)oils: avocado.

neelamine.inhalation(aroma diffusers) -absorption(massage.compress) -consumption (rarely) Voc.tarbimine diffuse -laiali paiskuma .Essential Oils in Use: Methods three ways how to use: .: absorption .imendumine consumption.

: flu .gripp cold .Popular Uses: Rosemary stimulates your immune system good treat from flu or cold Students’ favorite aromate – helps to memorize info and learn better! Voc.külm .

Popular Uses: Lemon disinfection of rooms helps to loose weight cellulite reduction .

Popular Uses:Ylang Ylang anti-depressant is good for stress. depression relaxing effect .

acne .Popular Uses: Tea Tree antibiotic. antiviral properties Helps to treat spots.

. reduce stress in a variety of situations.Popular Uses: lavender very effective on burns.

. Essential Oils usage makes skin more sensitive to UV rays! Use it 8 hours before going out. epilepsia and allergia! Always use essential oils in suggested amounts Keep essential oils out of reach of children.How to Use Essential Oils Safely: Keep away from your eyes. Essential Oils are FLAMMABLE! NOT recommended to use in case of pregnancy .

More about Aromatherapy: Sites: http://www.aromatherapy-at-home.Carole McGilvery “The encyclopedia of Books: -Jennie Harding “Aroomteraapia saladusi ”(2007) -Robert Tisserang “Aromatherapy for everyone”(1990) . massage and yoga” (1998) .anandaapothecary.

Aromatherapy is a method categorized under alternative medicine that is widely known for its efficacy and use. improves health and emotional wellbeing and in restoring balance to the body . A.. Results of aromatherapy are specific and individualized and will vary from person to person.To sum up.

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