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TOPICS Definition  Characteristics  Objectives  Importance  Process  .

analysing progress achieved on continual basis. A process of working towards the performance expectations established in the performance planning stage. and counselling for improving results Managing performance pertains to Analysing on going performance of employees  Reinforcing good efforts  Help remove deficiencies in performance  Further improve employee performance   .

CHARACTERISTICS  Seeks to realize performance planning within the framework of business plans of the organization Helps keep a check on employee’s performance so as to keep them aligned to objectives and strategy of the organization Facilitates employees to improve their performance on a continuous basis Develops analytical insight among employees to look at their efforts and results in a more critical manner Prevents misalignment of employee efforts with respect to organizational objectives and strategy     .

OBJECTIVES  Define mutual expectations of managers/ organization and employees Actualizing performance plans by improving employee performance on a continuous basis Analyzing the ongoing efforts of the employees in order to remove performance deficiencies Managing performance as a relationship     Keep employees focused on their performance objectives and standards Creating challenging and satisfying developmental plans  .

IMPORTANCE  Helps develop skills and competencies of employees on periodic basis Motivates employees to evaluate their performance visà-vis their performance plan in a logical rationale manner Corrects performance deficiencies before they become performance disablement Paves way for optimal utilization of organizational resources including men. material. money Provides opportunity to employees to enhance their contribution     .


managing them to enhance performance  Involves  Keep manager informed about progress achieved in meeting performance criteria  Making note of various facilitating and inhibiting factors affecting the working towards performance criteria  Obtaining periodic comments and suggestions for improvement from the manager  .ANALYZING PERFORMANCE Understanding various factors contributing to performance.

support. visibility which managers provide employees for making the correct progress in work as per performance plan Helps in bringing more commitment and developing ownership among the employees  .REINFORCING RIGHT EFFORTS  Pertains to encouragement.

help and resources too employees who are not able to meet performance goals/ objectives .REMOVING PERFORMANCE DEFICIENCIES  Managers must provide vision.

Factors of poor performance Organizational causes Failure to communicate expectations Unrealistic expectations Lack of performance feedback Employee problems Lack of knowledge Lack of effort or attention Poor judgment Lack of resources Failure to train or instruct Failure to accommodate Hostile environment Harassment Personal issues .

IMPROVEMENT PLANS  Involves   Periodical review of progress Noting facilitating and inhibiting factors  Which can be attributed to  Personal or individual  Reporting officer  Organization and its systems  Subordinates  External environment  Reporting them to manger .

.STEPS TO CREATING A SYSTEM TO KEEP PERFORMANCE ON TRACK  Set expectations  Not just goals – SMART goals Specific  Measurable  Action oriented and aligned  Realistic/relevant  Time bound   Communicate  Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that people know what to do.

reflects performance Praise Constructive Criticism . Provide and ask for feedback    Effective feedback is a mirror.

 Tie  it to the big picture Help the employee make a personal connection to what he/she does and the big picture .

Be clear about the consequences  Tie it to quarterly and yearly performance evaluation systems  Regular feedback Quarterly reviews Annual review .

 Shrm.S. Deb..  . Kohli.REFERENCES Performance Management. T.


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